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Kim Zolciak-Biermann Sounds Off On That Fired RHOA Cast Member Scandal!

Kim Zolciak-Biermann knows the tea, but that doesn’t mean she’s ready to spill….yet.

During an appearance on E!’s Daily Pop was asked about her recent tweet that alluded to one of her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars being fired.

Kim clarified that now infamous “Poof! #LostYourPeach,” tweet, which was geared toward co-star Kenya Moore, who has been fighting firing rumors for months.

But for now, Kim’s keeping her lips sealed while still alluding that Kenya has lost her peach for good. Sometimes saying nothing or very little speaks volumes.

“I will get in so much trouble if I tell you. Nope. I cannot tell you! You’ll have to wait and see next year,” Kim said about her infamous tweet. “People think I just say it because I’m being a hater, but I’m just telling you that it’s true.”

However, Kenya has publicly denied rumors that she has been fired; claiming that she’s one of the “most relevant” Housewives on the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

“I think my storyline speaks for itself, the fact that I’m one of the most Google’d people on the show and, one might say, one of the most relevant,” Kenya told E! News. “I don’t think that anyone would rush to a judgment to say I wouldn’t be a Housewife. I have the top storyline of the entire season, so that wouldn’t even really make good business sense.”

I have a sneaky suspicion that Kenya may be getting the ax, but part of me is pissed about it because I feel like Kim is getting her way. I’d be curious to know if Kim could have played a role in Kenya getting let go if the rumors are true.

Do you think Kenya had been fired from RHOA? Is Kenya one of the most relevant Housewives on the show?  Why do you think Kim is all the sudden keeping her mouth shut? Could Kim be behind Kenya’s firing? Would you rather have Kim or Kenya on RHOA?

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  • melodie Phillips

    I can only hope the one who is fired is KIM. She is disgusting.

  • ????????Ð??Ð????

    One can only hope NoMoore has been fired. I might even start watching again if they fired her irrelevant lying ass. She’s a blight on the franchise. Get rid of her once and for all and while they’re at it, lose Kimzzzz as well. She’s a disgusting, feral, plastic excuse of a human being!

    • Rain

      Yes fire them both and take NeRex

  • Max

    I want Kim back full-time and yes Kenya can stay too!!

  • Rain

    Kim is despicable in so many ways !!! To breach Bravo’s code and declare that Kenya is fired should get Kim fired IMO.

    They should both go and take Nene with them . Bring Omarosa in ??? I hear she ‘resigned ‘ ?

    • HelenWheels68

      You can just ask me (and likely most of the audience) to leave and never look back. No need for the nuclear option. Omorosa, indeed!

      • Rain

        Helen ?? I don’t think her reality days are fully behind her yet so my guess is she will be shoved down viewer’s throat one way or another ?… she’s a truly atrocious individual
        Happy Friday sweetheart and I hope you’re warm and cozy ????

        • ????????Ð??Ð????

          Just to be clear, are you talking about NoMoore, Dumbarosa or Kimzzzzz?

        • HelenWheels68

          Omerosa’s already out and about shopping an obvious book pitch. That harridan has the nerve to complain about the “lack of diversity” at the WH during her tenure yet she did nothing but make sure it stayed that way. We’re a year into Trump’s official administration (and she’s been with him longer than Melania) and she’s still the only Black woman on staff there at this point? Her own tantalizing tidbit wherein she promises to tell more at the “right time” tells me that right now I know the stories told about her doing everything in her power to make sure she kept her ‘single’ status in Trump’s administration are true as is the fact she’s shopping interest for a book. Inasmuch as there are literally hundreds of unfilled government staff jobs still at this point tells me the only reason she took that $200K a year job was so the taxpayers could pay for her over-the-top wedding and not so she could work to make sure these open jobs were filled with as capably diverse a staff as she could muster. A wedding by the way whose guests she allowed to roam the WH because she insisted on photos in the garden even though she had been told no. It was one of the reasons she’s out.

          I know people say all the time that if a certain person was going to be on a show they wouldn’t watch. I never believed them. I can state unequivocally that I could not watch any show that would feature Omerosa in the cast. More than a sound bite of that sellout is more than too much – it’s an intrusion.

          Okay. My rant is over.

          You have a warm and fuzzy weekend as well, my dear Rain!

          • Rain

            Helen, you are brilliant and you can ‘rant ‘ forever as far a I’m concerned .
            Omarosa is an arrogant , loud mouthed and entitled narcissist . And she has done nothing for the African America community or even women during her ridiculous tenure in the WH. Much like her Trumpian boss, she was never interested in helping anyone or fight for any cause . Rather , this was all an exercise in narcissism and abject stupidity. Showing up unannounced with a large wedding party is trashy and mind boggling. The WH is not a fair ground for heaven’s sake ! It seems her job was simply riling the prez up and sharing with him who said what about him! Reality trash meets reality trash….

            She’s definitely doing the rounds and she will milk it for all it’s worth and get any penny she can along the way . Zero class !! I’m glad Robin Roberts and Whoopi dragged her ?

            Enjoy your weekend Helen and thank you for your amazing post ! All my love ???Xoxxo

  • samael

    I’m ok with MoorwMouth twirling down the sinkhole!

    Who uses

    – pretending to be pregnant
    – alluding to being married
    – constant innuendo about being pregnant

    via RHOA/twitter/instagram/rag mags and RH blogs

    Mooremouth does this with great ease.

    • Hanky Panky

      I thought the resort where the alleged wedding took place even said there was NO wedding? You can’t believe anything she says -she is a LIAR and attention whore.

