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Phaedra Parks Says She’s Not Interested In Returning RHOA

Ever since Phaedra Parks lost her peach and was kicked off the Real Housewives of Atlanta rumors have been swirling that she’s desperate to return to the reality TV show that made her famous.

However, it turns out Phaedra doesn’t appear to miss the drama.

“I have no desire to,” she told TMZ when asked if she’d ever return to the show. “I mean, I’ve turned the page. I love being happy. I love living drama-free. My kids are happy and I am able to enjoy life.”

In fact, Phaedra says the toxicity of RHOA affected her health.“It made me sick sometimes,” she said. “You know, it’s a lot to deal with.”

Phaedra’s Real Housewives title was stripped after she got caught spreading lies about co-star Kandi Burruss.

“She got caught in so many treacherous lies this season that even the producers (including Andy Cohen) have had enough,” a source revealed to B. Scott at the time. “She even brought ‘fake’ divorce papers to the reunion to prove a point. No one knows whether she’s telling the truth about anything anymore.”

Despite all the drama in the past, Phaedra says she’s happy with her new life.

“Any woman who does reality should be congratulated and praised because honey, there’s a lot to it and people don’t really understand it until they’ve tried it,” Phaedra wrapped.

I’m not buying what Phaedra’s selling at all. If Andy called Phaedra tomorrow and asked her to come back on RHOA she’d jump at the chance. It’s great that Phaedra’s is trying to move on from her reality TV life but come on girl you know you want your peach back!

Are you surprised that Phaedra doesn’t miss the RHOA drama? Do you think Phaedra wants back on RHOA? Should Andy and Bravo bring Phaedra back?

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        • Sorry, it’s not showing up on the site. Sorry I wasn’t more responsive to your responses but I was ready to fucking explode. So her opinion is the only one that’s right and counts, is that how it is?

          • Yup apparently so. I was soooo waiting for you to show up tonight. At the beginning of the thread she had the fucking nerve to tell a poster the all opinions are welcome. She also responded to me like six times. I was ready to go off on that bitch, I really was.

            • I saw all of her responses. I didn’t want to give her the satisfaction of cross talking between us. You catch her comment how she’s been mistreated on the site, because others are “holding court”. She’s the only one making things uncomfortable. Now she’s going off again on LVP, it’s the only thing she comments on.

              • Oh yes, I saw that. She looooves playing the victim in all of this yet she’s the one that’s obsessed with Lisa and won’t STFU about her. I mean she makes it so unpleasant and even when someone says something about LVP that’s a compliment she makes sure to start in on that person. She seriously ruins those threads because god forbid people don’t hate Lisa with the same passion that she does.

                • That’s why I stopped commenting at that point. She makes it so fucking uncomfortable and it’s like she’s ready to attack any and everything. How about letting others have their opinion. She has the convenience of airing her opinions, no one is attacking her for those but when others say something and she disagrees? Out come the “shhhhhh, we aren’t suppose to talk about that” shyte. I wasn’t going to comment at all but I noticed she had taken a break. She’s back at it again, of course.

                  • That’s why I looove it when you do the “shhh, we aren’t supposed to talk about that.” I think we should absolutely do that back and forth to eachother to drive her crazy. And ignore her every time she responds. There are other people that have noticed especially when she came after me those two times and I would love it if she would do it on a BH night for more people to see. Don’t let her run you off because when you’re there I feel like I have back up and will say more if you’re there. That’s silly I know but before you were there there were posters I wasn’t too familiar with so I didn’t say too much until one of them said something to her and then I jumped on that. I’m really ready to just make a random post like “it’s so funny how some people are so bothered by Lisa, like she personally did something to them and jumps on people who say any little thing positive about her. These are the same people that say that all opinions are welcome, but only if you agree with what they think apparently.” IDK I’m just so frustrated with her stank ass attitude but she seemed to be annoying two other posters tonight too.

                    • I was going to say that, when she was trying to rile you but honestly I don’t want to hear her ish. She’s a troll as far as I’m concerned and she’s looking for a fight, not going to give it to her. I would block her but it makes the thread wonky and if the person you block comments a lot, you have to keep refreshing to see other’s messages. I’ll keep saying it but I want to make it count. She’s very transparent, I can tell she’s looking for a fight and then she starts with the victim act, ” I’ve been so mistreated” nonsense, I can’t take it with her. Also, I wouldn’t put it past her to flag comments like that and RT has no compunction about banning people for the littlest things, even if you’ve done nothing wrong.

