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AllAboutTRH Poll: Should Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania Have Backed Out of Kim D’s Fashion Show? Plus Danielle Staub Weighs In

Tonight’s episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey is the infamous and much talked about Posche Fashion Show.

While many of the details about the fashion show drama are already known thanks to our RHONJ spies there’s still so much more we will learn tonight.

In fact, our sources tell us that tonight’s episode is “best episode of the season” and “is a MUST watch.” Adding that the “drama is unbelievable” and “causes a major division within the cast.”

If you missed any of our exclusives about the Posche Fashion Show, or simply want a refresh check them out here and here and here.

One MAJOR bone of contention about the Posche Fashion Show is that Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania continued to support Kim D and walked in the show despite all the shit Kim was spreading about their good friend Teresa Giudice. As we all know Kim D has been spreading rumors about Teresa Giudice’s marriage; claiming that Teresa is cheating on Joe.

Check out this clip from last week’s RHONJ when Kim D tells Siggy and Dolores about Teresa “rekindling old flames.”

Meanwhile, Teresa and the rest of the RHONJ cast think that Siggy and Dolores should have backed out of the fashion show after they heard the garbage Kim D was spewing about Teresa, and her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga.

However, Dolores and Siggy stood their ground and said they weren’t backing out of Kim D’s fashion show because it was for a good cause.

Check out the clip below for more details!

So, the question is should Siggy and Dolores have backed out of Kim’s fashion show?

Well, Danielle Staub says yes telling TooFab.com,“I was in shock! Complete shock. That they just bring it up so matter of fact that they’re walking in the fashion show. It felt like they were intentionally using their platform to hurt Teresa and Melissa [Gorga].”

Do you agree? Take our AllAboutTRH poll and let us know!


Sound off in the comments and tell us what you think! Are you excited about tonight’s episode of RHONJ?

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  • I don’t understand this at all. She’s on probation and the only parent her kids have who have been through the ringer. She’s emotional with everything going on. WHY the heck would it be worth confronting someone you and everyone else already knows is a lying gossip, and risk your family’s well-being? WHY would “friends” NOT try to stop her from doing that? Come on! Whether it’s a friend or a tabloid you can’t yell away gossip. She’s grieving, dealing with her post-prison life, and supporting her husband and kids – wouldn’t real friends downplay the nonsense instead of backing her up when she risks everything for something stupid? Those friends may support you, but maybe get friends who’ll talk you out of going to jail instead of those who’ll stupidly help you get there! Not here for this at all…skipped the end of the show after that nonsense.

  • No! Dolores’s storyline is SO fake I just want to scream.
    So was sthat whole Fashion Show fight. Oh yeah Teresa is SO tough still throwing a wine glass woooo & threatening “pull” Kim D’s fake hair. Oh Brother. Scripted stupid, scripted stupid.

  • They definitely should have walked out with Tre and gang. Siggy and Dolores are constantly spewing they have Tre’s back, what a load of crap! They go where the wind blows and have no loyalty. You can be friends with people who don’t get along, but when one talks evil smack about other people’s families, then that goes out the window. How can you say you’re loyal if you support the evil one’s event, even if it was for charity? I would kick them both to the curb if I were Tre. And for Dolores getting all Jersey thuggish in Melissa’s face — I would have smack those overblown lips right off her if it were me! What a piece of trash Dolores has turned out to be. And Siggy is useless as well. I loved them so much last season, this season they need to go to the Kim G graveyard.

  • They should just make Kim D a full time housewife. THAT would be interesting. Highly doubt TreApe has a boyfriend. She has WAY too much baggage and is a felon. She may be going out a lot though. Even her own kid says she’s never home and she uses her dad as a babysitter. Selfish as always.

  • I guess your sources were wrong. Not a whole lot of drama and the little rift was soon cleared up.

  • O/T Just read in the NY Post that rumors are swirling Vicki and Tamra may not be returning to RHOC!

  • Guys, I’m all about Teresa, she is the heart and soul of this show – really, I could watch just Tre and her family, no need for others as they’re all extras anyway – and while I’m glad she has someone in her corner… Danielle worries me.

