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Bethenny Frankel Is Suing Ex-Husband Jason Hoppy For Custody of Their Daughter Bryn

Just when you think the drama between Bethenny Frankel and her ex-husband Jason Hoppy couldn’t get any uglier, it does.

According to Page Six, Bethenny is suing Jason for full custody of their 7-year-old daughter Bryn Hoppy.

This comes after Jason was charged with stalking and harassing the Real Housewives of New York star.

Jason was arrested in January 2017, after he showed up at their daughter’s school and threatened Bethenny, telling her “I will destroy you, you can get all the lawyers you want, you’ve been warned.”

However, Jason denied the claims, took a plea deal, and was ordered to “stay-away” from Bethenny for six months in return for having the charges against him dropped.

In fact, the stay-away order declares that Jason cannot contact Bethenny in any capacity including phone, email, or through a third party. Jason also has to stay away from Bethenny’s home and businesses.

Since then things have been quiet between the two bitter exes, but it looks like things are about to heat back up as court records show that Bethenny reignited her 2013 divorce case against Jason on December 6.

Jason and Bethenny are due in court in January.

This isn’t the first time the former couple will be battling it out for custody of their daughter. Back in 2014, they settled their bitter custody battle by agreeing to co-parent Bryn, but it looks like that is out the window for now.

Are you surprised Bethenny is suing Jason for full-custody of their daughter? Do you think Bethenny will win?

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  • Bethenny is a MISERABLE WOMAN and I think in their bitter divorce she has made him become a Miserable Man. They should both just shut up and think about the best interest of their child which is to be co-parented. Can only imagine how their daughter has been affected by all of their Bullshit.

  • This woman is a vindictive power hungry bitch! She’s addicted to drama and doesn’t care one bit about the harm all of this is doing to her daughter! She has to win and she has to anahialate him. She was a butter mean spiteful birch to his parents who only always catered to her…Their only request, to have a relationship with their granddaughter! Bethany needs complete and total control, cannot compromise and will not back down no matter how wrong she is! She is determined to destroy Jason at any cost even the happiness of her child. She really needs a judge to give her a good thrashing and shut her down once and for all!

  • Full custody doesn’t mean he won’t see Bryn people. Just Betheny would just have ger daughter all the time, which she should instead of being shuffuled back and forth all the time. I’m sure he will have visitation.

    • what makes her more of a parent – than Jason is?

      Right now it is fair for all three – Bryn and nightmare parents…Bethenny wants a “win” on her side. Jason isn’t a pedophile he is gainfully employed and has parents who love Bryn.

      In order for – one – parent to have full custody…one parent loses custody. I believe it is an unprovoked attack while everything is working out.

  • That’s wrong and she’s pulling her own mothers card now . He may be an asshole to her and she was an asshole to him but dragging Bryn through that is wrong and hello ? – she bitched whined , therapies on our TV’s , cried and still does how her mom did her dirty so to do that to a dad and a daughter who is also HIS , is wrong .

    • Yessss ! I have said that before . She wouldn’t know what to do if everything remains as it should be . She acts that way on HWs also . Control freak .

      • Ja, hast du gesehen, hörst du von dem Tweet, den er über Kirsten Gillibrand ausgesandt hat? Widerlich. Wie sind wir zu dieser Medusa gekommen, wo unsere Anführer Pädophile, Sexualstraftäter sind und keine Erfahrung damit haben, grobe Dinge über andere Leute zu sagen, alles auf einer öffentlichen Plattform. Ist das wirklich was Amerikaner wollen ????

  • Oh for crissake. Now how is The B going to explain this to that child, if she wins? You can’t see your father and I’ll tell you why when you’re older?

    B IS turning into Bernadette. Jason wasn’t wrong about that.

