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Andy Cohen Finally Owns Up To How Bad Season 12 of RHOC Was! Plus What Changes Is He Planning To Revive The Franchise

Any Real Housewives of Orange County fan knows that season 12 was painful to watch week after week. That’s hard to admit, but it’s oh so true.

Usually, RHOC is full of fun, drama, bitchiness, and luxury but this season Bravo and the cast dropped the ball big time.

The bad news is we can’t go back and re-do season 12, but the good news is Andy Cohen heard all of our complaints and is looking to do whatever he can to save the franchise.

According to @BRVOconnoisseur  on Twitter, Andy discussed season 12 of RHOC on his radio show; making it clear things will change for season 13.

Andy let fans know he saw all the criticism about season 12 and admits that even he didn’t think it was the best season.

However, Andy did love the way the season ended, which I assume is referring to Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Judge, and Shannon Beador’s reconciliation and hug.

Moving forward, Andy reveals he has specific ideas on how to move forward with the franchise and promises that if Bravo needs to make big changes to RHOC, they will do it.

Perhaps some of those insane casting rumors could be true? At this point anything is possible, and I don’t think anyone is 100% safe.

I’m happy that Andy admitted how terrible season 12 of RHOC was. I always look forward to RHOC, and I was so disappointed this season. While there were some excellent moments on RHOC this season, as a whole the season was slow and slightly dull. I’m excited to see what changes Bravo makes for season 13 and how they revamp the OG franchise.

Thoughts on Andy’s comments? What big changes to do you think Bravo will make on RHOC? Did you enjoy season 12 of RHOC?

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  • I think they need changes on all of the @bravorv franchises in regards to their portrayal.of women as Catty gossipy backstabbing jealous noticed obsessed with their looks and clothes shopping and money! Women have a lot more going on in this life. We have concerns about government, civil rights , we have important careers (not just insurance scamming) and we also have the ability to have great friendships that don’t break down into birchy plate or menu throwing because somebody didn’t text us! I think the portrayal of women is criminal! It doesn’t help.women in this day and age when there are so many powerful men trying to take away the rights of women! Even their franchise about women of medicine, doesn’t portrayal the lives they save and their important contributions but the birchy gossip and backstabbing over money and men! If they really want to improve Bravo they need more than dinner parties that erupt into drama, fake trips that erupt into drama, fake charity parties that erupt into drama and fortune tellers! The formula is exactly the same on every franchise and it’s painfully boring and doesn’t help advance the respectful and equal present of women in America! I’m personally sick of it. The idea that a woman. Who’s going through marital problems with a man who’s already cheated OK n her feels that the most pressing deficiency in her life is the fact that she’s gained a few pounds is ludicrous! There is something very warped about whoever is deciding what makes a good TV show! And the fact that the only thing they think is interesting is cat fighting, really says a lot.of negative things about @Bravotv !

  • Pleeeeese get rid of dispictable Vicky. I just can’t watch another season with her. I’m only watching the reunions now.

  • Vickie the liar needs to be the first change. Fire her please Andy. She can take Lydia with her.
    IMO Vickie ruined the last two seasons.
    She’s a liar and hateful. And so damned boring!!!!!.
    And for what it’s worth, regardless of andy’s claims, I thought the reunion was hideous. Vickie needs to be gone to save the show.

  • I think the OC needs a black chic to mix it up a bit ! One or 2 of the Potomac ladies are quite fun. I have ALWAYS said (even contacted dummy Andy ) that Shannon would be a wonderful addition to BH . She would provide the 9 lemons needed to balance that show a bit too !

  • The best thing they could do for the real housewives brand is just cut off the loose ends and invest more into the franchises that deliver. In my opinion they should cancel oc, Potomac, and Dallas. Keep and enhance the rest of the cities with bigger production budgets and bigger names while still keeping and bringing back fan favorites and o.g.s

        • Good to see you too!! Had a very busy day yesterday, wasn’t able to devote the time I needed to mah stories!!

          • You’ve returned to some juicy threads. Let’s keep it going. I can’t stand the thought that Shrieki escaped the hangman’s noose once again. She should have been history 3 seasons ago. Andy cannot avoid the LOUD backlash about keeping his disgusting, prized pig for these 3 years…

                  • Andy said that VG was his favorite hw because she’s lasted the longest. Her longevity is strictly due to Blahvo keeping her on, rather than she “perform” well. In fact, her acting sucks, bigly!!! He has cultivated a 55 year old brat by giving her top status and impunity from being let go. His decision to keep her will result in more viewer loss, imo.

