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RHOA Recap – All Aboard the Shady Express!

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Hey y’all! It’s time to recap our favorite Georgia peaches – the ladies of RHOA!

I’m not sure about you but when I saw the title of this episode, the first thing I thought of was flashbacks to Porsha’s embarrassing ‘underground railroad’ episode in Savannah.

Unfortunately for Porsha, this episode brings up the drama between her and Nene and their explosive argument. Porsha always seems to be involved with drama which actually surprises me after Andy previously gave her a warning (we all remember her threats from Phaedra’s Christmas party.) Sheree is worried that this argument will ruin her ‘healing’ trip to California (because all of the housewives trips are so healing and peaceful….)

Despite the drama, the ladies decide to celebrate Kenya and surprise her with a little impromptu wedding. The ladies weren’t able to attend the actual ceremony, so they decide to have a little wedding celebration of their own to feel like they were part of her big day. In a hilarious move, the ladies use a cardboard cutout of a man with no face as they have no idea what Kenya’s hubby actually looks like! If you missed the episode you can view a clip in the video below:

After the ceremony, Porsha apologizes to Kandi for the whole Phaedra fiasco. Kandi, who is a no BS woman (which is why we love her) rolls her eyes and walks away from the drama. Kandi doesn’t seem to take Porsha too seriously as Porsha has a history for being dramatic and a bit shady.

The ladies are then off to Napa Valley where they pull a Lucielle Ball and stomp grapes with their feet to make wine. Kenya had to leave early for her grandmother’s funeral, so the ladies take advantage of Kenya being away to gossip about her and her new marriage. Listen – I get it’s housewives and gossip is what they do best; however with Kenya’s grandmother almost being like a mother to her I think they should have eased up on Ms. Moore and focused on other things (like Nene and Porsha’s fight.) If they wanted to gossip about drama, they had their pick of what to discuss.

Cynthia, who is buddies with Kenya, ends up leaving the conversation when it is questioned if the marriage was real. I get where they are coming from as Kenya has definitely staged things in the past for fame, however after getting married and having her grandmother pass away I wish the ladies would have given her a break. Nene persuades Cynthia to come back to the table; however when she does the ladies then go after Cynthia. The ladies start asking if Cynthia was truly Kenya’s friend as she had not met her new husband (something a true bestie probably would have done.) Cynthia agrees that’s it’s a little odd that she has not met him, considering the two are supposed to be good friends. Only time will tell if the ladies will get to meet the new Mr. Moore!

All in all, this episode was RHOA shadiness at it’s finest! The ladies pretend they are happy for Kenya by staging a faux wedding, then when Kenya has to leave for her grandmother’s funeral they talk about her behind her back. At least Cynthia could see that it was pretty messed up.

Kenya has pulled some stunts in the past so I do understand the skepticism but with all she has going on in her life, they could have waited some time and asked her directly. Of course, if they did, we wouldn’t have any housewives drama – so where’s the fun in that?

Thoughts on this weeks episode?

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  • Tired of Porsha pretending she’s a victim. She has never taken accountability for anything she’s done. She claims the other cast members are upset with her for simply being herself … no, they’re upset because you’ve physically assaulted many of them and made up very damaging accusations.

  • Last night was first episode in a very long time that I liked overall . Flat Marc needs a spot on reunion couch LOL- he’s the best . Everyone’s TH’s were chuckle worthy .
    Now here’s my serious take that , even though I can laugh at her at times , it still gets me: they at one time were faking funk about Porsha however , Marlo literally sliced a woman’s whole face and they all kiss kiss with her and still hold petty shit over Porsha’s head. I can’t with all that …they all just want to hate on that girl and it’s ridiculous .

  • Nene is so angry this season, there’s none of the fun her that we’ve seen in the past. Maybe Porsha did run her mouth but she didn’t say anything worse than what Nene said. Her screaming at Porsha was way over the top. Seems like Kandi is barely tolerating the other women at this point, and Kenya just seems checked out.

  • I just can’t watch this season, I read enuf of the crap on line but will watch the reunion. Too much negativity.

  • Kandi must be in heaven, so far she yanked two apologies from Porsha! And Kandi still models the victim role! Bitch please! Kandi and Porsha made jokes about “raping” on National TV and on twitter, yet not a peep in indignation from the viewers! Bull shit!

    I have a problem with RH using real situations in real lives – #SexualAssault – as a storyline and mangling it to shit! Kandi has lost my
    respect -she used this as a time to get people fired! ass move Kandi!

    Kenya played this crew and the viewers muliple times Cynthia…so let’s keep it real..of course viewers and cast want proof..this is the emotionally vacant woman who pretended to be pregnant twice!!

    Trip to san fran looked awesome!…to be clear..san Fran looked awesome!

    • Not even in pretend world! They were thrown together and suggested to get along. Kenya remains an ATL outsider. She was left coast. She’s still trying to fit in, apparently. Ne-Rex, Phakedra, Porsha, Sheree and Kim are ATL based. Let ‘me all go

  • I like RHOA but sometimes they really make me sick. I totally agree with Porsha that NeNe has had run ins and said terrible things to everybody on the show. Of everyone on the show Kandi doesn’t need anybody to defend her. Nene is as two-faced as it gets. What good does it do to apologize when none of them accept it? I think all these ladies are full of it! I can’t wait for RHOBH it’s my favorite.

    • I have to agree . Now that Nene left and came back I can see things differently . I felt bad for Porsha at times . Nene said on tv fire Cynthia (boring) next time Porsha !!Some are far worse people and they all sit and giggle together . Cynthia is stuck all the way up Keyonces ass for some reason as well