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Tamra & Eddie Judge Purchase a New Home – See the Amazing Pics Here!

Either CUT Fitness has really taken off or Bravo has been extra nice to Tamra Judge!

We have seen Tamra and Eddie’s home on RHOC. While it’s a beautiful home, it looked like your standard OC home with nothing out of the ordinary (at least compared to some of the other ‘wives homes.) The Judge family has certainly upgraded as Tamra recently announced that they are the proud owners of another home.

Via her Instagram page, Tamra states: “We are the new owners of this backyard. Oh ya it came with a house. Who’s ready for a pool party at the Judge’s”

Apparently Kelly Dodd is in as she responded saying: “I’m in!” “It’s beautiful”

I mean are any of us really surprised that Kelly wants an excuse to party??

Tamra’s new backyard looks more like a luxury resort than a neighborhood home. It has an amazing pool, backyard bar complete with chandelier, stone fireplace and beautiful views of the California sunset. You can view the photos of Tamra’s new backyard below:

Instagram – Tamra Judge
Instagram – Tamra Judge
Instagram – Tamra Judge
Instagram – Tamra Judge
Instagram – Tamra Judge
Instagram – Tamra Judge
Instagram – Tamra Judge

The home appears to be located in the ‘Covenant Hills Gated Community’ and I have no doubt we will see a party or two there next season on the RHOC.

Apparently this is more of a vacation home, as Tamra mentioned that it was a ‘second home’ when a follower asked if she would be selling her house. I can’t imagine having a backyard like this, yet alone having it as a vacation home. Get it Tamra!

Congrats to Tamra and Eddie on their new home – You know AllAboutTRH is always up for a good pool party!

Thoughts on Tamra’s new home?

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  • Can’t stand the phony “B” but not gonna lie, I’m a little envious of that backyard….OK allot envious lol, but I would live out there allllllllll the time if it was mine.

  • Apparently Andy said on his radio show this morning about RHOC! (last time he made these kind of statements he cancelled one season of RHNY)

    Bravo Connoisseur?

    . @Andy on #RHOC

    – He saw all the criticism of this season

    – Didn’t think it was the best season

    – Loved the way it ended

    – He has specific thoughts on how to proceed

    – Need to make big changes and they will make them

    Remember the bravo producer said..within the next 30 days of Reunion airing, they make a decision as to who to replace or welcome back! Let Ass Andy know

    • So in other words, proceed as normal, which means, keep the POS cancer scammer. He blocked me a couple of years ago because I was calling him out on being homophobic.

      • I think you’re right Fiddle Dee Dee – for sure cuz he liked how it ended..the threesome hug..Vile begging helped and worked! he is all kinds of ok with people bullying others due to sexual orientation…but not if his actual fav Vile spews it! I read an article yesterday, about Peggy and Lydiot being fired – and it was NOT a “sources” or “insider” said story!

        he remains the pimp!

  • Looks nice but why does everyone on reality TV do the black and white thing? I hate it because PMK was the one to start the trend, with her ridiculous black and white house, parquet floors and the slow one, Kourtney followed suit.

    I’ve heard Cut Fitness never has any customers, the lot is always empty. My guess would be they are using Tamra’s HW money. Eddie should have stuck with what he was doing beforehand. He made quite a bit of money, was he a banker or in real estate?

    • Good morning gorgeous ????????
      I believe the rumor about Cut fitness came from Vicki so I call it sour grapes ??
      I wonder if they will renovate ? Her taste is awful anyways so don’t expect much

      • Good morning Princess!!
        I use to believe that as well, sour grapes from the cancer scammer. On the other site I comment on there a few people who live in the area and that’s where I’ve taken my information from. No on is ever parked in Cut Fitness parking lot. It makes sense, we never see another living soul there when they show Eddie and Tamra working out/vacuuming.