                    • I hate her soooooo much. I think she has surpassed my hatred for the RestitutionWhore at this point.

                    • I need a list too . But Vicki will probably top most people’s list

                      Watched MDLLA last night finally ! I’ve never seen Mauricio so frumpy, he usually looks sharp
                      I love Madison but that boy bride ???? really ?

                    • Haha, Medusa was saying the same thing about Mauricio. He’s been looking schlubby on RHOBH’s too. I think he is working over time and if so, that usually means he’s probably eating poorly as well. I hope he’s okay, health wise. I like Mauricio.

                      Oh Madison, can’t stand him and his twink boy toy, eek!!!! I think his parents were kind of put off by it too. I know he’s of age and Madison says he looks much younger than he is. How old is he, do you know?

                    • He said he’s 24 I think , he graduated college . But I was telling Medusa , as a parent who met several of my kids partners , this kid didn’t score very high with me at all . Very awakard !! I like Mauricio too , the little I’ve seen of him . He and Kyle seem like a good team . He needs to eat better for sure and maybe a light workout here and there . Men’s bodies reposed much easier to exercise

                    • He acted like a 12 year old when they were asking him questions, it was very awkward. And…..the thing that was most awkward??? He didn’t realize how awkward it was!

                    • maRITZio not only looked used up, he dressed like a slob and spoke like a man-slut. “We want to service you.” He also showed his lack of intelligence by trying to schmooze prospective buyers, “This is French Normandy”. Josh Flagg corrected him, “It’s French Country, actually.” LOLOL maRITZio is double dipping in Blahvo’s payroll; by appearing in 2 shows. I’m not sure he’s worth the second helping…. ZZZzzzzzz

                    • I forgot about ‘service you ‘???? That was hilarious . Yes unfortunately, he was schooled by Flagg . I don’t see the prurpsoe of his appearance here . He clearly doesn’t need the money

                    • I’m not sure why maRITZio was highlighted, either. Maybe, he’s vying for a spinoff. KyleECoyote wants one.
                      At least, with maRITZio on, the dumb Brits were off for the night. I got my wish. I’d rather see maRITZio make semantic mistakes than watch the Brit boys whine & wail.

                    • The Brits always look lost and constantly ‘surprised ‘ by everything. The one guy though has a beautiful family , those girls are way too cute ??
                      Maybe Mauricio is thinking is kicking the Brits off the show and taking their place

                    • Oh, crap! Roy Moore refused to concede. He said, “It’s not over. There will be a recount. God is in control. ” What a sore loser, the LOSER!!!!!!

                    • MSNBC Steve Karnaki just demolished that illusion and Jones is the CLEAR winner ! He said the military votes are at most 1500 which won’t change the outcome much !!! What a sore LOSER !! . The RePUBES are both atrocious winners and losers!!! I’m sorry that a PEDO didn’t win , what a concept ????

                      I’m still celebrating!! ?????????

                    • Good!!! I hope Steve is right about his numbers. I celebrated at the win. *`*Clink*`*!!!

                      I bet when the Orange Toddler awakens at 5am, he’ll realize that he didn’t insult Doug Jones enough. DT will tweet, “This election was rigged. If the write-in votes went to Roy Moore, he would have won!”

                    • #NoMoore ????? Orangutan said this morning he always know the perv would lose! Hmmmm ok ?? whatever IT needs to tell itself . I laughed so hard that the perv came on horseback to vote ! I simply have no words to comment on that ??

                    • I saw that tweet. Trumpzilla didn’t know about Moore’s past, because that information wasn’t known at the time of the primaries. LOL Don’t ya know that “everything” is all about Tramp???

                      When I saw Roy Moore-Or-Less riding his horse, I thought, “There goes a horse’s ass atop of a horse.” The poor horse looked very pissed off or uncomfortable, shaking his head, as if his bit was misplaced. Moore can’t even ride well.

                    • I’m laughing so hard !! DEAD ??? horse’s ass atop a horse !!! LOL!! The horse was pleading to be rescued !! He wanted us to dial PETA !!
                      Omarosa ‘resigned’ !! This day keeps getting better !

                    • I saw that the loathsome Omarosa quit. Even “SHE” jumped the sinking ship. Soon, others may jump off, too.

                    • Word is out ! She was FIRED and acted in a vulgar manner and started cussing and yelling that she ‘helped elect him’ . General Kelly had to have her escorted out !!?????Oh my my my !!