      • samael

        Good morning Hanky Panky!

        wow, I missed that – even the resort says NO wedding!

        my issue is, MooreMouth is rewriting history of her “husband”..this is the dude she was dating while she was with Matt – yet MooreMouth never discloses that.

      • ????????Ð??Ð????

        The resort denied they were married??? Very interesting information indeed!!

        • Rain

          Tamra seems to disagree with that piece of info

          • ????????Ð??Ð????

            TT is obsessed with NoMoore, along with all of her sycophants. It’s creepy how they fawn and slobber over her. Can’t wait for the day NoMoore is taken down, then what will they do? I can picture it now. Blogs that go on ad nauseum about the virtues of NoMoore, everyone crying and knashing their teefs over someone who is a known liar. It should make for some delicious reading!!

            • Rain

              I only read the articles but not the comments . So even the posters are Kenya fans ?? Wow! Smh

              • ????????Ð??Ð????

                You have to read the comments. They are all slobbering over each other and how dare anyone criticize NoMoore. She’s precious, gentle all that is good and right with the world. Really?? What alternate universe are these people living in?

                • Rain

                  Wow I’m surprised !! Well I know Kirby would love that ???

                  • ????????Ð??Ð????

                    Where is our KIrb-man???

                    • Rain

                      He should be here this afternoon I think !! Kirbylicious ???????

                    • ????????Ð??Ð????

                      Rainy, just saw the funniest cat vid!!

                    • Rain

                      ???? oh I love it ?????. Paisley doesn’t eat anything other than her food ! The one brand that’s it !! I tried giving her milk, Tuna , chicken … but nope she won’t eat it ???

                    • ????????Ð??Ð????

                      She sounds like she is perfect!!

                    • Rain

                      Totes ??? perfect kitty!

                  • Kirby

                    Yes I would ???

                • Kirby

                  Where is this magical place ? ?

                  • ????????Ð??Ð????

                    Bae!!!!! It’s not magical. It’s run by a self admitted alcoholic, who solicits her commenters for donations with a very vicious and mean tongue. She regularly responds to comments to cuss people out and her favorite thing to do is to call her very own readers, c*nts. I will never understand why people want to comment over there.¯_(?)_/¯

                    • Kirby

                      HAHAAHAH you got to accept yohr bae with all his flaws ??

                    • ????????Ð??Ð????

                      I do bae!!

                    • Kirby

                      Ahhhhh! Makes my heart warm ?

        • Hanky Panky
          • ????????Ð??Ð????

            Thanks Hanky!!

          • Rain

            Hanky never heard of that site before, thanks ???

    • Anyoneemouse

      I’m going to call you out for this comment. You either like her or you hate her but I see you come on to this site and leave comments about how much you hate Kenya and yet then you go on TT’s site and make it sound like you love Kenya. Which is it? Try to be consistent.

      • samael

        you should acquaint yourself with the truth!

        1) everyone here already knows I post there
        2) Not ONCE have I ever stated EVER that “I LOVE kenya”

        what a bitch move…

        provide proof,email TT so she can send you “non existen” post of mine…oh..that’s doesn’t exist…let me stroll over to TT to see if she approves of your post

        tick tick..proof..back up your lying lips…I start waiting …NOW

    • Yoyo

      On the TT story Thoughts on Kenya Pregnacy Rumours you wrote “Prayers to Kenya and spouse for the outcome they want!” did you not?

      You either believe she’s married or believe shes a liar, pick a lane. P.s anonymoose never said you used the words ‘I love Kenya’ so stop trying to twist their words.

      Check mate bitch ??

      • samael

        Dear YOyo

        pick a lane, copy and paste…resist being a douche..k
        your honest is …required …for me to …give a shit

        • Yoyo

          Who gon’ check me boo? Certainly not you, lying liar ?

  • Fat Violet

    Here is the thing Kim never unveiled big poppa because production never forced her to do. If Kim had been asked to display her sorted affair with big poppa, she should have been given an ultimatum as well. However, I can’t imagine Bravo making this a bone of contention since the man was legally married and they were probably worried about the implications on the show.

    With Kenya there has to be some questions from producers and Bravo on the authenticity of her relationships. To date the boyfriends that she has brought on the show have alleged that the relationships were not authentic. Producers have a job to ensure that these shows are based on reality (although sometimes producers seem biased). If I were Kenya (and I truly believed that I carry the show with my storylines) and I would have waited been given an ultimatum if there was one given, I would have taken the bull by the horns and twirled off and watch the show demise. But I’m not Kenya and to each its own. I’m sharing my humble opinion!

  • September24

    Kim is getting her way? More like every viewer is getting their way! Kenya is a bore.

    • Fat Violet

      If it’s true what will happen to Cynthia and her I cry for Kenya story line? I’m beginning to think she is taking pages from Kenya’s book on how to fake a boyfriend to remain on the show! She probably went in on this guy guns blazing but why a known tv hooking up with multiple ladies to appear on talk shows man whore. Maybe to have something else to cry about later.

      • HelenWheels68

        With Kenya gone, Cynthia will try to work Peter back into the mix. Are they getting back together could carry her through another season. But that means Peter would have to be WILLing to play along and given Cynthia’s flirtation with the on-the-make Will, Peter may have been left with a case of the zero-effs to give.

        • Marlee

          I thought Peter got his own spin-off? Man-Whores-R-Us or something. He’d have to be willing to give all that up. Maybe Cynthia will jump ship and head on over to Charlotte.

          • justanothermary

            I thought that might be what is happening when Noel was talking about how much she loves Charlotte and wanting to move there. They were also talking about how Noel still sees Peter and even stays with him while she is in Charlotte. We’ll see . . .