        • Omg ??? isn’t it amazing when you get first hand accounts from posters who live in the area! A poster who used to post in the other site lived close to Kelly and said she’s as trashy as she is on tv ??? she confirmed the police being there and all that stuff

            • I sometimes thought they maybe exaggerated a bit ??? she was new and all the rumors were coming out. Then of course I saw for myself

    • Eddie worked in a law office as a gopher. He didn’t have money, per se. His net worth was 300K when he met Traumra. I’m not sure how they can afford to live high off the hog… I also don’t get how they can afford to subsidize the ungrateful man-child, Ryan forever. He doesn’t “WERRRKKKK”.

      • Eddie certainly dropped the hammer on subsidizing the man/child but he can only do so much. He’s Tamra’s son, not their son, Too bad because Ryan needs a man like Eddie to set him straight and start taking responsibility for his lifel.

        • For a short while, Ryan seemed to respect Eddie, who was very firm (in a calm tone). But, that didn’t last long. He plays his mother like a fiddle.

          • I wonder if he always played her or is it the fallout with Sydney that’s making Tamra spoil her other kids more

            • From her early seasons, Traumra gave in to Ryan. She indulged him behind Simon’s back (long before the Sidney fallout). They treat each other as peers. The seem to have a special relationship. Ryan’s baby-mama, Sarah kind of looked like Tamra. It’s weird.

        • Very true. Eddie tried but Tams is not doing her son any favors by protecting him from life and responsibility

      • It’s not uncommon for the so cal kids to rely on their parents , it’s almost a lifestyle choice . Disappointing that kids don’t take opportunities presents to them and make something amazing of themselves

        • It’s weird, imo. In Ryan’s case, he has no education, no skills, & no impetus to move from Mommy’s wallet.

          • Parents don’t do their kids any favors when they do that . Ryan needs some tough love IMO . He has turned being a loser into a fine art ?

            • I agree. Simon tried being tough on the Missing Link. Unfortunately, Tamra went behind his back to help her petulant brat-boy.

      • So Al Franken is resigning?? What a crock! We have a pu**y grabber and now a teen grabber about to be senator and the outrage is on Al ? So there are basically different play books for conduct ! Sigh !

        • Yep, it’s a double standard, to which the Dems have fallen into blindly. I think a full ethics investigation should determine Al Franken’s fate, not several pissed off female Senators, who want to seem morally superior. Al’s forced resignation won’t prevent Moore from joining the Senate or removing The Groper-in-Chief from office. It’s a false equivalence.

          • Against my better judgment, I am watching news ?? Dems need to step off that soap box and face reality . You can’t bring a knife to a gun fight , that’s why they keep losing . False equivalence is the best description
            Oh Good morning btw ??????

            • Good Thursday Morning to you, too Rain!!! Too Right. The Dems keep making the same mistakes over & over. They try to take the “high ground” to set them apart from the rePUBES… It doesn’t change the minds of the Voters.

              • rePUBES! LOVE IT !! Trying to take the moral high ground with these morons is like being a nun in a whore house . They expect applause from voters but it only comes through as weakness.
                Maybe he won’t resign ! We shall see . Never a dull moment that’s for sure ??


  • Well this explains Tams sudden ‘forgiveness ‘ and moving on with Vicki ! She needs that check to make her new house payments ?

  • It’s been a longtime coming for Tam’s. She worked hard for this and deserves to enjoy her spoils! now, she just needs to teach her son

    – how to respect women
    – how to complete a resume

    pet peeve of mine, he portrays himself as a leech..apparently he is the one in a million that is not required to work.

  • It makes little sense to purchase a “second home” in the same location? I wonder if it’s a rental???
    If she misspoke and it is her NEW house, good for her. It would piss off Leather-Face Shrieki that Traumra rose up above her mediocrity.

    • Good morning Medusa!

      Good catch “second home” – I completely missed that, I mentioned to Vita40 downthread – maybe they are letting Tams unemployed/pshysically abusive son live in Eddie’s home.

      • Good morning to you, too samael – Oh, yes. I could totally see the Darwin Award Nominee take over Eddie’s house. Tamra has coddled “Mr. Vieth” (Ryan’s twitter handle) far too long. He is the epitome of “lazy ass”. He taunted his Twitter critics by bragging he didn’t need to work because his mother was a star on tv. I’m not even sure if he works now?

