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Camille Grammer Reveals Second Cancer Diagnosis!

Talk about scary stuff!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Camille Grammer took to Instagram late Wednesday night and revealed that she had been diagnosed with cancer for the second time.

Camille first battled endometrial cancer back in 2014 and underwent surgery for a “radical hysterectomy.”

In January 2014, Camille announced that she was “cancer free” after completing “chemotherapy and radiation treatment.”

However, recently Camille diagnosed with another form of cancer: “squamous cell carcinoma.”

According to the RHOBH star, the cancer was detected early and has been removed from her body.

“Thank you, Dr. Beth Karlan, for removing those pesky cancer cells. You are Amazing! This is my second cancer diagnoses. Thank God We found it early. (squamous cell carcinoma) *Early detection is key. My cancer was removed, and I’m resting at home. Ladies listen to your bodies. If something doesn’t seem right go for a checkup. Don’t put it off. Annual checkups are important,” Camille shared on Instagram.

I’m so happy that Camille caught this cancer early has had it removed. I can’t imagine dealing with cancer twice in such a short span of time. Cancer is such scary stuff. My mom was diagnosed with endometrial cancer this summer, and it was terrifying. Thankfully, like Camille, my mom was in clear after a radical hysterectomy. My heart goes out to Camille, and I wish her nothing but good health and a speedy recovery. Sending lots of love to Camille!

Are you surprised Camille was diagnosed with cancer for the second time? Send your well-wishes to Camille below!

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  • Prayers for Camielle she has been through so much I’m so excited she’s back on RHOBH! Lara, you & your family are so strong & always in my prayers give your mom a hug from me, so happy she is doing much better <3 I’m so lucky to have a friend like you. You are on top of the blog game thank you for your awesome articles & work you do for AATRH Xo JF

  • Once you’ve had it, you have to be monitored carefully. My husband has had quite a number of melanomas and squamous cell cancers. He goes to his dermatologist every 3 months.

  • To answer the question posed: I am not surprised that Camille got that particular cancer. Living in So. CA, it would be common due to intense sun exposure. I’m very glad that she caught it early and is fine again. Stay healthy & be happy!!!!

  • Be well Camille ??????Any kind of health scare is terrifying . Yes early detection is important but in order to do that , people need to have HEALTH CARE !!!

    • `Amen… I find the whole Health nCare issue Crazy.. It would go off topic.. but I would love to share what Walker has done to WI it is a shame… my hubby lost state insurance that we paid monthly for now he has nothing we refuse to get health insurance because even if he does get it he could neva afford to see a doctor .I do not think taking our tax money to fine us cause we can not afford it should of even been apart of the Obama HC It is UnConstutional .. Trump will drop that. because it broke laws…. There are so many people in WI who will freely give up Insurance because of the situation ..they are paying for something they can never use .. 2–3 Grand up front to see doc that is every year.
      sorry went off topic . I am thankful Camille caught it early.

      • We all go off topic ? thank you for sharing your experience, the more voices heard the better . Happy Friday cutie ?????

  • My oldest friend was told her xray last week showed cancer in her left breast and said it looked like it was filled with tapioca pudding. They had her return for diagnostic tests and then the waiting. I prayed hourly for her and called the prayer warriors at church who have prayers 24 hours a day. Yesterday she was told it is NOT cancer, we are so grateful and happy. Pray, that is what I do. Sorry for Camille, I hope she never gets it again.

    • Hey Candace, my friend!!!! Welcome to my playground!!!!

      That’s a relief for your friend! Never give up HOPE….

      • My dearest ethernet friend, so great to see you again. I know isn’t that amazing, they had told her they were 99% sure it was cancer. And nope. We are so grateful. Thanks for the invite, these posters are hilarious and I see you coif is the same, looks great.

        • CC ~ I’m glad you like it here. With a diagnosis like that; it really is a “miracle”, indeed.

          My `snakes` thank you for the compliment.

  • Thank you for sharing Camille! No-one who has had cancer wants to hear they gave it again. Most cases of this cancer is not life-threatening, but it can be aggressive. The last thing someone who battled cancer wants to be in that minority category and endure. So glad you are okay!

  • This is a zero on a scale of 1-10 Skin cancers like this are common as dirt and harmless when removed. This is a fake story. I dont appreciate using cancer to draw readers.

    • Heather, this is not a fake story. Camille herself said it was cancer and has been reported that way by every media outlet. Camille even says in her instagram post shown above it was her “second cancer diagnoses.” How dare you accuse me or this site of using cancer to draw in readers. That is a disgusting accusation and so incredibly rude of you to say.

      • You can always block her . I know a man who had skin cancer that they kept saying was something else he lost his arm and eventually his life..Skin cancer even small spots are serious.