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AllAboutTRH Exclusive: Will the Peace Between Shannon, Vicki, & Tamra Last? Plus the TRUTH About Those Season 13 Casting Rumors!

Season 12 of the Real Housewives of Orange County may be over but the speculation and rumors about season 13 have only just begun.

Currently, there are a bevy of casting rumors out there, but the question on every RHOC fans’ mind is – what’s real and what’s utter nonsense?

So, let’s break down the rumors and tell you what our RHOC sources had to say!

Some rumors say that Peggy Sulahian, Meghan King Edmonds, and Lydia McLaughlin are all OUT for season 13. While other rumors claim that Vicki Gunvalson could be stepping down to a friend of the Housewives with Tamra Judge walking away from the franchise entirely.

Another rumor says that Bravo could be bringing on an entirely new group of ladies, while others insist Gretchen Rossi is being brought back to stir things up.

Well, we’ve talked to several of the OC Housewives, and they are calling bullshit on all these rumors. This is exclusive RHOC scoop told directly to AllAboutTRH that you won’t hear anywhere else!

First off, when we asked Peggy about rumors she’d been fired she told us “I am?” Then questioned why everyone seems to know she’s been fired except for her.

“How come everyone knows but me?!” Peggy asked.

Meanwhile, Lydia told us that “No one has been fired.” But quickly added that “No one has been asked back” either.

In fact, Lydia says “They are still casting girls and Bravo won’t make any decisions for a few weeks.”

Which goes hand in hand with what our OC sources told us back in November.

“We never know until around December,”  our OC source revealed in November about casting.“Bravo doesn’t make any decisions until well after the reunion airs.” 

With a second source confirming,“Bravo has to do market research to see who stays and who goes.”

However, one rumor we can confirm is total BS, as of now, is the rumor that Gretchen Rossi will be returning.

We asked Tamra about the rumor, and she said an emphatic “No.”

Adding that Gretchen is on a certain site’s “payroll and feeds them stories all the time” and that she’s “pretty sure that story comes out every year.”

As for the current peace between Vicki, Tamra, and Shannon Beador, many fans wonder if it will last or if it was all for show.

Well, their RHOC co-star Meghan is hopeful that the peace between them will last but admits history could repeat itself.

“I hope so! Peace is more fun than turmoil! But if history repeats itself then we all know how this story ends. But I’m staying positive!” Meghan tells AllAboutTRH.

So, there you have it, the truth straight from the OC Housewives mouths and not just “sources.”

We have a little more OC season 13 scoop coming your way this weekend or Monday so stay tuned!

Thoughts on the RHOC season 13 casting rumors and what the OC Housewives had to say? Do you believe that no season 13 casting decisions have been made? Will the peace between Vicki, Tamra, and Shannon last? Sound off!

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  • I don’t really see the need for “Idioms” because no matter how obnoxious someone is, they are still human beings. I would love to see Meghan, Lydia and Peggy go because they annoy me and really add little of value. Vicki, Tamara and Shannon are the heart and soul of the entire franchise and they are interesting to watch. I don’t like any of them but I do enjoy watching their chaotic lives. I realize that this is a place to comment and obviously to insult as well but I see these women as real people and calling names is a form of bullying which I DO NOT support. I suppose that insults will now be coming my way so have at it.

  • O/T Just read in the NY Post that a reboot for Mob Wives is in the works. And I don’t think I knew that Karen was banned from Big Ang’s funeral! Holy smokes batman what happened???!!!

      • She wasn’t ; she was there . Someone started that rumor around time of funeral and they were disproved time and again . Tried saying she was banned from hospital too but she was there . Angels was on good terms with her but some don’t like to admit it for some reason. The woman was dying ; she loved the girls flaws and all . You can not like someone all you want but there’s no need to make things up around a death . IM( respectful ) O

          • Welcome . I read up on that around that time because of people saying that . I mean that’s no time for nasty lol!!! There were some issues with her sister ( her feelings ) toward some of the ladies and I think Neil , Angs hubby 🙁 I do recall that Marissa and the newbie blonde ( dritas little buddy ) were not included in the services but I could be wrong ?

  • I do believe the Gretchen story this year. It makes total sense in the dynamic now. And I don’t think it’s ever been a rumor before. I know I’ve wanted her back but that was at the beginning of this season.

    • I have read it just about every year. It seems Gretchen is trying to make something happen. If you watched the “behind the scenes” episodes, they made it pretty clear that Gretchen and Slade were not HW material and needed to be gone, permanently.

  • I would love to see a total shake up. Bring a new cast and bring the old cast in as ”friends of housewives’

  • Honestly, couldn’t care less at this point whether the peace lasts for these househeaux’s. That said, we all know it was fake and of course it won’t last.

  • Meaning they read responses like this blog, “With a second source confirming,“Bravo has to do market research to see who stays and who goes.”

