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Danielle Staub Says Caroline Manzo Harassed Her Family and Bullied Them Into Moving Away!

Danielle Staub may seem different these days on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, but it appears that she’s still carrying around a ton of baggage from the first two seasons of the franchise.

In a new interview with Amy Phillips, Danielle opened up about her painful experience during seasons 1 and 2 of RHONJ; claiming that Caroline Manzo bullied her and her daughters so severely that they were forced to move away.

“There was everything from bullying my children behind the scenes – remember, there were eleven of the Lauritas and all of them had children as well,” says Danielle.

Danielle says her daughters were “terrified” of the backlash they received at school and insists that Caroline Manzo was the ringleader of the attacks against her family.

So, how bad did the harassment get?

Well, Danielle describes the RHONJ bus tours that would take fans all around Franklin Lakes and unload on her front lawn and jeer at her family.

“I didn’t know who was running the tours, but I found out later that the Manzos were involved with that,” Danielle explains.

However, things got particularly scary one day after thirty people visited her house and her home was vandalized later that night.

“That night, my house got busted into,” Danielle explains, “Massive front doors ruined – plowed through! $140,000 worth of security cameras ripped off the walls, ‘Prostitution Wh*re’ written all over the walls. My kids were terrified.”

Danielle insists that nothing was stolen from her house that night leading her to believe the act was a threat to leave the area.

“So we did [leave],” admits Danielle, “My daughters and I left and never looked back at the house, the house that they grew up in and the only home they ever knew.”

Despite all the past drama, Danielle says her family is happy these days.

“You know what, don’t be sad. Because I started over and I pulled myself up,” Danielle explained, adding that she and her daughters are doing just fine.

This scenario sounds like a complete nightmare! I can’t imagine going through any of this. This kind of backlash is just totally uncalled for.

Thoughts on Danielle’s claims? Who do you think was behind the break-in at Danielle’s house? Do you believe the Manzo’s and Laurita’s were harassing Danielle and her daughters?

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  • justanothermary

    Wasn’t is Danielle who was stalking Caroline, even to the point of bringing her daughters with her and having THEM tell her she needs to stop this behavior? And didn’t she lose the house due to her financial circumstances? Hmmmm

    • CsqD

      Yes, Danielle did stalk Caroline’s party with her girls in the car with her! I forgot all about that! Good catch!

    • holy cannoli

      Yes, on both! And her car repod’ed too

  • njfan12

    I believe her. Caroline Manzo is a bitch.

  • njfan12

    I believe her. The Caroline Manzo is a bitch.

  • Khipp

    Yes, I do believe the Manzo/Laurita clan were harassing Danielle and her daughters. But, I don’t believe it was physical/material harassment. If indeed all the physical/material damage happened it could have been any crazed fan (s) of the Manzo/Laurita family.

    Happy Friday. Have a great weekend as I leave you all with this…

    And this…

    • CsqD

      Caroline is a bully! Hold on….

      • CsqD

        OK. I have problems posting on the allabouttrh site! Caroline and Jacqueline bullied Gia in season 4 so it is not beneath Caroline (at that time) to involve children when trying to ruin someone’s life! I really don’t like the Manzo family but Caroline was/is very protective over her family. SUPPOSEDLY, Danielle knew Jaq was a stripper/escort while in Las Vegas and that is one main reason they wanted Danielle off. Since Danielle could have exposed Jaq’s raunchy past. Now, I’m not saying Jaq was a stripper/escort but that was the rumor going around. Also, Dina SUPPOSEDLY forged her husband’s name on Bravo documents so Lexie could be filmed on RHONJ. That caused Dina a lot of stress. So, IMO, Caroline took it upon herself to defend her sis and SIL. Caroline is ruthless when she is a bully! I think Danielles choice to join RHONJ trickled down to her daughters and since she was bullied….so were her girls! Personally, I wish Danielle would not speak of the Manzo and Lauritas families because it gives them an “IN” (storyline) for another season. Not unless this is closure for that part of RHONJ storylines?

        • Khipp

          Very interesting Cs. I agree with your opinions.

          • luvs2ride

            Everything C said was true, but TOUR BUSES?
            I don’t think those cheap fucks would pay for that. Besides, they would have to pay these hooligans big bucks to get on the bus to begin with, never mind vandalize the place.
            They could have sent Chris over to lurk in the shadows and scare the shit out of her for free.

            • Khipp
            • Romulus

              But the tour buses would have had paying customers – just another one of the Clownzo boys’ amazingly successful businesses

              • luvs2ride


            • Romulus

              I do however acknowledge Chris’s well-documented lurking abilities

            • CsqD


              Yeah, the tour bus accusation is a little confusing to me! That’s serious! Why did Danielle wait so long to share that interesting information with the public? My guess, because the Manzo clan are nothing but a bunch of cock-uh-roaches! ?