        • uggh..he is my pet peeve…his age,with a family, and zero job. yet his mom gives til it hurts the husband! I think the last job he almost had was with Simon (ex) – can’t remember if he ever worked again. What kind of human lives off a parent?

          • I share your disdain of the Missing Link. As I recall, Ryan briefly worked at the dealership where Simon worked. It was in the back room, sorting parts or some low level position. With no education, he was lucky to get that. The ungrateful loser balked & quit. Then, when Eddie came along, he got Ryan a low level job at the law firm. That didn’t last long, either. Once CUT Fitness came to be, Tamra gave the young grifter a job there!!!! He got bored and quit. Since that time, there’s been no mention of a job. He’s probably unqualified to be a toll collector. I understand Tamra’s desire to “protect” & “help” her “child”. However, she is doing him no favors by always coming through. I thought he was very nasty to his “family”. When they piled into his purchased SUV to tour the house his mommy rented for him; it was a 6 hour drive. He refused to stop to feed his hungry daughters! They were all starving. Plus, the way he talked to them was atrocious. I think the baby Ava would be better off without knowing him. Clearly, Ryan thinks only of himself.

            • I had forgotten the road trip..he def. sux – too bad the “dad” feelings did not overtake Ryan. Tam’s overcompensate’s with ryan, her guilt of their meager life after her first divorce allows Ryan to use this as his crutch!

              Ever since Tam’s started on RHOC – Ryan has had charge after charge , yet he has never been charged with spousal abuse! Based on how Tam’s grew up – being neglected by her mom – I am shocked she chooses to cover Ryan’s butt 100%..he is over 30 I think..I would feel smothered and ashamed if my parent did this for me..I would never put myself in his positions to begin with!

              • samael – You figured it out. That’s probably the reason Tamra coddles & financially supports the lazy ass.

                Obviously, you’re a mature person. Ryan isn’t. You have pride. Ryan doesn’t. And he has no shame.

    • I’ve heard other people say the home we see her in now is a condo. Do you know one way or the other? Seems odd to have 2 homes unless she is using one for filming purposes and the other as a primary residence. Lot of money to upkeep 2 residences in SoCal. I wonder what the property taxes are like as well.

      • I thought she & Eddie lived in HIS house? Her property taxes would be astronomical. The OC is super expensive. Remember the house she rented for the Darwin Award Nominee and his “family”? It cost a small fortune for that.

          • As it turned out, he and his hillbilly family didn’t live there beyond 2 months. Traumra probably lost her security deposit due to Ryan skipping out on the lease.

            • I have a feeling they trashed the house as well. Broken doors, holes in walls, missing door knobs and it wasn’t the kids. It was all due to dumb/Ryan and dumber/can’t remember her name, being stupid ass drunks.

              • Oh, yes. I can see that, as well. The lazy sonofabitch didn’t even like the house. He thought it was beneath him! He was lucky to not be sleeping under a bridge. His baby-Mama, Sarah was a real winner, too. Each kid came from a different partner. Doesn’t she know about birth control?

          • You’re welcome. I’m always here to answer real estate questions. It’s my field of work so I can easily look up the information lol.

            • You’re very handy to have around. Speaking of RE… I can’t stand the British boys of MDLLA. I didn’t ever bother to learn their names. They both are whiny, interdependent, desperate negotiators. Make them go away.

              • I go back and forth with them. Sometimes I like them, others I don’t. I do prefer the taller one. I’m the same as you, don’t know their names.

                • Heeheheheheeee…. “the taller one” = I love it!!! I just don’t relate to them on any level. If I was new to CA, I wouldn’t necessarily trust 2 newbies to the area as my realtors. Plus, the fact that they NEED each other for every transaction, is really bizarre. I’d rather go with Josh Flagg, who knows what he’s doing and he’s extremely knowledgeable.

                  • Flag is knowledgeable but his snarkiness bothers me. Actually our very own Vita here told me that most realtors in LA don’t like working with him and that Altman is actually a sweet guy!!
                    But Flagg’s knowledge of the history of neighborhoods is epic

                    • LOL… That’s the opposite impression I get from the show. I think JoshF is sweet (based on his interactions with many of his clients & his late grandmother Edith. Altman repulses me. He’s a greasy used car salesman. I wouldn’t trust him to tell me the time.