  • First of all , Peg’s little act of answering a question with a question is exhausting . She’s fired LOL. ( hopefully )

  • This site’s exclusive “source” has called it all season long! thanks for the exclusive Lara!

    This lines up with what Andy said on his radio show! vile has zero to offer except hate and cancer scam..but for some reason Ass Andy will keepn Vile!

  • Petty is hardly a reliable source. She would be the last person to know that she’s been left on the sidelines. DICK-O will have to translate her lack of a return ticket to RHOC. “Peggy, Bravo didn’t send you a new contract. That means you aren’t being asked back. That means you are off the show for next season.” Oy Vey.

        • I wonder if Dicko knows his wife doesn’t understand these idioms and sadistically enjoyed embarrassing her on national television. He’s married to her, wouldn’t he know her limitations?

          • That’s an interesting point. It did seem as if DICK-O just discovered his wife’s limitations, language-wise. OR – it was all an act from them both. Maybe, they thought they could be the Middle East version of George Burns & Gracie Allen?

            • Happy Sunday my lovley ????? I hope you’re enjoying your weekend ! I did some calling on behalf of Jones in Alamaba yesterday and it felt good . Not optimistic about the outcome but we do what we can and the thought of that creep in the senate makes me livid.

              The more the dust settles , the more I see Dicko as a manipulator and the ‘director ‘ of any scene that involved him and his wife. Wether she was a willing participant or collateral damage we may never know

              Xoxox Queen M

              • Good Sunday Morning to you, too – Sweet Rain!!!
                Making calls for Doug Jones is very productive of you!!!! Hopefully, it helps. It’s incredible that gullible people would make the same mistake twice by electing a perv to office. Albeit, Roy Moore-or-Less is also a racist bigot who was tossed out of his judgeship twice for defying the law. Alabamans don’t seem to care about legality or decency… Sad.

                DICK-O seemed controlling. However, Petty allows it or likes it. As long as she continues to live in splendor, she doesn’t care that her man does all the heavy lifting and thinking for her.

                  • HAHAHHAHAHAHA…. I just recalled what you were referring to, regarding DICK-O’s butterfly imitation. Boy, that was soooooooo weird. I wonder how their waitress remained professional while being subjected to that!

                • Women like Petty are proof that education and wealth don’t render a woman smarter or capable of making better choices , or feeling a sense of self worth . For her own sake , I hope that watching herself on screen will lead her down a path of self reflection and enlightenment. Just a wee bit maybe ? ?? . Our generation fought for liberation and equality , so it’s hard for me sometimes to muster empathy or understanding for certain scenarios such as this . I tell myself maybe I am not aware of all the ins and outs etc . Even with my fav, Shannon , it hasn’t been easy at times

                  What I encountered yesterday was mostly apathy and a million creative excuses for why they won’t be able to vote . Dem voters are frustrating that way . Of course part of that is the voter suppression machine in Alabama , which does not allow early voting . Still, I felt good about my day and I deluded myself that I convinced a few people to go out and vote . You can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink !


                  • Well stated!!! Petty is strange. If her main problem was that she “in so much pain”, then she shouldn’t have subjected herself to be on the show, period!

                    I’m surprised the folks you spoke to told you they wouldn’t vote. Last year, I made calls for HRC to New Hampshire voters. It was tough going because it is a swing state. There’s a lot of pressure placed upon their voters. I got people who were tired of the calls, and they either argued with me or screamed at me. It became daunting. However, since Hillary squeaked out a win there, I felt it was worth the effort. BTW: one of the other volunteers told me something that was very disturbing. Her husband is an atty. He went (with other attys) to a few of New Hampshire’s voting centers. He observed women of color being denied entrance to vote by monitors. He asked what the issue was. It turned out, the monitors gave no reason. So, he (& the other lawyers) spoke up on the women’s behalf to allow them the ability to vote. I can only imagine how prevalent that was to other places where there were no attorneys! Voter suppression is a huge problem 🙁

                    • Oh wow , I have heard a lot about denying access to minority voters but I thought it was limited to very red states it NC ? . Apparently even states like NH aren’t immune !!

                      Very few flat out said they won’t vote but there is a distinct lack of enthusiasm. Things like ‘ I don’t know when I’ll get off work ‘ or ‘my vote won’t matter ‘ etc were probably the most common . Of course I want Jones to win so I want clear jumping up and infectious enthusiasm ? but I try to remind myself that I vote early and absentee which makes a lot of difference because it’s so easy . Those folks don’t have that option and maybe they don’t want to subject themselves to whatever shenanigans will be thrown at them on Election Day (rumors of supremacists showing up at the sites). Or maybe they just don’t care . I don’t know . Like you said , I feel I did my part . KUDOS to you for your work in NH . It DID make a difference.
                      How sad is Alabama that the only one they could put up is a perv ???

                      In spite of all the odds , I WILL be optimistic for Tuesday . No need moping till the milk is spilled ??. A little temporary denial never hurt anybody !!