                    • Yea, that’s the only reason I haven’t said something like that because of how RT is with banning people and I’m not going to be banned over a stupid bitch like her. I’m not going to give her the satisfaction of blocking her because I really think she would think I’m scared of her or something which I’m completely not. I think it does drive her crazy though when you and I go back and forth because she did quiet down for a little bit and she seems to lose it a little bit when we do it. One person agreed with something she said tonight and she responded with, “well that’s because you have a brain.” Like, wtf?!? She really seems obsessed with the fact that she doesn’t “run” the board like she wishes she could. WTF is all this “holding court” BS? She’s actually used that phrase multiple times. Ugh, I just can’t stand that bitch!

                    • It’s killing her that no one will take the bait and I love it!! She’s very passive aggressive with her digs, and she’s the one who complains about LVP’s digs ad nauseum!!! Projection much?? Calling other people opinions dumb and declaring them brain dead baffles me. How does she not see she’s being a total bitch, rude, mean and downright obtuse?

                    • It really is and that’s exactly why I wouldn’t respond to her. I also love it when someone says something and gets a lot of upvotes and then she butts in with her worthless two cents and gets no upvotes. I lurve it so much when that happens!!! She really is off her rocker.

                    • Agreed!! Thanks for the bitch fest, I needed to complain, LOL!!! I’ll let you get back to the thread. 🙂

                    • I always love talking to you and love venting to you about the heathen over there. Have a wonderful evening Fiddle or as Lisa would say, “have a wonderful evening dahling!” Lol

            • Lolololololol!! I can’t fucking stand her either. I was pleasant with her at first but once she started her hate of all things vanderpump and insulting people who like vanderpump I was done. I told that bitch straight up why I had a problem with her and then when she was trying to play the victim she was telling people I talk badly about her all the time and was telling other posters to go after her. WTF?!? She made a mistake though because another poster suggested she block me and she said she had for the past year but then recently unblocked me to “try and work it out.” Well bitch if you had me blocked then how did you know I was supposedly talking bad about you? Even though I wasn’t and never would. Anything I have to say I’ll say it to her. Stupid bitch!

              • She was reasonable about it last year but something changed, after she realized we weren’t going to all bow down to the way she wanted things to be. You get that vibe, she wants to be the one to run the thread, the way she wants things to go. Vanderpimp Army, she’s thinks she’s so damn clever, I love that she doesn’t have a lot of back up except OneFine, who on a good day is screwy Louie. Good Lord that girl goes on like no other.
                Anyway back to the bitch, when I saw the exchange between you and her and really between herself, I knew the gloves were off. I want to make a disclaimer at the top of the thread and say “stay away from_______, it’s all a trap”!

                BTW Medusa was banned from RT and she comments over here now, I know she is a fan of yours.

                • I’ve missed Medusa soooo much!!! I’ll definitely look out for her here!!

                  Yes, it’s like she definitely wants to be the HBIC over there and people have to hate who she hates. She even tried to bash me one time because I agreed on some stuff with other posters about Tamra. She would confront me in other threads and like she was trying to get people to turn against me. I know as soon as BH starts all she’s going to do is bitch and gripe and complain about LVP and how stupid we all are and she’s soooo intelligent because she can see through who she really is. I told her at one point there were other sites that hate LVP and she’d be happier over there but nope she just stays at RT being the raging bitch that she is. Ugh!!! I wish she would go the fuck away!!

                  • I’m glad I saw that exchange, usually I don’t go down really far in threads when they are high in # but for some reason I did that day and to say I was shocked with what she was saying to you is an understatement! She’s lying, outright and people know that, pisses me off. She’s so high and mighty about calling others out and calling LVP a liar but she has some weird notions about what she can say and what others can’t say.

                    It’s a small crowd over here but I really love it and we can post gifs which is my favorite thing. We can also talk openly about everything, including politics!! I’ve been racking my brain for a way to talk to you openly and freely. LOL Success!!!

                    • I knew you saw the first exchange that went down and then when it happened the second time you weren’t there that day but I soooooo wanted you to see it to see how she really is and I was sooooo happy when I realized you had read that second exchange. I couldn’t believe she went after me not just once but twice and accusing me of something I didn’t do. And wtf does she care so much who does and doesn’t like Lisa?? It’s like Lisa personally did something to her. Her hate for her is out of control and the way she wants others to hate her too. All she’s going to do this season is bitch and go on and on and on. Ugh!!

                      I have wanted to have this conversation with you for so long and I’m so glad we were able to find a way!!!

                      That’s awesome y’all are allowed to talk politics around here. does everyone typically agree around here or does it descend into mayhem?!? Lol

                    • People disagree here, but it such an adult manner, it’s amazing and wonderful. I never leave this site being upset or annoyed, much like I have on RT. Everyone hates the POS cancer scammer, I think the majority of people like LVP, haven’t really gotten into who does and who doesn’t but based on what I’ve seen, we all get along.