                    • Exactly !! She had to of course create a scene like the cheap reality trash she is. Kelly is trying to clean house but the biggest bag of trash is still there

                    • I wish Omagrossa’s tantrum was filmed and shown to us. It would be “The Celebrity Apprentice – President Edition, Part 325 – Assistant has a meltdown while being removed from the premises. Access DENIED. Security Clearance Revoked.” “Stay tuned for coming attractions ~”

                    • I’m laughing so hard because this sounds like an episode of Veep ??? her being dragged out by security , as she cusses away , her shoes coming off , her hair disheveled ?. I hope she gets wasted tonight and drunk tweets ?

                    • LMAO… Her “fame” is based on being an obnoxious bitch!!!! She never did one thing that was kind or altruistic. Trumpenstein “liked” her because he thought she brought in ratings. I’m not sure that was valid. Omagrossa was a despicable, rude, LOUD misfit. Viewers didn’t tune to The Apprentice to see her hateful mug. They tuned in to it, in spite of her presence.

                    • For me, as well. Shrieki is the ONLY hw that I truly HATE!!!! The other horrible hags that are on my “S” list are mere annoyances, by comparison.

                    • My top 5…
                      1. PigFace Gunvalson
                      2. RestitutionWhore
                      3. Rambles Richards
                      4. Kenya NoMoore
                      5. This is a revolving door, based on which franchise is showing at the time.
                      Currently FrankelJaw and RaMoron share this spot.

                    • FiddleDeeDee, that’s a very solid list. I don’t watch NJ or Atlanta. My negative opinion of TreTrunk is based on her crimes against humanity and her lack of “understanding”… Didn’t she use that as an excuse: “I don’t understand – “?
                      My Top 5 Worst List is:
                      1) Vickileaks Gonefullofshit
                      2) (TreTrunk) – T & V both turned their scamming ways into being the victims of their own con jobs!!!!
                      3) BFrankelstein – Domineering, narcissistic bitch.
                      4) TIED: KyleECoyote – for being a fake phony & back stabbing weasel. WITH – KimiKaze – they both remain on the hamster wheel of whining / crying for pity points & a SL
                      5) raMORON – she’s a mean, selfish, POS asshole.

                    • I knew you didn’t like Kyle, but you REALLY don’t like Kyle!!! Otherwise we agree, again! I don’t watch NJ or ATL anymore. Quite watching NJ when it came out about the “crimes” committed by felonious fanny and her testicle of a husband. I will not support crime. RHOA has been such a clusterphuck. I quit watching it years ago but started watching again when NoMOore started with her antics. I needed to counterbalance the comments in her favor on RT. LOL Did you ever read any of the RHOA threads, from a couple of years ago? A lot of delusional people and I’m convinced one of them, who was posing as 3 people was actually Kenya. I know she/they were banned one night for getting into it with other posters and then they moved over to AATT and started the bizarre postings/ramblings about how wonderful NoMoore is.

                    • Since I never watched RHOA, I didn’t read the stories on RT (or anywhere else). I’m familiar with Kenya from her stint on the Celeb Apprentice (with Blabbi on it at the same time.) Wow, Ken-yap was pompous & kind of ridiculous!

  • Will not watch if they fire either Kelly or Vicki. They make up the show like them or not. I could give a damn about cancergate or anything to do with it. Shes entertaining, catty and petty what emore do you want from a REALITY start.

  • my opinion…I would be excited about a new season IF they replace Vicki, Tamra and Shannon…..Tamra & Vicki have run their course and Shannon shrieks – too crazy for my taste.

  • Memo to Andy: The most important change to RHOC is to REMOVE the porcine, cancer scammer, Vickileaks Gonefullofsh*t. Her “sell by date” has expired 3 seasons ago.

      • In those first few seasons, Shrieki was not the HBIC. She wasn’t the central character. Jeana was. All Shrieki did for the most part, was scream at her hapless husband and sit in her den, making cold calls to Iowa. She could have been jettisoned by S3 for lack of interest.

        • I hated Jeana’s storyline or lack thereof . Her ex crashing on the couch still being an emotional nightmare to everyone , her son she defended left and right constsntly disrespecting her, her gossiping and inserting self .. I think the only part I liked was once in awhile her being a realtor .

          • I was neutral to all of the hags, except Shrieki (who turned my stomach from her first screech & dominating ‘tude.) Jeana was emotionally detached from her ex. That made their living arrangement to be interesting because it was so odd. The trajectory of her kids development took center stage. (I agree that Shane was an asshole.) It seemed to me that Jeana & her family were the central characters to which the rest of the cast were like spokes jutting out from them. My main point was that in the beginning, Vickileaks was NOT the OG of the OC. She was off to the side.

            • He was crashing on the couch being cranky and a huge buzzkill to those who walked in the door . But , she didn’t seem to mind !

