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RHONJ Recap – When Chairs Fly!

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Prepare yourselves Jersey fans. Things are getting crazy in the Garden State!

We start with Marge in Charge and Super Joe freaking out because she ripped a $15,000 fabric. I’m all for Margaret and her ‘Boss Lady’ status; however for someone in fashion I’m not a fan of her house decor. Luckily she agrees and has an interior designer come over to help with the house that the Macbeth Collection built. Marge is annoyed that Super Joe has an opinion, as per their marriage agreement, she does the style and he does the execution of the work.

Over at the Gorga mansion, Joe is in grief from losing his mother. Joe is going to try seeing a medium to connect with his late mother so he knows she is okay. Melissa brings up the rumor that Teresa is seeing an old boyfriend and Joe is left speechless. Melissa feels vindicated that her sister in law is finally getting a taste of what Melissa has been through. Side note: Love the sneaky commercial there Melissa! I see you in your envy shirt 😉

The most dreaded day in Jersey is upon us and we see the ladies getting ready for the Posche fashion show. Siggy and Dolores are getting hair and makeup done and apparently the hairdresser was one of the spies that caught Tre and her alleged beau in action. Siggy stands up for Tre stating there are kids involved and Kim D. should stay out of it. Kim D. loves herself some camera time and seems annoyed Dolores and Siggy aren’t playing into her plan.

The ladies are getting their lashes and hair done and Tre is upset that Kim D. is spreading rumors as her girls have been through enough. Danielle still has PTSD from getting her hair pulled at Posche however Margaret seemed excited to attend for the first time. Melissa for the first time ever is the voice of reason and warns Teresa that she needs to keep her cool as she is still on probation. If anything happens she could be ‘going away again’ and Kim D. is not worth getting locked up for!

The ladies arrive and the girls head straight for the bar (probably not the smartest move) while Dolores is worried people will see her Spanx on her catwalk. Kim D. spots the ladies and gives the most fake smile and ‘welcome’ in the history of Jersey. Tre does not mince words and goes straight for the jugular asking Kim D. if she saw Juicy Joe f***ing another girl and if not to butt out. You can’t reason with Kim D. and her argument is weak and pathetic (kinda like her.) She apparently has spies all throughout Jersey that follow Teresa around and bring back the gossip. Melissa is appalled that Siggy and Dolores are still friends with Kim after witnessing this. Kim goes through the girls one by one screaming at Margaret and Danielle as well.

I think the expression is “well – that escalated quickly” and Kim is escorted out of the room because she has no proof and she knows she is losing this argument. Despite Tre not cheating we get a lovely montage from Bravo from the low points of Teresa’s marriage with Tre saying that it’s no one’s business. Melissa and Dolores get into it as Melissa asks how they can walk in the show after witnessing that. Tre calls Siggy and Dolores puppets and storms out.

Kim D. then gives a speech about the fundraiser acting like nothing just happened and Siggy and Dolores take to the runway. Meanwhile, the ladies head back to Margaret’s to have a cocktail and talk about the s*it show that just happened. The ladies are still upset with Siggy and Dolores and are questioning if they should go to Milan together.

Marge has other things to worry about – like setting her mom up – as she is setting Marge Sr. up on a date with her accountant. Over with Dolores, we see her having a lunch date with Frank who are is concerned with their son and the time he spends with his girlfriend. At this point – why are Dolores and Frank not married? The two seem in love with each other and spend every waking moment together. Siggy plays third wheel and the two fill in Frank on the fashion show drama. Frank takes Teresa side and says Dolores should have stuck up for Tre. I love how Frank is his own person (and logical) vs. just siding with whoever he is talking to.

At the Gorga house, we have a psychic coming over to attempt to connect with Teresa and Joe’s mother. Joe and Melissa are so nervous they break out the vodka and Tre joins in on the fun. The psychic comes over and gives a pretty dead on (no pun intended) reading. She confirms Milania is sensitive to the ‘other side’ and is able to name Joe’s wedding song that he danced to with his mother. It is comforting to see this and I have to admit I teared up right along with Joe and Tre.

Keeping right on track with parents, we are back to Marge and Marge Sr. and her date with the accountant. Priv gets another free commercial as they come over and get Marge Sr. ready for her hot date.

Over at Teresa’s, Siggy comes over to try and make up with Tre. Siggy spells out that she was there for charity but has Teresa’s back. Siggy points out the obvious – that Tre has an army – that is intimating to Siggy and Dolores. Siggy is also pissed that Margaret mentioned Hitler and is back at square one with the Marge.