                      My mind is racing so fast, I have so many things I wanted to discuss with you in the past but couldn’t and they are all rushing back to me.
                      Mitzy!! What the hell was that all about, she outright threatened people to out them with what they were saying about Petty?? WTF was that about and her pal, Hostage Eyes, was banned!!!! LOLOLOLOL I died when I read that on another site.
                      And what about Miss OCFreedomClub? Ooof, I want to bash her in the face with her self righteous defense of the POS cancer scammer and her friend telling everyone to stop talking about it? Uhm no, how about you quit FFS!!

                    • Wait, what happened to Mitzi?!? Why was hostage eyes banned?!? Were they both banned and where the hell was I when all of this went down?!? What exactly was Mitzi going to out people about?? She could really be incredibly annoying at times and acted like she was always right about everything.I can’t stand that OC Freedom club person either and I’ve had my suspicions about people creating different accounts so they can bully other people. We’ll damn well talk about who we want when we want and those that don’t like it can fuck right off.

                    • Mitzi’s last comment on a Petty thread, she was boohooing about people being racist about Petty and how dare they say the things they saying about her, kind of thing. She went on with, “this will be the last post I make because I can’t be associated with racists”, I’m paraphrasing, then flounced. Hostage Eyes was banned, not Mitzi. Mitzi wanted people to acquiesce to her point of view and she was getting blow back for her point of view. She’s not used to it, she usually argues until the other person turns blue or they just don’t care anymore and move on to other things.

                      Here’s the latest…… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/159efab47d3b7cfd11bee63305e530f5bce2bdbe34db25b83806e31a90bab483.png

                    • Ooooh, yea now I remember about her whole people need to be more sensitive to Peggy and she even said it was “language discrimination” like wtf is that?!? Mitzi really could be a pill. Do you know why hostage eyes got banned??

                      Bem is so beyond ridiculous. Ugh, there’s sooooo much I would love to call her out on but it’s not worth it. She’s going to ruin the BH boards with all of her hatefulness and nonsense.

                    • I haven’t a clue why Hostage was banned. RT bans for the silliest and quite frankly dumb reasons, if someone gets flagged too much or whatever. Can’t say I’m destroyed over it, hahah. She annoyed the hell outta of me. I’m still pissed they banned Medusa, she was the best commenter they had over there.

                      Agree, I can tell people are kind of dialing it back on the current BH thread, they don’t want to cross a line or ruffle feathers.

                    • That stupid bitch is over there now telling people that if they don’t like LVP then they will be bullied and harassed. She is so fucking stupid that she doesn’t realize that the very thing she accuses other people of is exactly what she does. She’s constantly trying to be seen as the poor victim when no one is bullying anyone for not liking LVP. The only bullying that goes on is from her.

                      I still can’t believe they banned Medusa, she was one of the absolute best commenters. There are plenty of people over there that need to be banned yet they banned Medusa?!? Unfreakingbelieveable!!

                    • Apparently there was some kind of kerfuffle over Labor Day, not sure what happened but a few peeps were banned, I guess. That was when I wasn’t commenting so I have no idea what went down.

                      Where is this happening, on the 90 days thread or the BH thread?

                    • The BH thread. She’s just so beyond ridiculous. I would take a picture and post it like you did but I don’t know how to do that. She just goes on and on and on about being bullied. I seriously can’t stand that stupid bitch!

                    • I think I know what you are talking about.
                      I’m so glad we finally connected, yay. I know I will start remember other things that I wanted to dish with you, it will come in time.
                      I need to go and pick up kids, get dinner ready so I can watch 90 days. I wonder if people are going to chat about it?
                      Big kisses and hugs and I’ll see you when I see you babe! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/26e9df215ad24d7b4743e300f4e3d996b03dbc8baeb09373ce6c2e93a00353ec.gif

                    • I soooo enjoyed talking to you and that we connected on here! I hope you have a terrific evening and I’ll see you soon!!! 🙂

                    • It’s too bad you didn’t get to join in the rhoc discussions here. Very pro Shannon, which was nice and a welcomed change from the constant nitpicking over there.

  • The caption should read “Phaedra Parks Says She’s Not Interested In Returning RHOA, unless she is asked!”

  • Such judgemental and ignorant comments …. first off these stories and rumors are encouraged and started by producers. Phaedra did not come up with this story but needed to take the fall since the story backfired and got out of hand. She needed to be punished to please the viewers- Word in the “circle” that Phaedra was angry she had to take the fall and does not want to return to Bravo. It’s not hard to believe that sometimes family and peace are more important than the Crazy dramatic “fame” these shows produce. Enjoy them as your soaps but remember these people are playing out stories for your entertainment.