              • I don’t recall the couch part – still it was community property and she lived her own life and tolerated him being there – he had a brain injury so I actually admired her for not kicking him to the curb

                • Never heard about the brain injury . If true , very sad and why didn’t she say that instead of playing victim ?

                  • Yeah it wasn’t mentioned more than once that I recall but I remember reading about it – happened in 1992. He was hit by a foul ball while sitting in the dugout and nearly killed. I can’t post links here without being held up by Disqus so Google “Matt Keough Head Injury” and there are lots of articles about what happened. Articles I’ve read said he was turned into a completely different person after being hit in the head.

                    • That’s really a shame . What little light that was shed / portrayed from what I remember watching back then, I got a terrible impression of him and lost respect for her . Had I known all that then I would have thought different .

                    • Yeah they never made a big deal about it. I think the older son Shane is it, said it a few times – I know the kids mentioned it more than Jeanna did – I wish she’d come back – I always liked her

                    • I liked her here and there her first season . After that , not so much . She may be way better now since her family changed so much and grew up . I liked her daughter 🙂 and I think she is a Grandma now ?

        • THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Jeana was the ORIGINAL and FIRST OG! Vicki ran her off too just like she has everyone else.

          • I couldn’t recall why Jeana left the show early. Thanks for the reminder. As I remember, even when Jeana left, Shrieki still wasn’t the most significant hw. She was part of the remaining ensemble cast. Due to her obnoxious behavior, VG was not a fan fave.

            • If I remember right it was during the downturn in real estate and Vicki had given her the listing. She blamed Jeana for the home not selling or not selling for what she wanted for it as if Jeana had control over the crash back then. lol

              • I vaguely remember during that season, VG said in her talking head confessional that “…Jeana didn’t have my back. I’m going to lose a lot of money on this house. It’s HER fault!!” It was a tricky time, nationally. Unless Jeana was psychic, she couldn’t have known about the economic down turn any more than the allegedly successful business mogul Vickileaks could. LOL

  • RHOC died when they failed to fire Vicki after cancergate. Having those three fake make up at the reunion was BS. Dump Vicki. Move on.

      • And if that doesn’t show how evil she is, nothing can.
        Guess faking cancer wasn’t enough to feed her wrinkled up ego.

      • I have said that over and over on her moms death call. When have they ever used a landline? NEVER that I recall other than Vicki at work in her office

        • Exactly!!! That was a major clue. Plus, there just happened to be an extra cameraman to follow Shrieki exclusively as she meandered through Shannon’s house. At the reunion, Shannon blurted out that the producer asked her where her landline was located so they could film there. That sealed the deal – Vickileaks faked it.

      • Yes yes yes!!! Am I emotional or did Brittany break your heart ? ? that poor silly girl . She brought REALNESS into this ! Omg

        And Patrick is just the douche that Stassi deserves !!!

              • No need for apologies… Thanks for answering. It seemed weird when she was crying to her mother. Her mother seemed way too calm upon just finding out that her daughter’s heart was broken. Most mothers would have cursed the day Jax was born. I wonder if the phone call was pre-planned?

                • I think her mother’s opinion of him is known , she knew he was trouble and no good. I didn’t watch the spin off but it’s obviously more of the same antics and embarrassments. So I guess her mother wasn’t surprised at all . The only one surprised was Brittany ?

                  • He was more of a d*ck then ever on the spin off. He showed his true colors by telling her family she was depressed and alluded how she was putting on weight and he needed changes before he marries her. Her family and friends saw right through him, yet she stays with him.

                    • Baaaaarfffffff!!!! Wow he really thinks he’s a catch doesn’t he . I’m afraid though he cares for her as much as he isn’t biologically capable off !
                      And that HO HO HO Faith !!! Is there no Tinder there ?? Why f**k your friend’s bf?? SKANK

                    • He knows he can’t do better, yet he thinks with his other head. He is afraid of commitment and sabotages his happiness. I just don’t get what she sees in him. She said in lasts night episode how everyone tells her she changed him and she wants to believe that, but its obvious he hasn’t at all -except admitting what he did right away.

                      And yes Faith is a HOE, this is the one time I hope the mean girls turn their wrath on Jax and her.

                    • Cheating and lying come so easy to him, it’s almost like default response . I’m really happy to see how loved Brittany is by all the other girls . She is the ONE girl that they all love and I think they will have her back

                      Where is Krazy Kristen’s boyfriend ??
                      I love Schwartzy but that drinking is getting sloppy and out of control ! NO NO NO

                      How ridiculous is James’s gf?? Is this chick for real ? ??

