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Andy Cohen Says He Won’t Try Another ‘Real Housewives’ Spin-Off Like ‘Vanderpump Rules’

The success of Vanderpump Rules was like catching lightning in a bottle and isn’t easily recreated.

In fact, E!’s failed VPR-esque ripoff show What Happens at The Abbey, is a prime example of just how unique VPR’s success is.

So, it’s not surprising that Andy Cohen says he won’t try another “Real Housewives” spin-off like Vanderpump Rules ever again.

Andy admits that Lisa Vanderpump’s spin-off worked so well because it was REAL and the cast knew each other so well.

“The thing about Lisa’s restaurant is it’s been going for 10 years or more, and they’ve all worked there the whole time. [Real Housewives of Atlanta star] Kandi [Burruss]’s restaurant started, but part of the reason Vanderpump Rules works is that those people have relationships going back for many years,” Andy told Life and Style.

As for season 6, Andy says fans will be hooked from the first episode on and hints that the season kicks off with a bang, literally.

“The thing I’ll tell you is from the moment it starts, all hell breaks loose,” he teased. “Like, you can’t believe how the first episode starts. Jax [Taylor] is at it again!”

I was surprised that season 6 kicked off with so much drama, but I loved it! I think Andy is smart to not try and recreate the magic of VPR with other Real Housewives spinoffs. Not every franchise needs a spinoff or even can produce a good one.

Are you surprised Andy isn’t onboard with more Real Housewives spin-offs? Which Real Housewives franchise would you like to see a spin-off from?

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  • I LOVE this show & always have since S1 premiered…. Also think many of us who were fans of “Laguna” & the spin off, “The Hills” can relate to all the craziness, chaos, insane, nuts & zany behavior from this cast who delivers & contributes to keeping it on the air as they wouldn’t have had a season 6 without without them. This cast may be a little older & although we’re in a different era now, ‘VPR’ continues to attract the fans & yes, I’m one of them who doesn’t take it seriously, considers it entertainment along with being my guilty pleasure…:) Love to hate the characters or hate to love the characters, they all deliver the goods required for ratings & have no doubt there will be yet another season moving forward…..:) The beauty of the remote control is that it puts the viewer in control & enables them to switch the channel to a show they enjoy….. #choices

  • Right now, Peter Thomas weeps while banging a waitress. It’s a shame, I was looking forward to “LuPeta Rules” at Bar None…

  • Can’t watch this show. Seems like a bunch of emotionally stunted drug addicts who are just faking their whole lives for the purpose of a TV show. Of course, that’s only based on my occasional scanning of a related story. I didn’t watch in the beginning because I was disgusted how LVP used Brandi to launch the show with the Sheana connection. Sounds like people love this show, but it’s not for me.

    • Lisa didn’t “use Brandi to launch her show”. The Blahvo Suits did. That grievance should be directed to them. Blabbi could have refused to film that connecting scene, if it bothered her so much. Instead, she played along and said she felt relief for doing so. It was only later on, when Blabbi wanted attention, that she cried foul.

      • The show would have been a success regardless of Brandi! People don’t continue to watch a show if they’re not into it .
        Ratings wise, the show is neck and neck with RHOBH so it’s actually a more profitable show to Bravo becuase the salaries of that staff are way less than what they pay the BH ladies
        I love this show ?? it’s mindless nonsesne and sometimes that’s what I need

    • I watch the show because it’s a big train wreck and no I cannot look away….lol. Just when you think you have seen and heard it all, one of them does something crazy or terrible and the vicious cycle starts up again. I also love how Arianna, LaLa and James call out the mean girls.

      • Ditto!!!! Love the show as a whole along with each & every one of the quirky cast members who continues to ‘bring it’….I too look forward to the return of LaLa & James for did impact on the show as well in their roles as well….. Love them all & fun to watch……:)

    • It’s true, they are emotionally stunted drug addicts ??? you’re so funny swizzle !! Give it a chance , just start with this season and I’ll fill you in !! Come on pleeeeesssee?