    • Okay, John. However, you are doing exactly what you are detesting, being judgmental. I shan’t call your commentary ignorant for I know not your intent.

      Be well……

      • Well fact is it is ignorant and judgmental to attack human beings without fact.
        My intention is to call that behavior out. These shows are meant to be entertaining. Of course with some silly drama. The hostility and Crazy comments that are written about these people like Phaedra is INSANE. Makes me wonder what types of people these shows attract. I’m sure many people can enjoy them for what they are – Modern Day Soap Operas But when things are written as fact ( when they are not) especially to incite hate – I find that just sad and pathetic.
        Happy holidays to you Just my opinion Think positive and spread fun

  • I liked Phaedra and didn’t like it when she was fired. I do not watch RHOA anymore because Kim is back ad I cannot stand her!!

  • Good riddance . She’s a daibolical twat ! Running away with a ‘rape’ rumor is criminal , regardless of who told her. She’s an attorney an should’ve known better and held herself to a higher moral standard . Plus faking divorce papers , and trying to screw Apollo (not that he doesn’t deserve it ) by misspelling his name on purpose . For an ATTORNEY, she has no problem crossing ethical lines and toying with the law . I do NOT believe for one minute that she had no idea what Apollo was doing .. so he leaves for ‘work’ and comes back with money and you you don’t ask how he made money ?? He’s a criminal , you still are not suspicious how he’s making so much money ??

    Not defending crazy kenya , but even when Apollo admitted that he lied about the bj text , this idiot still wouldn’t hold her husband accountable
    Hmmm, and mr chocloate was a ‘girl friend ‘ of hers ?? ??

    She’ll come running the minute they call her !

    • Summer Rain, my gorgeous! Hope all’s well on your coast, especially with the wildfires, though they are south of you. We’re getting ready for our trip! I’m so stoked!

      As for Ms. Atty (S)Parks, she’s FOS completely. It would appear that the show should’ve increased her client base in the least; would’ve been a showcase for her a la bedroom kandi; she has a proposed mortician’s license and other “certifications” that would broaden her, ahem, “brand”! Yet, she certainly would jump at the opportunity to return. She’s definitely not interesting, nor trustworthy enough to deserve a spinoff! Kim, nor LVP deserved one. In fact, I wonder aloud if Kandi received royalties for the Don’t Be Tardy name.

      Anyhoo have an amazing week. Sending you East coast love and happiness hugs. Enjoy your holiday. We’re home for Christmas……..then it’s OUR TIME! 40 days and 40 nights seeing the world. We were in Vegas last week, with a quick jaunt to The Bahamas! She’s having a blast and I’m truly enjoying the joy of sharing it with HER…….I’m so blessed

      Be well honey

      • Hello handsome Southern Gent ???????? I am so totally jelly of your travel adventures !! How amazing !! Very true , it’s YOUR time and you both deserve it ??…. I love how you ‘casually’ jaunted from Vegas to the Bahamas ?? I love you my man ???
        40 days and nights is just the right amount of time !! Enjoy and savor !

        FakeRa is FOS indeed ! I still think Apollo is holding on to some tea and that we don’t have the full story . She alleged that she is a ‘model’ now but Tamra demolished that fake story . So basically , the woman is still a pathological liar . Not to mention her pretending she’s dating Shemar Moore ?????

        Merry Christmas and happy new year my lovey !! We will miss you and can’t wait to hear about everything when you get back !! Hugs and hippy kisses form the city by the Bay ??????????

        • Kirby!! Whaddup? Yes, we are gonna rock like a Prince concert….(I miss that brotha. Helluva musician and entertainer). She’s my Sunshine (Harlem Nights reference) as well as my light. I tasted her mind and realized I’d been starving……it’s about to be on. If you-know-who won’t let us back in, though we are born here, do us a favor……. I’m totally geeked. Our sneak peek was off the chain. Happy holidays to you and yours. Best wishes

          • Q I’m stoked to hear from you ????. I say let it be on . Don’t miss a moment of your sunshine or your light ?? Happy holidays to you and yours and safe travels, we will be looking out for you but you will be fine coming back in ?

  • Phaedra deserves a spin off – at the very least!

    if Ass Andy and Bravo had the balls to fire their RH herd..and weeded out those who

    – lied
    – repeated a rumor
    – followed producer information

    there would possibly be one RH survivor per franchise!!

    WTH is Phaedra fired – she did exactly what Vile/Melissa Gorga/Lisa Rinna/ La La do…are they fired…yet only women of destinction is fired!

    bull shit!