                    • Like you, I didn’t consider voter suppression was a problem in New England states. It’s a shame that apathy is easier than voting. Dems are in the minority in Alabama. One would think that the race being this close would boost them to make the effort to change the outcome of having their Senator who is a LYING, law breaking pedophile. Maybe, your phone calls will have a delayed reaction and the voters will go vote!!! Fingers crossed for Doug. xo

    • Off show? Does dees mean dee show is over and off? When will dey turn it on and what time will I need to be there?

  • Well Tamra can say that Gretchen won’t be back all she wants, but at the end of the day she’s not a producer of the show and not even the producers know the cast for s13, so how can she??

    • I think it’s pretty clear Andy can’t stand her and Slade. Didn’t he write about them in his book? If he wanted them back, they’d be back by now. And the story about them wanting her back, but her demanding a lot of money is total BS. She’d jump at any offer they make her.

      • I don’t read Andy’s books, so I wouldn’t know. And Gretchen may be many things, but she’s not a liar, she said on Twitter so many times she’d only come back if the money were a lot, because she can’t stand all the drama and can’t stand Tamra, she’s actually a bit scared of her and now that she also fought with her friend Kelly Dodd, I doubt that she wants to come back.

        • Gretchen is a liar, and desperate to come back. Her comments to the contrary are about as real as her engagement to Slade.

            • Eddie is collateral damage from Tamrat being Tamrat .. Gretchen wanted the details cause she can not stand Tamrat. I don’t blame her when we can’t stand someone darn straight we want to hear the worst about them to make ourselves feel better esp. when that person has went out of their way ro hurt you.

              • She bet on the wrong horse (Vicki) and she lost ??. She should do like Camille and play nice if she wants to come back

          • She’s not a liar. I’ve talked to her a few times and she was really a genuine girl. Plus I don’t recall a moment where she lied about something. The only thing that could’ve been fake, it’s the conversation at Vicki’s birthday party, but if it really was a set-up, they were all guilty (Vicki, Kelly, Lizzie, Ricky and Gretchen).

            • What about all the stuff about Jeff and Jay and all the ridicous lies she tells to cover up for slate? Of all the oc women we have seen the least about who Gretchen really is because she is so phoney. Even the producers have said that everything Gretchen did on the show was totally staged because Gretchen never wanted her true self revealed.

              • We don’t know if she ever cheated on Jeff and even if she did it’s none of our business because she was unfaithful to him and not the viewers!!Vicky cheated on Donn and they were married, but no one said a thing!!Then the producers should shut up since they’ve been exposed in the season 8 special when they told Gretchen not to invite any of the housewives to her engagement party!!She has proof and emails and after she threatened to post the emails they cut out the parts where they said the engagement seemed fake from the special!!Bunch of lying manipulative hypocrites!!

                • ITA Max they are all fake and Liars Tamrat and Lyin’Icky should of been booted for the naked wasted trying to set Gretchen up and her creepy son trying to jump Gretchen.
                  Tam was and is jealous of Gretchen my post from before got booted a reply to Max. Tam was po’d when it was being said Gretchen is the hottest housewife and Tamra screaming I am the hottest housewife. sorry Tam but ugly inside shows on outside no matter howmuch make-up u use.

                • A lot of people had a lot to say about Vicki cheating on Donn, and still do. The fact is, by the time Gretchen and Slade decided to stage their engagement party, it was already over for them. The producers didn’t want the other ladies there because they were filming them and had no desire showcase Gretchen’s party, which is what Gretchen wanted. I read that Gretchen believed her engagement party would be the end-of-season party they have every year and Bravo pays for. Instead Bravo made other plans and Gretch and Slade were stuck paying the bill for their party. Had they been more “real” to begin with, things would not have gone down that way.

        • Tamrat and LeakinlyinIcky both bullied Grethen from the time she started the show the girl neva had a chance … Jealousy plan and simple Gretchen is the prettiest housewife and much younger,Tamrat’s head just about popped off when someone said tabloid or talk around town can’t remember exactly..Gretchen is the hottest housewife second season Gretchen was on. Tamrat screeching I am the hottest housewife.
          Tamrat should of been fired for the naked wasted trying to set up another woman to be raped.cause she watched her nasty son tryin’ to jump on her.
          Gretchen is a flirt,and the guy that Tamrat said called her sayin’ Gretchen was sleeping with him,Gretchen had a restraining order placed against him (I haven’t seen proof )cause he was a friend of Gretchen’s that turned into a stalker.
          I believe that to be the case Gretchen is a flirt that doesn’t make her a cheater.. Tamrat wanted to believe it why cause Jealousy.
          And anyone who has taken care of a person dyin’ of cancer can not do it 24/7 they deserve to be a saint literally with their own metal .
          her choice being with Slade is disgusting ..IMO
          All these women are Liars