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Shannon Beador Demands David Pay $25K in Legal Fees! Claims David Earns More Than Five Times Her Income!

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One of the most shocking and saddest splits in housewives history seems to be getting pretty ugly.

RHOC’s Shannon and David Beador recently announced their split after a rollarcoster of a marriage that was witnessed by millions of housewives fans. Although it seemed that they planned on staying on good terms for the sake of their children, even attending USC games as a family, apparently things are getting ugly in the courtroom.

Radar Online has obtained a new filing which reportedly shows that Shannon is requesting $25,000 from her ex-husband in order to cover her legal fees.

Shannon is really going for everything as she is also requesting spousal support and full custody of their three daughters: Sophie, Stella and Adaline.

In the court documents filed earlier this month, Shannon requests “that the Court award me $25,000 as and for an initial contributory share of my attorney’s fees, expert fees, and other costs.” Shannon states that David is more than capable of paying this as “David has far greater access to funds to pay attorney fees, and the amount of the award for which request is made is modest relative to David’s income.”

In fact, Shannon claims that “David earns more than five times what I earn.”

The document states that the fees should be paid via the “respondents earnings” which are reported at a total of “$1,794,315 year-to-date through 10/31/2017.”

Apparently David is singing a different tune as he claims the estimate is too high, and Shannon will have to “hire a forensic accountant to assist me in evaluating David’s claim in this regard.”

Yikes – this could get pretty ugly. I’m thinking that Shannon ends up getting everything that she wants in this divorce. David had the affair and checked out of the marriage while Shannon seemed to do everything she could to keep the family together. On the other hand if David gets a top notch lawyer he may be able to argue David’s earning are less than what is being reported. I guess we will need to see what Shannon and this ‘forensic accountant’ come up with. This sounds like it has enough drama to be it’s own reality spin off show!

Thoughts on this report? Do you think Shannon’s requests are reasonable?

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  • Well, she’s a manipulative, guilt-tripping c**t and he’s a cheater and a tool. I say, get off the show to solve this mess. Best of luck. Bye b**ch.

  • People don’t drive you to do anything. Whatever a grown adult chooses to do with their free agency is totally on them. David cheated all on his own. If Shannon was driving him soooooo nuts as to want to go out and cheat, then he took the childish/cowards way out. He avoided their issues, didn’t try to solve them i.e. divorce, counseling. There were 2 people in the marriage and it took 2 people to break up the marriage. I’m getting tired of people blaming this all on Shannon. Is Shannon high maintenance, you bet. Did David marry HER, yep. It’s all about choices at the end of the day. This isn’t the saddest or most shocking divorce, not by a long shot. We could all see the marriage was in disrepair, it was a matter of time. Pretty standard procedure to have all your ducks in a row when getting the correct financials to move forward in divorceland.

    • Very well stated!!! Even in acrimonious divorces, with time, a couple can get over their hatred and wish each other well. I still think that Shannon’s divorce will take less time & fuss than Bitchenny’s.

      • The world is going to come to an end and FrankelJaw will still be going through custody/divorce proceedings. She’s making some lawyers very rich people.

  • Shocking and sad split?!?!?!? The writing was on the wall a long time ago. Plus David wanted nothing to do with her, wonder if he really was “at the gym” all those times…Sure he was getting workout doing ‘something”…

  • This divorce is NOT shocking. It was a predictable outcome thanks to the exposure of THE AFFAIR and David’s continued nonchalance of it. He was never happy being married to the dour Shannon (as admitted by her when she joined the show). It’s a simple case of 2 people who were unsuited for each other. May they part amicably and make better choices for life mates.

    • Shannon is not faultless and she made many mistakes but cheating is not the answer . I doubt shannon was ever an easy going mellow girl ?? I bet she’s always been this intense and kooky and David was ok with that until he wasn’t

      • Agreed Rainygurl. Shannon has always been high strung. Makes me wonder why David married her. She doesn’t seem like his type, personality wise. I wonder if part of the reason was money, she could help him get ahead, career wise.

        • Her family was rich and he didn’t money , that’s my guess ! He made several cracks about how he was ‘the poor guy who fell for the rich girl ‘ ????. So I guess he found her tolerable when he needed her , until he didn’t
          Again , she is NOT perfect and can be annoying and whiny , but pulling a Jax and cheating whenever the going gets rough , is childish and cowardly

        • That’s what I thought, too. Poor boy meets rich girl. To me, they had a loveless marriage. If David was the only man left on earth, I’d rather be alone.

          • I’d never thought about it before, but she wasn’t a young blushing bride either. She would have been married in her 30’s. I’m assuming it’s her first marriage, same with him. I wonder how long they were together before they made it legal?

            • I’m confused. I thought Shannon said they met in college. But, maybe I got it wrong. You’re right that both Shannon & David were in their mid thirties when they married.

              • So they were college sweethearts and waited a really long time to marry and/or were they the kind of couple who made up/break up on a continual basis would be my guess.

      • Shannon was picayune and controlling. David was passive aggressive and disinterested in anything she had to say.
        As someone once told me: “Some marriages work out. Some don’t.”

        • Sadly more marriages don’t work than work these days . Mistakes were made and they should move on with their lives and focus on the girls ! Hopefully for one or both of them , grass is greener and they can learn from their mistakes and do better

  • This is not a sign that it’s getting ugly . This is normal legal lingo used in most divorce filings . That’s what people ask for and how attornies draft papers

    I don’t think there’s any fire here !

  • Shannon did not do everything to save the marriage. She yelled at David in front of his own children, their friends, anytime anywhere. She manipulated her own children into criticizing their dad. Yes they tried counseling, time alone vacations. But the underlying current was still there. She will get the child support gravy train. Not sure she will get anything else besides the 50/50 split of assets. The state of CA doesn’t care if he had an affair. It’s a no-fault state.

    • I’d rather my husband yell at me ANY day than cheat on me and repeatedly stick his di*k in another woman ! Just sayin

      Love you September ????????

      • Unfortunately, when a spouse yells at you in public, you will look for another mate. She drove him to it. Nothing he did was good enough. And yelling at him in front of the children was the breaking point.

        • We can agree to disagree on this with love and respect ???????. I think blaming a woman for a cheating man is unfair . A REAL and honest man would just leave , rather then cheat and humiliate himself in front of the world and more importantly his kids

          All my love xoxxo

  • my disclaimer …not children

    From what I know about divorce, children need to eat and have a roof over their heads. It doesn’t “sound” like Shannon is asking
    for the moon and the stars…David promised that before and never bothered to deliver….so why ask for it now?