                      All in all , BEST SEASON EVER so far ????

                    • They better have her back because she is a door mat and someone needs to stand up for her and against Jax’s disgusting behavior.
                      And yes where is her man? Maybe he couldn’t handle her craziness and finally left (maybe he ran off with Patrick)?? lol
                      And can you blame Schwartz for drinking? That’s the ONLY way he can deal with is drunken, evil bride.
                      And I am pretty sure James gf is either a robot, carboard cut out or blow up doll that blinks.
                      And yes, season is off to a good start, just praying the Toms don’t mess up the new bar deal with Lisa and Ken – I think they will rock it if it goes through.

                    • You summed it up pretty well !! I read before the season that Tequila Katie wanted to lay low to rehab her image ?? that ship has sailed !! Yes , I love Schwartzy but that drinking, crying , in his slippers … eeeek ! Not a good look

                      Patrick telling Stassi that they shouldn’t talk when they’re apart , is not only a red flag, it’s a first fire

                • I thought it was weird too, calling her mother. But….her mother knows exactly what kind of guy Jax is. It wasn’t a surprise to her and most of the world. Surprised he went this long and personally, I think he’s cheated all along, he just hasn’t been found out on the other women.

          • She’s not thinking , she’s so in love with him. LVP was spot on when she reminded bitch Stassi how she was in that same situation with Jax !!

            Did you see Tom Sandoval crying and his make up all smeared? ???. Too much makeup dude ??. That spanking thing was so ridiculous and unnecessary. We all know Ariana ‘uses’ him ??

            • Love or not, she needs tested for STD’s and should kick his sorry, greasy ass to the curb.

              LVP summed it up beautifully – when she said “have Faith, she didn’t mean it literally”..LMAO

            • Are you still into Dumber aka Tom2 after last nights performance. He’s a sad man with little to no gumption, drive and aspirations.

        • I have mixed feelings on Brittany. While I do feel bad for her she is more than aware who and what she is dating. A guy who will never be faithful to her and a guy she will never be able to trust. I couldn’t do it, knowing at any given moment, my world could be torn apart by my SO’s infidelity. Infidelity that has been caught ON CAMERA!! It was bound to happen, just a matter of time.

    • lol!!! We all have something to say on this one. Jax is a loser. Brittany needs to reevaluate her priorities in life – Jax isn’t worth it. Also – is it me or is the cast starting to look a bit silly – they are a too old for some of the crapo stuff. Give them some adult themes to work with.

  • ??? nonsense! Andy is tone deaf and they’ll probably swap 2 HW when they need to at least drop 4 . And recycling old HWs is NOT really a ‘change’ ! Leave the old heifers in their pasture . Bring in new blood and attract them by promising that the shows won’t be vicious and won’t ruin their lives

  • No doubt Vicki, Tamra, and Shannon had to reunite to save their jobs. They didn’t want to be on the chopping block so they forged ahead.

    • I agree. It was just so awkward. For me OC started to go downhill in Alexis’s last season. Not that I really liked her, but when they all turned on her (I think in Central America somewhere) it was just too vicious and marked a real turning point at least for me.
      I think Vicki must go. She’ll just never get it that the cancer scam was too much. Peggy was a disaster, what a strange human being she is. She overdid the Armenian thing right down to the false accent and false ignorance of common expressions. She grew up in America! Either that or she’s extremely stupid! They need to look for at least 50% new cast, and try to get some more down to earth people like Lynne Curtain and Jeana – although not her. People like what Tamra and Vicki USED to be.

    • The gif is the best. I hope she’s embarrassed that she said this. Andy sucks at reunions. I would have played this clip and then confronted Vicki about all the hateful things she did. Never had ill intent? BS, Vicki. You said right here on camera that you wanted to punish them. And shame on Tamra and Shannon for fake making up with her.

      • thank you swizzle, and I agree with you Ass Andy goes easy on Vile 99% of the time – unsure why.

        I have been in denial since the fake make up..I have to accept the fact that there is no way this “fake make up” is real. Shannon doesn’t roll this way at all, she usually has a list and you miss anything on that list, she will not accept apology!..sux that Tams and Shannon failed by doing two ways about it..100% fake..sorry not sorry

      • Exactly. The forgiving end of the reunion tested any rational humans beings intelligence. It was insulting.

    • This ^^^^ GIF represents Shrieki’s personal coda perfectly.
      Meanwhile, by keeping that porcine peasant on the show, the viewers are being punished.

    • LOL Sammy !!!! That gif summed her up for me with further proof she really does suck the Yuletide log lol!!!