Back to Marge and Marge Sr.’s double date – we get awkward at it’s finest. Marge and Super Joe are the chaperones as apparently Marge Sr. gets frisky after a cocktail or two. Marge Sr. is definitely in the Senior dating club as her conversation is mostly her diet and how it has changed over the years. Her date notices her tattoo and at this point I’m done with this scene.

Luckily we move on to Melissa and her shoes (and her many portraits that she has of herself in her closet.) Tre calls and tells Melissa that both Siggy and Dolores want to come to Milan. Melissa is fine with this but puts Dolores on a probation period.

Until next week – when we will meet in Milan!

Thoughts on this weeks episode?

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  • My thoughts :
    Don’t know how or why some of these people still get paid by Bravo , namely Kim D she’s a bleached haired THUG.
    Dolores ” cankles” Catania- bish get it together !
    Soggy – hit Kleenex the fuq up girl ; there’s your push product – bread and butter , off the show please …I find it hard to believe you needed a disbarred juiced up clown to tell you girls what ya’ll should have done , which would have been the respectful womanly thing to do . Ha . Ya didn’t and he told ya .
    MeMe- you should have plucked Dolos nose lol
    Marge- you rock
    Dani- I got nothing .
    Tre- God bless you and your familia
    The charity was a shit show and I’m sorry for those families’ losses
    Also , without Tre, no show , attention or pay checks for the goo(f)n squad.

    • What was interesting was that Mr. Dolores said pretty much the same thing that made Dolores jump up and get right in Melissa’s face. But let Mr. “He-Pays-the-Bills” Catania come out with it and all of a sudden it’s a revelation.

      Interesting how things work when you have the ability to rationalize anything. In fact, knowing Frank and Dolores’ dynamic now explains a lot about her interactions with the other ladies. And I mean going back to her known Manzo/Laurita friendship which, I believe, coincides with her so-called friendship with Teresa. How else to explain her over-the-top hostility towards Danielle from the jump. Remember, it was Dolores that declared, “The Ghost of Christmas past,” when Danielle came walking out that first entrance back onto the show. A show in which Dolores was a comparative newbie next to Danielle. Danielle’s drama with the others is the reason the first couple of seasons of NJ were the best. Dolores came for Danielle much the same reason we’ve all heard that if you go to jail, attack the biggest badass in the room in order to show you’re nobody’s ‘bitch.’

      Stay with me now. So we have Dolores who everyone in her circle knows is ‘kept’ in the style to which she had become accustomed all these years with no income but what an ex-husband gives her. I’ve seen accounts that assert they never fully divorced but just stayed separated. Either way he’s carried her – full ride. Some may have admired her luck, others may have denigrated her lack of pluck. Even with her kids at home with her, she was pretty much seen as an unmarried woman by the other’s in her circle. A hard place to be in suburbia. Women think you’re after their husbands and men think you’re after them. The truth is it’s not always but, usually is true.

      Which brings us to the calumnies Danielle had to endure once her ex’s book made the rounds in her town. She was already, like Dolores, an ‘unmarried woman’, i.e., a threat. People felt free to judge her and took up sides. Dolores being in a precarious social position to begin with (again, remember, she was lamenting how after Frank left her she basically had no social life and kept in touch with everyone by virtue of being the go-to babysitter for her married friends) felt it was better to run with the pack. Actually, the leader of the pack, Caroline Manzo. Dolores has doubled-down on the attack to prove she’s a good and loyal soldier, worthy of their society.

      • Excellent points especially the reference about going after biggest one in jail lol!!! Big Red Manzo really feels she’s a Godfather and this is a prime example as to why – people like Dol.
        I remember Dina or someone mentioning Miss Thing was originally supposed to be season 1 and seeing what I do now and heard about Mr. Pay Her Bills, I can only imagine why she wasn’t . I wondered what exactly Dol did as a single mom for nearly 20 years – nothing lol! And these people have audacity to speak the way the do about others ?I’m so over Sog and Dol’s phony acting and the ” a-ha moment at lunch with Frank was last straw . As much as I don’t care for him, I would rather him have a spot on reunion couch instead of those 2 and the appearance of Kim D ( which by the way, makes NO sense ).

  • Too bad Tre didn’t throw a chair at Kim D. Back to prison she would go. Season 4, reunion just aired again. Boy was TreApe and her husband were despicable. Spreading rumors about everyone and yet you could tell they were not even happy with each other. Joe Fraudice even accusing others of not paying bills. Little did they know prison awaited both of them. HA! #Karma