                    • Altman repulses eveybody ?? That’s why what Vita said really surprised me

                      Oh Edith was a gem !!!! Stole every scene she was in ! RIP ???

                    • Not me, I love Altman, always have. I think I told you I have a couple of friends who live in LA and move in the same circles as these guys. Flagg is actually a big jerk, very rude, dismissive. No one likes him and he has a bad reputation. He even said it on one of the episodes, most people don’t like him. Altman on the other hand, exactly the opposite, very nice guy. People like him and trust him. He has an excellent reputation in the business.

                    • Oh my bad !! I told Medusa it was Vita who told me this tea, but it was YOU!!! I’m so sorry Fiddles ???????????. Maybe he got a bad edit ? I like him more now as a husband and father

                    • I can’t go with that assessment based on what I’ve seen. I wouldn’t trust Altman to tell me the time. He is obnoxious, homely and sleazy. His eyes are always shifty and show deceit. Plus, when he says, “I’m not gonna lie – ” he seems to be doing exactly that; LYING!!! Josh Flagg seems secure in himself.

                    • Vita’s info is surprising. However, it doesn’t sway me to Altman’s favor. He’s a sleaze (in my opinion.)

                      Edith was the best character. She was extremely accomplished and still wise until the end.

                  • I love how they get under Madison’s skin. I find it enjoyable. I prefer the other Josh. Flagg gets on my nerves but he makes good TV. I liked his grandma much more than him. She was such a character!

                    • Grandma Edith was a treasure. She was so smart, wise, and funny – at her age (close to 90!!!). Her life story should have yielded a “Special”. I like Madison. Therefore, the Brits are just annoying little gnats to me….

                    • I was so intrigued with Edith and you are right, she did warrant a special. I always wanted to hear more about her experience during the Holocaust.

                    • Same here. Her previous life was perilous. Yet, she rose above all that and formed her own company with brains & inner strength. I could listen to her for hours. She always gave Josh the best advice. What a sharp mind she had!!! It was Josh’s relationship with his grandmother that made me like him at all. Previously, I thought he was a little pisher…

                    • My favorite moment from her was when Josh was telling her about a client who lived a couple(?) hours away and he wasn’t sure he wanted to waste so much time driving back and forth. Her comeback/advice and I’m paraphrasing…….eh, your young, you don’t need to sleep. Loved it!!

                    • LOL – That’s briliiant!!! Grandma Edith sure wasn’t lazy. JoshF definitely is. He likes things to be east for him.

                • They really are. I’m stunned they have any clients at all. They both come off as unsure & insecure.

                  • Agreed ! I would not hire them based on this show at all . They’re perpetually flustered and confused and I fail to see how them as a ‘duo’ is really helpful. I’m surprised Flagg put away his fangs long enough to make friends with them .
                    How AWEFUL and obnoxious was Flagg talking about Encino !! Come on!!! He’d be nothing without his family money

                    • The Brits make a poor impression as maRITZio’s Agency’s representatives. They’re weak & meek.

                      Did JoshF really say anything that bad about Encino? He said that the house he listed would sell for much more in BH. It wasn’t a diss. It was a fact of “location, location, location.”

                      I agree that Josh Flagg had a leg up thanks to his parents money and his wonderful grandmother’s brains. However, he also strikes me as a self starter. I think he propelled himself to reach the top of his game.

                    • Maybe it’s my impression, but he seems to contantly think anything other than BH is less than . Maybe that’s true but it’s not wise to voice that in his line of work . That’s OUR job ?

                    • Yes, that’s true. It doesn’t bother me. He has a preference for BH because it has the highest prices. I don’t take it as a diss as much as a business decision. If he could get the prices out of the Valley, he’d be a big fan of that area.

                    • IKR That’s why it was such a surprise when I realized Mauricio decided to plunk his family down in Encino. I have a feeling your are right, it is business related, otherwise why??

