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AllAboutTRH Exclusive On Tamra Judge’s New Home!

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Yesterday we posted about Tamra Judge purchasing a gorgeous new home in the Covenant Hills Gated Community (for original story click here.)

Tamra showed off the pic of her amazing backyard via Instagram, and when a follower asked if she was selling their current home or if this was a second home, Tamra replied stating that this was a ‘second home:’

Source: Instagram – Tamra Judge

Our curious readers asked why Tamra and Eddie would want two homes in the same area, and we have to admit, we were intrigued as well!

AllAboutTRH exclusively reached out to Tamra to get the details on her new place. When asked about the second home, Tamra states:

“We are keeping our current house and renting it out. We will live in the new house after we renovate it.”

Well, there ya go folks! Tamra and Eddie’s current home is beautiful as well so it makes sense to keep it for rental purposes. Her new home seems to be the quintessential California dream home with gorgeous views and lots of outdoor space for entertaining. You can view some of the pics she shared of her new backyard below:

Instagram – Tamra Judge
Instagram – Tamra Judge
Instagram – Tamra Judge
Instagram – Tamra Judge

While Tamra is obviously very excited, she did mention that they “haven’t closed escrow yet.”

I’m sure we will be seeing the newly renovated home and some wild pool parties next season of the RHOC!

Thoughts on Tamra purchasing a new home?

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  • Where’s the exclusive?

    I’m not a big fan of these faux Mediterranean style homes. There’s something terribly bland and characterless about these homes.

  • Will they be renting to Cro-Magnum man aka Ryan? I doubt it, Eddie doesn’t like him and I can’t imagine him letting Ryan squat at his house. LOL

        • Bae ??? you packing ? I’m stoked for my time off . I’m trying to take the whole week now between Christmas and NY

              • No, just time off from work. For the holidays. How about you, do you get any time off for Christmas/New Years?

                • I have the whole week off so YAY ?????. Well I think most people will be out anyways . It’s one of the very rare occasions when SF is almost deserted because people travel to see their families ( most sf residents are not from SF ) . It’s peaceful and calm and quite enjoyable !!

                  I’m glad you have time off !! It’s such a lovely time of year and I know you love Christmas kitten ????

                  • I didn’t realize that about SF, people leaving, but it makes perfect sense. Sounds like a perfect time to visit SF, during the holidays.

                    • Oh it’s the purrrrfect time kitten , as long as you’re in the neighborhoods and not downtown of course . Downtown is always tourist heavy ????????. But yes sadly SF is mostly transisents now . All the Twitter , techie crowd and they live here for a few years then move . Or people marry and once they have kids they leave because they can’t afford a house in SF … you see where I’m going with this .
                      The joke here is that a real SFcan is like a unicorn ?

  • hmm..let’s use my psychic abilities..name of new renter

    Ryan vieth

    what an embarassment of a son…he doesn’t even know that he is a loser,

    – no job..
    – no education …
    – no key to his own home paid
    – beats his ex spouse
    – does he send $$$ for child support to his child

    I’ve re-read the sirens contract – that states FOH get zero pay..and I’ve re-read RHOC contract and there is no mention of FOH or salary of them mentioned. So unless Ryan won the lottery or has inherited from any family member passing…where is Ryan getting any $$ from…he is such an awesome role model for his child

    this feels like a movie I watched..homeowners moved and gave their home to the visitor who wouldn’t leave…seems Ryan watched the same movie.