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Is Shannon Beador Demanding Spousal Support & Custody of Kids In Divorce from David?!?!

Now that Shannon Beador has officially filed for divorce from her husband of 17 years David Beador it’s time for things to get a little ugly as the OC couple reveals their divorce demands.

According to sources, Shannon has filed for primary physical custody of the couple’s three daughters, Sophie, Adeline, and Stella and has demanded spousal support from David.

Court documents show that Shannon wants primary physical custody of the kids with opportunities for David to visit and see his daughters. Shannon and David’s daughters have lived with the Real Housewives of Orange County star since September 2017, the month the OC couple separated.

Currently, David and Shannon are amicable and doing everything they can to still have “family time” with their daughters which includes attending football games together and other family-centered activities.

In the court documents, Shannon also requested spousal support and demanded that David pay her attorney’s fees and “further relief” to be determined by the court.

Shannon claimed David had earned $1,795,000 so far this year from his construction company. Meanwhile, Shannon has made $22,00 a month as a “reality television personality.”

However, Shannon spends $55,000 a month on expenses and shelled out $17,274 for “filming preparation” this year.

Sources say that “there is no doubt Shannon will get” everything she’s asking for in her divorce.

“Shannon is going after full custody of the girls, and she is going to grant David visitation,” a source close to the family revealed. “There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that she will get it!”

I think Shannon and David’s divorce may turn ugly but only time will tell. I don’t think Shannon’s demands are that out there considering their lifestyle.

Thoughts on Shannon’s divorce demands? Do you think Shannon will get everything she’s asking for?

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  • Maybe she has chosen to get her pay monthly all year stead of just while filming because she has to be making more than that. That would make $240K which makes a little more sense. ????

  • I have a feeling she is going to have to downgrade her living quarters but maybe not. Rental of big homes can run $15000. a month depending where they are located. I would go for everything she can. This was not her fault or what she wanted but I have a new respect for her finally pulling the plug. She will finally settle down hopefully.

  • Is the 55k a month the whole expenses for the family? If she’s just spending 55k on herself, I don’t see with both of their incomes that they are able to manage their lifestyle. I also doubt her income from housewives is less than 250k a season. She hasn’t been there as long as Vicki or Tamra, but she’s a fan favorite and likely demanded more Money by now.

  • That is all it takes for people to make an ass of themselves on TV?! Yikes I would have imagined something closer to a million

  • It’s in the children’s best interest for joint/sole legal custody. Neither David or Shannon are monsters. Kids need to feel both parents are there 100 percent.

  • “Sources” are able to access the court documents because they’re public record, so it’s not hard to find out what is being requested by reading the court filings.

    But I can’t imagine how “sources” could be so all-fired certain that Shannon will get everything she’s asking for, since those matters are always a gamble unless both parties agree on it. I haven’t seen anything stating that the Beadors have agreed on any of the issues raised by Shannon’s petition. Most people in their financial position have their attorneys hammer out an agreement and present it to the court for approval, and then it’s a done deal without court intervention.

    Spousal support is definitely NOT a given. If Shannon was unemployed she would get spousal support, but the amount would be determined by the court. Since Shannon is gainfully employed and earning far more than it takes to support herself, I’d bet against the court awarding her much spousal support.

    Sole physical custody is no slam-dunk, either. In fact, if David responds asking for joint custody, he’s FAR more likely to get it than Shannon is to get sole physical custody. Courts strive to keep both parents in their children’s lives, and it would have to be given a very compelling reason before it would deny a parent’s request for joint custody who has lived with the children all their.

    A parent granted sole custody is the only one allowed to make decisions on behalf of the children involving such things as medical and education and all other issues that arise, I don’t see David voluntarily giving that up, and I don’t see the court making any order excluding David from those areas of his children’s lives.

    If David is granted joint custody and has the girls 50% of the time, he might not even be ordered to pay child support to Shannon, The theory is that if each parent has the children 50% of the time, each is contributing equally to their support.

    In addition, the girls are all old enough to have their preference for custody taken into consideration. Hypothetical: If the girls all say they want to live with David full-time, it’s possible Shannon could be ordered to pay child support to David. It happens all the time — not saying it would happen in this case, but the possibility exists.

    A lot of it depends on what David’s response is to the petition, and it’s not even due until 30 days after he is served. I haven’t heard that he has even been served yet, although I’m not saying he hasn’t; all I’ve heard is that Shannon filed. We’ll know a lot more about how much of a fight there’s going to be when we see David’s response.

  • They film for only 3 or 4 months per year. 22K per month seems like a meager amount to expose yourself to the world. I wonder if she thinks it was worth the humiliation and pain? However, if Mr. Chips really raked in that much money, then I hope Shannon gets her fair share.

  • Well nothing out of the ordinary ! He needs to be support and let’s face it , he has no desire for custody ! He wants me a single free man and run around town and be yet another silly aging bachelor ???
    He will give her everything she wants . He wants to be DONE ! Asshole !

  • This is a bit of a BS story. David already said he’ll give her whatever she wants. He knows he’s wrong.

  • If my husband humiliated me by cheating. I probably would want him to pay! However, I don’t think that maybe the reasoning Shannon is making these requests is out of humiliation….she puts herself out there all the time…I think she is doing it for her daughters …I’m sure she doesn’t need the money…she probably has some sort of trust fund from her family! I would’nt condone if she is doing it out of spite but I would certainly understand it!

  • There are so many ugly and disgusting “sources said” stories about the divorce, painting Shannon as the money grabber!

    Even though David is a proven whore, I do believe he will give his family (that he is not into anymore) what their needs are. I don’t understand these divorce issues – (spousal/child support or percentage of custody). Based on David’s nature, he wants this over and done with so he won’t have to bother with Shannon and his girls anymore.


    • I don’t read this as Shannon trying to be a money grabber. I just see it as her getting what’s fair. People react differently to her monthly expenses. Sure it’s a lot for most people, but we all live at different income levels. For some $1,000/month is a lot, for others $25,000 is a drop in the bucket. I don’t begrudge her anything, and am pretty sure David won’t fight any of it. He just wants out.