                    • It has to be that. Why would maRITZio & Ms. Beverly Hills move away from the top zip code area??? He must want to buy low and sell high by making “the Valley” more appealing to big spenders. His sales pitch will be: “Oh, the Valley is a great investment. It will be getting very high prices. I live here. It’s great to have everything you want here in the Valley!!!”

    • Vita40

      I didn’t know or maybe remember..that they are living in Eddie’s home..I wonder if they are letting the unemployed son live there? cuz this season he (son) seems to live with Tam’s and Eddie. I remember Tam’s setting up the son/girlfriend and grandchild in a home, but then the physical abuse happened and suddenly the son continued to appear on #RHOC.

      wow…this is standard? awesome!

      • Lol, yes!!! It’s standard af in OC. If you’re super curious just go on redfin or zillow and look for homes in Ladera Ranch or Coto de Caza, Mission Viejo….you’ll see most backyards have a pool with some sort of outdoor living space. That’s the whole point of living in Southern California, you can be outside pretty much year round! Our backyards are really extensions fo our homes.

          • But I love SF, the energy, the food, the beauty!!!!! I miss getting to wear coats and boots!
            I’ll be in SF for NYE 🙂

            • Trust me I love SF ?????????. Truth is the weather is too cold for backyards 95% kf the time

              Yay !! NYE should be fun in SF! Maybe I’ll run into you ???.

              • Lol!!! Maybe! I need to book my hotel yesterday, but I can’t wait. I’ve never been in SF for NYE, I’m hoping its everything I’m daydreaming it will be.

                • I hope it will be lovely for you ???? Are you planning to watch the fireworks from the Embarcadero or do you have a party to go to ? Many nice places to eat too but I’m sure you know where you’re going ??

                  • I’m supposed to watch those fireworks from someone’s rooftop loft/condo at their fancy smanchy NYE get together… Ooo la la. This is the fanciest I’ve ever been on NYE lol I usally stay home with bottles of champs.

                    • Ooo la la indeed !! Should be a fabulous time Fancy Vita ?????!! I hope you get time to explore some of the city , unless you’re only here for the party then have to leave ! Let me know if you want any restaurant recommendations but I’m sure your friends have you covered ???

                    • It’s a friend of my best friend, so I’m not sure how great their recomendations are lol. I’ll arrive on the 29th late, but I will be there until the 2nd. Please, offer me your recommendations! I used to travel to SF for work often, but haven’t been in a good 10 years or so.

                    • What types of food are you into ? Some of the really good places will probably have a line becuase they don’t take reservations!
                      For an embarxadero treat, you need to go to ‘the slanted door ‘, they take reservations but weeks in advcne but give it a try ! My favorite sea food place is ‘Bar Crudo’ , it’s not a bar, it’s an odd name really!
                      Then you MUST go to ‘Tartine ‘ , google it !
                      North Beach is a must just for walking around and of course fabulous Italian food .
                      Neighborhood worth visiting , Hayes Valley , from there you can walk to Alamo Square park and that Painted ladies. I picked stuff that’s all super close to downtown

                      So much , sorry ???

                    • No need to be sorry, I’m a fattie at heart. I’m pescatarian for the past 6 years, but when I travel or go out to nice dinners I will eat meat!!!!
                      I’m definitely going to check out Bar Crudo then and googled Tartine…OMG!!!! I already have a list going of goodies I want, lemon tart is first on my list followed closely by banana cream pie, and an almond croissant lol!
                      Any recommendations for dim sum and a good steakhouse?

                    • Vita , Tartine is PHENOMENAL!!! I can not tell you how amazing that place is !!! The lines are a bummer so go off hours !! They offer fabulous brunches and breakfasts !! Little hint they opened another spot called ‘Tartine industrial’ That’s not in a residential area so the lines are much shorter . The original one on Guerrero has super long lines !! But it’s cute because you can eat then go hang out in fabulous Dolores Park around the corner !! ?????.

                    • My short list has turned into a long list. I want a quiche and a morning bun too lol. I’m down for either location lol!

        • cool! we can’t use our pool year round..but then we only get 3 months max of pool weather! I always check zillow, thanks will check out those comunities. ?

          of the RH..RHNY is more common to where I live…cramped and expensive! ?