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Vicki Gunvalson Wants Meghan King Edmonds Off RHOC; Says ‘I Don’t Even Know What She Was Doing on Our Show’

Vicki Gunvalson wants Meghan King Edmonds off her show and reveals that she has “no desire” to interact with her Real Housewives of Orange County co-star.

“No desire, truly no desire to see her. She lives in St. Louis, I don’t even know what she was doing on our show anyway,” Vicki told Us Weekly. “She lives in St. Louis; she’s pregnant, she has her husband, they’re going to have six kids, she’s not friends with anybody. I don’t know what the correlation with her is. She’s socially friends with people, but we don’t all hang out together. I think it’s time for her to turn the chapter to something else and maybe not be our show, we’ll see.”

However, it seems that the feeling is mutual as Meghan previously admitted that she thinks the OG of the OC has to go while opening up about the fractured relationships on RHOC.

“It’s kind of awkward,” Meghan confessed. “I don’t like having a bifurcated, like, clickiness. That’s not fun. Nobody likes that … I want, like, everybody to get along and sit together and have fun and party together.”

In fact, Meghan joked that if she could, she’d tell the OG of the OC that she has to go!

“‘You’re out! If only I could say that … ‘Vicki, you’re out. Bye! No more lies.’ See ya,” Meghan revealed. 

Oddly enough, Life & Style reports that Meghan is telling friends that she might not come back to RHOC.

Perhaps Vicki’s wish will come true.

“Meghan’s telling her closet friends that she doesn’t want to come back to the show or even move back to Orange County,” says a mystery source.

Adding that Meghan is considering staying in St.Louis full-time and will re-evaluate her future on RHOC once her baby boy is born.

For now, Meghan is spending her days “being pampered by her husband, Jim and decorating the new nursery,” says the source.

Meanwhile, just a few weeks ago Meghan revealed to AllAboutTRH that if she were fired she wouldn’t miss certain cast members.

“If I’m fired I wouldn’t miss the darkness and cloudy energy that comes with engaging with people whom you don’t hold in high regard or even respect for that matter,”  Meghan explained.

As for now no one’s spot on RHOC is secure as Andy Cohen and Bravo are looking to make some BIG changes for season 13.

Thoughts on Vicki’s claims? Does Vicki have the right to dictate who is on RHOC? Do you think Meghan will be back for another season of RHOC? Who would you rather see go Vicki or Meghan?

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  • Karen Persichetti Ash

    I haven’t watched one this year, they have become boring all of them. Time for all of them to just go away.

  • Marty

    Why is Vicki on the show??? She is awful!!!

  • mtrae9

    Vicki is the one who needs to go. Her 15 minutes was up a long time ago!!!

  • ~Medusa~

    Awwww, the nerve of the OG = Obnoxious Gargoyle!!!! Shrieki is on thin ice… She may be demoted to Friend status. At least she realized she can’t call RHOC as “MY show”. For her information: Meh was friendly with Kelly, Shannon & Tamra. That’s 2 cast members more than VG had on her side all season. I don’t care if Meh stays or goes. Since she outed Brokes & Vickileaks’ cancer scam, I’m fine with her. If she continues to piss off the Old Goat, I’m all for THAT!!!!

  • michers

    HA! Says the scammer busted by Meg lol

    • ~Medusa~

      Hahahahaha… Right. I wish Meh would call out Shrieki everyday!!!!

      • michers

        I know ! It’s fun and I like how she does it with out busting a sweat

  • DindiSue

    Bye Meghan- bore

    • Rain

      Dindi ??

  • ????????Ð??Ð????

    Guess what bitch…..NO ONE WANTS TO SEE YOU AND YOUR UGLY PIGFACE Haha, notice how the POS said “our show” instead of “my show”. The grifter is the one who needs to leave. Detective Neck might be a big ole nothing burger but I’ll take her over the conwoman any day. The grifter is the reason this franchise has gone down the drain. She should have been fired immediately after the cancer scam. VG is the one the other women don’t want to socialize with not Megs. I think Meghan should leave, before she gets too enmeshed in the ugly drama. This show isn’t for someone with a growing family, especially if she is having twins. She needs to devote her time to her children, not being on TV.

    • Rain

      Now that Omarosa is ‘available ‘, they should cast her in OC ???? maybe she can roast some PIG ?

      • ????????Ð??Ð????

        Noooooooooooo!!! 🙂

        • Rain

          I know I knwo ?? couldn’t help it though ?. That would be a fun reunion ?

      • ~Medusa~

        NO f*cking way!!!! Other than Shrieki, I really hate Omagrossa.

        • Rain

          ??? it was a bad joke , a disturbing one ?? sorry

          • ~Medusa~

            LOL…. no problem.

    • ~Medusa~

      I should have scrolled down before posting. I wrote something similar. I love how you read my mind and post my thoughts so well!!!! LOL

      • ????????Ð??Ð????

        It works perfectly!! 🙂

  • Dave

    For once I agree with Vicki. Meghan is the most boring housewife ever and added nothing to the show. Can’t believe she made it past her first season!

    • Niki


    • Moihere

      Me too. And I think her investigation on Brookes was a total invasion of privacy although glad the truth came out, for someone in the medical sales arena, not cool. I find Meghan icky

  • Cin

    Bravo needs to clean house on the OC…. I wouldn’t miss any one of them.

  • September24

    Meghan was on the show cause you weren’t good enough to hold your own.

  • Rain

    So now it’s ‘our show ‘ not ‘my show’ ? ??? well that’s something
    This tells me she’s coming back for sure !! I’ll continue my boycott ! Sigh

    • Hanky Panky
      • Rain

        ????? oh Hanky !! That’s epic!!

      • HelenWheels68

        I don’t remember this scene but I only wish one of them had had the presence of mind to grab the thing, stick it in her mouth and tell one of the others, “Set the timer for 15 minutes!”

        • Hanky Panky

          It was in regards to a coffee enema. No wonder she is “backed up”. It’s because she is full of sh*t!!!!!

    • Tapestry10

      Good idea. I’ll boycott it, too. I’m sick, sick sick of these people.

      • Rain

        I boycotted this season and may keep on going ?

    • ????????Ð??Ð????

      LOL, just said the same thing!

      • Rain

        GMTA ????????????

    • Debbie Reed

      Vicki comes back, i’m Gone. She’s mean, vile and already said she was interested in a new show , not coming back! Yea,
      Good bye Vicki( won’t miss you).

      • Rain

        I hear ya ! I’ve already boycotted this last season because of her ??

  • samael

    yup, even Vile knew she’s back if she sucks up to Tams and Shannon – at the speed of light!

    – vile is single
    – vile’s children are adult age
    – vile’s business’s keep getting themselves in court

    Meghan is more a RH than Vile! but..this is how Vile rolls…when she knows she sees a contract within clawing distance https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1527bc3e689fe97154dc19f710b8dea7241c8f6a5dd0ed2998b0e991fe51f03b.jpg

    • michers

      Sammy off topic but I saw that Brandi had Mags from NJ on her podcast recently 🙂

      • samael

        yup! I haven’t listened yet – mags is also on Jeff lewis sirius radio show. ?

    • ~Medusa~

      You make a great point. Meh represents everything Shrieki isn’t: young, newly married & in love, having babies now, being content with her life, thoughtful & calm.

  • Hanky Panky

    I am beginning to wonder if Vile smokes crack…That’s the only reason I can come up with as to why she thinks anyone gives F as to what she thinks…