              You know, at the end of season 2, I could not stand Teresa and felt so bad for Danielle! They all bullied (Caro, Jaques & Tre) Danielle and it was hard on her to not be included in events. THEN when season 3 started and we were introduced to the Gorga and Wakile families, my support shifted to Teresa!

              Teresa was then bullied/ganged up on and the way she handled being ostracized showed her strength. Tre focused on her family and new career instead. IMO, Caroline and Jaques recruited Mel & Kat to try to push Tre off the show so they would then be asked to be on Celebrity Apprentice and get the good endorsement deals!

              That was actually a blind item! The writer referred to Caro and Jaq as stupid & jealous because they thought if no one will film with Tre then Bravo will fire her. Instead, the only real camera time the bullies got in season 5 were with Tre! The way everything played out from the indictments and a year long hiatus to wait for Tre was REAL. I often wonder how the show would have went if Caro and the others didn’t gang up on Tre? In treating Tre so horribly, the dumbutts gave Tre total power! ?

              • luvs2ride

                Because she really is crazy.

        • Romulus

          CsqD, I can forgive Danielle many things, but I would not be able to forgive her yakking about Clownzo resulting in Clownzo being recalled to NJ to defend her “fambly honour”. No more Clownzo, please no, we have moved on!

          • CsqD

            It’s odd how Danielle comes up with the tour bus story and Caroline’s part in it! From what I read, I forget the site, Bravo Housewives are the highest paid reality TV personalities. So, I’m getting worried about Caro & Jaq coming back since both families need the money. Jaq more so than Caro. Tre seems done with her ex-friends but Danielle could use them for a guaranteed storyline!

    • holy cannoli

      Hi Khipp
      Those gifs are Everything!! ???

      • Khipp

        Thanks Holy. They make me LOL for real.

        • luvs2ride

          Me too!!

    • luvs2ride

      Thank you, Khipp.
      Btw, “Cankles” was the magic word.
      Have a wonderful weekend.

      • Khipp

        You as well Luvs.

        I forgot about the magic work. “Cankles” of course. LOLOLOL

  • Max

    I’ve always liked Danielle and hated that bitch Caroline!!! And I’m loving Danielle this season!!!

  • Boo

    If this is true, why not file a police report. As far as I know, there isn’t one.
    Doesn’t add up.

    • luvs2ride

      It’s not true!

  • Betty

    This didn’t happen. She would have posted pictures, There is a video of her though sitting on a toilet, naked and using derogatory slang. 🙂

  • K’man

    I don’t understand why you guys don’t even question her saying this but let Jacqueline Laurita saying something she crazy and calling her all types of names. She’s obviously making things up because there would been a bus company, photos would’ve came out already and didn’t she leave her house that smelled like dogs because she was getting kicked out by her ex husband or something. Caroline doesn’t care about this clown. Why would she waste her time and money making a bus company and doing all that.

  • holy cannoli

    ** Off Topic**
    But seriously ?. Are these Jersey Housewives Ever gonna write Bravo Blogs Again?!!

    • samael

      Holy, I’ve been trying to solve that problem all season. I really think it is a “computer program fail – I really think that when Teresa’s mom passed and filming stopped for a while, I think “people” forgot to re program the blogs release dates. The last time Mag’s released one, it was two episodes old.

      that’s my ..theory..geez it’s annoying without the blogs

  • holy cannoli

    This All Happened ?!! ??
    This Strega has posted every freakin thing on Twitter / spoke to whatever rag, etc that would give her the time of day since she left the show. And Now we hear about this?!! Hmm ?
    And by the way. What did she do to since she left the show to “ pull herself back up”? I’ve always been curious about how she has “ survived “. I know she wrote a book, and was on a vh1 show for a minute. But those couldn’t have earned her that much to live off all these years.

  • samael

    To be harassed to the point that children are

    – involved
    – feel threatened

    that would be enough for me to move that second. I wonder why Danielle never spoke of this in the last 5-6 years? As far as the tour bus goes…the company wants as much business as possible so of course they will say the most provocative things to get more business.

    If this is true, that sux!

  • September24

    I want to know how Caro was involved with the Tours! But how awful for Danielle and her girls. Very scary!

    • luvs2ride

      C’mon September!
      Caroline is the grand poobah of bitches, but that’s a figment of Danielle’s warped imagination.

      • September24

        I am still LOL’ing about Lauren’s diet! That was a good one!!

        • luvs2ride