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Kyle Richards Bel-Air Home Could Be Affected By L.A. Wildfires

Kyle Richards may have upgraded and moved out of her Bel-Air mansion, but it’s still near and dear to her heart.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star’s Bel-Air home is in the path of the ongoing Los Angeles wildfires, which Kyle confirmed on Twitter with a simple “yes.”

Currently, five wildfires are ranging in Los Angeles near Bel-Air, Ventura, Sylmar, Santa Clarita, and San Bernadino.

Kyle also asked for prayers for entire Los Angeles area as they prepare and deal with these devastating wildfires.

“We need a lot of prayers here in Los Angeles, please,” Kyle tweeted.

Fans recently got a better look inside Kyle’s Bel-Air home, now that it is being sold for a whopping $7M.


Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by these wildfires. I hope the hardworking and dedicated firemen and women can get these fires under control before they cause even more damage.

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  • I just saw some of the footage of the fires. It’s at the 405, parts of which they’ve shut down, the main artery in LA. Now it’s threatening The Getty, which makes my heart race. I hope they have all of their employees moving those masterpieces, they can’t be lost!! I’m assuming Kyle’s place is close to The Getty, which is in Brentwood. Has Kyle and family moved out at this point or are they still occupying the house? Just saw this on the news, ????????????, this is the 405, pretty scary. Can’t imagine having to deal with fires.

  • Kryle left town in a nick of time. Is there a “Fire Curse” on RHBH cast members? In the final moments of Adrain’s marriage, her house was in the fire zone. She & Paul argued over leaving it. Shortly after Lisa left her S1 mansion, it burned.

    • Sadly it’s one of the dangers that people have to live with in that area ! Sad and heartbreaking.
      For us in SF, it’s the fear of that big earthquake that eveybody knows is going to happen someday , matter of when not if ???

      • In 1986, scientists predicted there would be a really big earthquake in the SF area within 20 years. In 1989, there was a 6.9 earthquake that hit SF. Maybe, that was considered, “The BIG ONE”?

              • You’re welcome. This season, the foliage wasn’t very good. Over the summer all the trees were attacked by “gypsy moths”. They chewed away at the young leaves, which destroyed the foliage of many trees.

                • Oh that’s unfortunate! Hopefully they trees will recover and no prolonged damage ! I know your in Mass and I want to see that but also dying to see Vermont, Maine and Rhode Island. Actually, as much as I can see ?

                  • Autumn is my favorite season thanks to the colorful display that occurs. Definitely come to the region to see it again.

                    • I will definitely come to the region again with my special someone and make it romantic . Good way to build memories ??

                    • Good for you!!! You & your “special someone” will enjoy the color show along the scenic roads! I highly recommend New Hampshire & Vermont. They have the highest mountains in N.E. Both states have a low key, calm vibe.

          • I was on the phone to someone in SF when the quake hit in 1989. Very spooky, I could hear the shaking, people were screaming and then the phone when dead. How did it affect you?

            • Omg !! How terrifying ! We were luckily in Wisconsin when the 1989 hit , visiting my hsuabnd’s family and as grateful as I was that my kids were safe with me, all I wanted to go was go back ASAP ! All natural disasters are aweful but earthquakes can make your heart stop . I don’t feel the little ones anymore , and people ask me at work the next day or call to check on us and I haven’t felt a thing . I’m grateful for that

              • Wow, that is lucky Rainygurl!! I know what you mean when you say you want to be home when disaster hits. I was out of the country when 9/11 happened and it really threw me for a loop. All I wanted to do was come home and watch the news.

          • I can handle hurricanes, blizzards and high winds. Earthquakes & wildfires (& tornadoes) are beyond my tolerance level.

      • I live on a faultline. They keep talking about when “the big one” will hit. If it does it will probably annihilate the area I live in. My mom lived in SF for a short time and she used to tell us about the tremors and it became so common place for her she just slept through the majority of them. I’ve been in one very minor quake/tremor. Scared the bejeebus out of me!!

    • Hiya Medusa???? wie geht es dir? Ich entschuldige mich dafür, dass ich nicht auf meinen lieben Freund geantwortet habe

        • ich bin froh das zu hören . Ich hoffe, dass Sie einen angenehmen Abend haben. Ich bin gerade aus dem Fitnessstudio zurückgekommen. Need to unwind and relax ????

  • Sad and tragic ! Have friends in Ventura who are at risk . Horrible year for California, we are not over the Napa fires from few months ago

    • I have family who is at risk from the Ventura fire too. Two of my coworkers are affected by the Creek fire, got the word of evacuations and had to bolt from work yesterday. This fire is scaring me because it can easily travel out to my area in no time, so I am on high alert today. Already packed up stuff last night, my car is full and the doggie is at the boarder in the daytime while I’m at work. Hoping and praying for resolution, but the winds are supposed to be even worse tomorrow, so I’m on edge.

      • Omg sweetheart that’s awful !!! I really hope they get this under control , I’m so sorry you and eveyone else is going through this . Our friends only moved there last year after selling their house in SF ! Oh sigh ! Sending you prayers and good thought xoxxo

          • I talked to them last night , and they were hanging in there . I don’t know that area very well so I don’t know exactly where they are . I pray for you and them and eveyone else !!

      • Vita, be strong. God bless, God speed. My thoughts and prayer for you and yours and all involved in this tragedy.

    • It IS terrible!!! California is vulnerable due to the dry, hot climate & the famous winds. Over here (in the Boston area), we barely get any news of what’s happening. It’s just a 30 second blip. There’s no word from the Orange Insane Clown of support & federal funding, is there? He’s too busy haunting NFL owners & causing havoc in the Middle East.

      • No word yet from the orange scrotum ! My new name for him when I visit Breibart and Drudge is Orange-utan! ?? of course most those dummies don’t grasp the reference but it gets the job done .
        Oh, he’s also busy supporting men who prey on teenage girls ! Family values indeed ????

        • That’s a good nick for him! I have a million. Yes, his current sleight of hand: is trying to fool his gullible fans that he’s not a perv on par with Moore.

          • Moore ???? who knows what else is hidden in that closet !! The tan was threatening a government shut down , because in his mind it’s a slow news day and he has nothing to do

            • He’s also provoking the radical islamic extremists by declaring Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. I’m not understanding why the US can make that distinction. It’s not our country.

        • Rainy, Combover Caligula would rather a child predator sit in congress than a Democrat, along with the majority of Alabamians. It makes me sick and scared for the next 3 years.

          • Combover Caligula ! ???? to hear that even church leaders are ok with voting for this guy , makes me just smh

  • It’s horrible. California is being devastated by wildfires this year. Please pray for us!!! A few years ago I lost my condo which I have as a rental property to a wildfire. I’ve lived here most of my life and have always lived in the foothills. Been thru many fires. This year has been particulary trying for us. Hyle’s area has already been put on alert to be ready to get out at any moment. Several homes have already burned in the area.

    • Californians are in my thoughts throughout this entire year of wildfires. I feel so bad for you guys 🙁

        • I know that every region has their own weather anomalies / disasters: NE has blizzards, SE has hurricanes, Midwest has tornadoes… However, CA has more than its fair share of them: wild fires, earthquakes, mudslides & drought all seem to prove that Life Is Not Fair!!!!

          • My niece said to me that the earth is angry right now with all the unrest in this world. She may have a point.

            • Hey, Chickpea!!! Well, something weird is going on… Right now, El Nina is in control. Maybe, that plays a role.