    • It’s pretty much that way Swiz lol but I occasionally watch when nothing else is on . A lot of bratty nasty behaviors from adults that are , for some reason, looked upon as ” kids” ! I don’t understand that comment from Andy about being real LMAO. Just like HWs, goes to script mode after attention and a first season . I recall the Pump baiting BG into Scheana shit as well and when BG spoke her mind about it, that was it. She did THAT , out of respect for her friend ..SMH

  • What orifice is Andy speaking from ?? OF COURSE they gave a spin-off , to non other than Peter smurf , for his Charlotte bar!!

      • I hope that I’m wrong about it… I just have a nagging feeling as to why Briana made such a quick, surprising exit from the OC. It’s as if she was fleeing a mob hit.

  • This is my 3 season for watching VPR…my one pet peeve

    Mike shay never rec’d support from any cast or Ass Andy for being on the wagon, in fact – they hated on him and made fun of him for staying home and not spending time with them..

    if this crew actually spent time sober, they would have had fun with Mike!…t

    • There was something really strange about him not answering questions and refusing to say much. I think Scheana made up a lot of crap and tried to play victim and Mike just took the high road and didn’t want to argue.
      I felt really bad for him, she set him up for failure by wanting him sober, then complaining he was no fun sober.

      • that’s my read too Hanky

        remember at the reunion, he cried, while telling his ex that relentlessly bitched about him and even accused him
        of doing the reunion he still said he loved her and would never do anything to hurt her! She and the rest of the cast (is that the correct context of words) slammed him for being no fun!

        I felt bad for him and proud of him remaining sober – regardless of taping with these lushes for 4 months.

        • I just watched last season and it seemed like MANY of the scenes of them, it was so obvious she was not listening to him and she pretty much ignored what he said. She just wanted to talk about herself or hear herself talk.
          I thought it was really shitty how she outted his drug problem when she knew about it when she married him but decided to use it as her SL. He even said no one knew and it had been handled by then.
          I also thought his friends and family came forward last season and said he was still sober, despite what she was saying and spreading to the media. She is a horrible person IMO.

          • She’s a horrible person period ! Do you remember that ridiculous scene on the beach when her recipe for ‘sobriety ‘ was Mike ONLY taking 3 shots or something???!! What a stupid thing to say ! I do feel however that some of the guys like Tom stuck up for him but Schaena was on a dramatic ‘high’ and wasn’t interested in listening

            • I do remember that and yes WTH says that? I like how Andy called her out at the reunion for checking her make up while Mike spoke. We all know it was not because she was nervous, she wanted to check her make up and have a good cry face AND she refused to listen him once again…..What a snapper head..grrr

              • Good cry face ?????? you made me laugh so hard Hanky !!! Something else that pissed me off about her , she cut LaLa off simply because the 2 mean drunks asked her to !! LaLa did nothing to her but she decided to be a mean girl and cut her off anyways . Big sad

                Detour : you watching S2 of the Crown? Thoughts ?

                • I literally LOL’d when Scheana was like “I can’t talk to you because they (AKA mean girls) will get mad at me”…it was like she is in 2nd grade on the playground. HOW PATHETIC!!!
                  And hell LaLa was the main person defending Scheana at he reunion..go figure.

                  The Crown – I could not get into that show. Tried several times and didn’t do anything for me..I know a lot people really like it and have recommended it to me.

                  • Well Schaena can eat crow now because LaLa is the star and IT girl of that show. LaLa can be annoying and she’s a hot mess but she is fantastic television ?? I wish she would just OWN her stuff and not constantly lie about and tell all those mean girl to F off

                    No worries about the Crown ?? there are many shows I couldn’t get into either in spite of recommendations ?.

          • Hanky

            what I don’t understand is how she grovels at the “mean girls” alter. I don’t know the history between these adult women, but it seems that krazy katie needs constant – praise and “you’re right” – the n girls drop her ever other day.

            and yes thank goodness his family shouted out on film and twitter! she is a disgusting life partner for him.

            • Tequila Katie was downright VILE last season. She definitely dethroned Stassi and Katie from their Evil Bitch titles. She can blame it on the stress from the wedding and deny she has a drinking problem, but is quite evident she has a bitchy problem. I am glad Tm pointed out how they are terrible friends and encouraged her atrocious behavior instead of keeping her in check. They thrive off of each others negativity.

  • You just know, Andy had to put out this disclaimer. Who doesn’t believe Richie didn’t call him to film at his pizza joint! LOL!