  • Per her usual, BFrankelstein makes her own misery. When she first dismissed her Sperm Donor, she didn’t expect him to get uppity.
    By fighting for sole custody of Bryn, she is robbing her daughter of a decent dad (which hasn’t been disputed.) Furthermore, Barfenny is following in her wretched mother’s footsteps. Look at the results: BF has become a greedy, unhappy narcissist.

      • I see it. “GMTA* Witchenny really is something else. She wants to deny her daughter a caring father!!! It’s monstrous.

        • Medusa, and the grandparents seemed like such lovely and loving people too. They took that stray cat in and called her daughter. This is their payback too? Disgusting.

          • I agree . They just were a normal family trying to give Bryn normalcy and that was just to ” blah ” for the control freak

          • I forgot about them. Yes, Jason’s parents tried to welcome Barfenny immediately upon meeting. She returned their kindness by forbidding them to taking any photos at the wedding. Plus, she didn’t want them at her condo. Then she limited Bryn’s time with them!! What a warped witch.

    • FrankelJaw is under the impression she’s shielding her daughter from what goes on between her and Jason. Nothing could be further from the truth. Especially as she gets older. If BF isn’t telling her the truth about her father, she will turn to the internet for information. FrankelJaw does NOT want that to happen. As Bryn gets old enough to form her own opinions, she won’t take her mother’s side, she will blame her for what she has done to keep her from her own father. This is all going to backfire on FrankelJaw big time!!

  • One thing I don’t understand; if Witchenny & Jason meet in court in January, that falls within the 6 months “stay away” order. Will he be whisked off to jail if he shows up to fight her for his daughter’s sake?

    • Are either truly thinking of what is best for Brynn? Or are they still trying to one up each other? Seems like their daughter is the one who is paying for their pettiness.

      • Like most divorces , kids pay the price. I hope she has something more that’s prompting this step . Time will tell

    • No, of course it isn’t. FrankelJaw isn’t doing this because she’s looking out for the welfare of her daughter. She’s doing it because she’s obsessed with making Jason’s life miserable.

        • Damned if I know. Prior to marrying, Barfenny told everyone on her last RHONY reunion that Jason was totally normal and not interested in being on the show. If he was with me for that, I’d drop him. That sounded like a ringing endorsement to me. I watched BF’s spinoff(s) and I saw nothing overtly terrible from Jason. In fact, he seemed like the essence of calmness in that frenetic witch’s world.

          • Everything you said Medusa. I didn’t watch too many of the spin offs. But prior to that tho, on NYHW, the guy seemed to always want to please B. Remember her birthday party (a nice gesture from Jason) where she went all bat shit crazy and locked herself in the bathroom – saying she always hated her B D. Now, since the split, she celebrates big, throws parties, drinking, dancing on tables, etc. She’s nuts. She’s going to ruin her daughter, poor kid. And Jason, whatever his faults are, is well rid of The B.

            • Exactly!!! Her surprise birthday party meltdown was childish. Her cries & screams were heard by everyone there. After she returned to RHONY, suddenly, she enjoys her birthday and throws her own parties which are far more extravagant than what Jason did. BFrankelstein is a walking contradiction, rolled in hypocrisy & wrapped in cash.

  • This makes me wonder if B has more evidence against Jason and his temper. She didn’t play her whole hand and has more cards to show. hmmm…..

    • Hey September24

      what an intriguing wonderment. On the one hand, she seems the type to annihilate when it looks like she can. On the other, who would want to hand that decision to a judge that already gave her a STFU order?

      that would mean that – all these years she held on to her “ace” up the sleeve…just to endure the torture of Jason and her bitching at each other?

      things that make me go hmmm…

    • If she does and withheld it to be spiteful then she’s worse then I thought . Just because someone’s a poopy douse doesn’t always mean they are a poopy parent .

  • I’m disappointed that this is re-ignited. I wonder if Bethenny will use the fact that the stay away order exists?
    (the order started October 23 2017 to April 23 2018)

    I wish Bethenny would just enjoy the life she has with her daughter and enjoy the calm.