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Danielle Staub Shuts Down Teresa Giudice Cheating Rumors; Plus Opens Up Teresa’s Apology To Her Daughters!

Seven years ago the thought of Danielle Staub defending Teresa Giudice would be unfathomable to any Real Housewives of New Jersey fan but add a little time and a whole lot of namaste and boom their friendship is Standing Strong.

Nowadays Danielle has Teresa’s back pretty much all the time, so it’s not surprising that she’s defending Teresa against cheating allegations. “Sources” aka Kim D claim that Teresa is cheating on her husband Joe Giudice with a younger Italian stud. Meanwhile, Joe is currently serving a 41-month prison sentence.

However, Danielle tells Life & Style that Teresa is innocent and that those rumors are nothing but lies.

“As for those rumors, they are absolutely 100% NOT true,” Danielle explains.

Danielle moves on and opens up about her mended friendship with Teresa, who once called Danielle a “prostitution whore” before flipping a table.

According to Danielle, fans can expect to see an apology, from Teresa over her infamous comment, on RHONJ very soon.

“In the upcoming episode you will get your answers to that as you have already seen a few highlights with my daughter [Christine], involving that,” Danielle said. “You will see later in the season when we go to Milan. Teresa and I had a beautiful experience where hundreds of pigeons surrounded us, and it was beautiful as we were both able to relate that to the passing of our mothers.

To wrap, Danielle says she has no regrets about returning to RHONJ, even if it’s only part-time.

“It’s actually like I never left except when I opened the door to walk through, I actually like everyone in the room,” she added. “I can deal with one or two people not like me, but when it was the whole cast, I couldn’t navigate it.”

It’s great that Danielle and Tre have squashed their beef and I’m curious to see their friendship evolve.  I’m so excited for tonight’s RHONJ – Make sure you join me on Twitter at 9 pm!

Are you interest to see Teresa’s apology? Are you surprised Danielle and Teresa are friends? Should Danielle be full-time for season 9?

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  • I honestly don’t think Teresa should apologize , again . Obviously she did already or DS wouldn’t be there . DS needs needs to apologize to her kids , if anything .

    • I seriously think that “I need an apology” thing is scripted because how long is a piece of string in terms of Danielle’s daughters being hurt by the show. They were put in many bad situations, and the person in charge of that was Danielle. In terms of being teased at school. there were explicit pics of Danielle all over the Internet, just to cap off things they could be teased about. I don’t mind Danielle at all, and do think she was treated cruelly previously, but it is hardly as if Teresa bears sole responsibility for her daughters being teased and humiliated.

      • Exactly !!! It’s been YEARS and clearly those girls have moved on and lived life , had success through school . Their Mother still has an issue which at this point , it’s weird . And you are correct about all things Danielle ; she herself out herself in many a situation that had nothing to do with anyone on the show ( all her past bad behaviors and troubles ) not to mention what she did and said on the show ! I think stripping lessons with Kim G was pretty damn cringeworthy lol

  • Wow I was not surprised at the retreat Teresa did not apologize to Danielle that alone was very telling. . Teresa never own anything as far as Danielle kids it is just for her fans,see how wonderful and sweet Teresa is ,she is not sorry at all.Danielle was bullied plain and simple .Danielle may be lurking for pay back who is to say her and Kim D aren’t working togetherv to take Teresa down.

    • She already did and it was reported here like a year ago maybe? So she just wants to play around and milk her tv time IMO. The day they did yoga prior to airing was apology day I believe

  • Lara to answer your questions with my opinions…

    It’s nice that T apologized but IMO she didn’t have to. T was not responsible for D’s girls staying in the table flip room, they were given the option to leave. Danielle, their mother, said they could stay.

    Not surprised T & D are “friends”. D, the player, always knows which side her bread is buttered on, and T is forgiving.

    Yes, D should be full time. It almost seems like she was this season.

  • Teresa should not apologize. Ridiculous. Danielle should apologize to her own daughters for being filmed naked, on a toilet, talking about drugs. SeriouslY?

  • I don’t think their friendship is gonna last. I always thought Danielle was a shady person. And I think she will one day betray Teresa.

    • Good morning Srl83

      ditto for me – I am also waiting for this “tea” she said she had..for the last 4 years …about M and others!

      • Good morning Hun! And I’m also waiting on that hot tea. I’m not a Danielle fan. I feel like she crossed lines that should never be crossed. Family is always off limits. And I’m also not feeling Melissa this season either. Melissa is very self absorbed. If it isn’t about her then, she could care less.

        • yup, again ditto

          don’t trust M
          don’t trust Danielle

          Teresa has forgiven M, various times, and this is the first attempt with Danielle and I’m glad last episode Teresa made it clear “you (M) are going to the fashion show and you will have my back”..zero grey area!

          I laughed when M almost jumped off her chair, when Mags invited M to milan! ???

          • Lol… yes. Melissa’s mouth hit the floor. I think Kim D scares Melissa. Maybe she has something on her, just like Danielle. The only reason Melissa is friends with Danielle is due to her not wanting Danielle to out her dirty little secrets.

      • Yeah really … She wants TG to apologize again for something years old but can’t even open her secret box she’s been using as bargaining chip last few years? Annoying .

  • ok..so when Danielle asked Teresa to apologize to her daughter’s – I though” Teresa is so awesome to do this for the girls”

    and then….

    many people on this site reminded me that, Danielle had an opportunity to remove her daughters and Danielle chose to keep them in the room! Danielle should be apologizing to her girls.

    and Teresa is still awesome to do this!


    • Danielle kept the kids there as protection because she assumed no one would attack her with kids around. The table flip wasn’t a physical attack but I think Teresa felt bad about calling Danielle a prostitution whore in front of the kids. The fact that the kids witnessed that is on Danielle but that was nice of Teresa to apologize.

      • Good afternoon mich!

        if you guys hadn’t reminded me of why Teresa didn’t have to apologize, I never would have remembered!

        so…you read for Mags second rumble tonite?