    She cannot be trusted or relied on. Their “friendship”, alliance or whatever, her supposed loyalty to Teresa, is desperate and contrived. She is DANGEROUS. The moment she’s fired, or is less than happy with Teresa, we’ve all seen what she can do, what she does. I predict this is going to blow up on Teresa’s face one day, and Tre & fam have been hurt more than enough. I do not want to see that. And I will never support it, however convenient this may be at present.

    I don’t like Siggy and Dolores more than anyone (can’t stand Siggy, actually – fake AF), but they’re not horrible people. And doing yoga does’t change one’s character. That woman is unstable and can be *relentlessly* vicious. Just please, proceed with motherf**king caution…

  • Even my hubby who only watches when I take over the TV said WTF who are these women. They should have just wrote a check and left. I don’t trust them at all

  • holy crap!

    Soggy’s pellets in her butt became balls!

    She slams Teresa
    She stands by when KimD trashes Teresa at the fashion show

    tells Teresa she wants to go to Milan!!!!!!!!!!!!

    wow uber bitch move…I am in shock over this episode

    Margs brought it and stood up for Teresa! holy shit! whf..and wth?

    • Not only does she stand by when people go after Teresa, she smirks at what they’re saying to her. Dull is not her friend, she’s a Manzo/Laurita soldier.

  • Putting here ! Why the HELL did Siggy run over to Kim D when Tre came talking? Why are her and Dolo ( of 20 something years) silently standing with Kim?! Wow. They don’t deserve anymore of Teresa’s airtime . Eff a fake friend (s). Then on top of that , they says nothing to defend Tre

    • Hey Mich. Sog and Dull are assholes. Didn’t see Soggy blubbering her eyes out over a serious altercation at the fashion show. Yet she goes bat shit crazy, sobbing over a fun birthday party cake toss.

      Soggy certainly tried to cover her ass with the visit to T, AFTER THE FACT. And the luncheon, AFTER THE FACT, with Sog, Dull and Muscle Meatheads “sage” advise on how they SHOULD HAVE handled the situation. To late, and more bull shit.

      • Yep . So frustrating . And wtf are those weird faces Dullo is putting out ? Then charging in Memes face? Little things set her and sanctimonious Sog off the rails but shit they should stand up for , they’re silent and standing next to the crumb snatchers ?

  • LOL! Team Dull and Zig Zag on this one. They did defend Tre against KimD. Funny how when rumors were flying about Ms Marco she had no friends to defend her. I’ve been called a wh*re….yeah cause you were! hahaha!!

  • Good cause excuse huh? BS. They typically hang with trouble making lying thugs in cocktail dresses and they need their own attention . If they stood for one tiny piece of integrity they preach about, they would not have even thought one second of being in Kim’s ” show” . They suck .

  • Ok, so are the Ho’s bags walking in it or not ?? It should be a good watch either way- cant wAIT lol

    • Sorry about the one word comment. My tablet freezes up on me when I leave comments on the allabouttrh site but works perfectly fine on the disqus site!

      ANYWAY….Kim D. is scum and so are Siggy and Dolores for using their so-called platform for a storyline! It would not be so bad but Kim D. was exploiting a young, brutally murdered man’s families grief for camera time! That just disgusts me! Can you imagine that poor man’s new born child watching this episode when he/she gets older? That benefit was held in his/her honor. Bravo really is a deplorable network for doing this. It doesn’t shock me, though. Look what they did to Russell Armstrong (RIP).

  • Siggy is very suspect, we just lived through her $1000 cake that she ‘gave’ to Melissa, and this was magically next. How many stunts is Siggy going to do this season? ???

  • Unless they showed up with dragonglass to take out the Wight Walker that is Kim D, they had no reason to be there but to advance their own agenda which is hanging on to the RH gig.

  • Of course these two dolts, Sog and Dull, should NOT have walked in the fashion show. There was no point to it except to cause trouble and get camera time = story line = which neither one of them have, and to give Kim D a platform. All three, Sog, Dull, and Kim disgust me.

  • Not sure how to word this..here goes

    Soggy and Dull are doing a favor for the family of the murdered sons….end of involvement. I believe these two could achieve their
    “helping” this family either by donating or booking actual NJ celebs to show up that would draw a crowd, which would mean more donations.

    No way is their involvement drawing a crowd..if the hadid sisters were walking in this show..now ..that would get media coverage and more dontations for the family – Dull and Soggy don’t have that pull.

    So yes in this instance, Dull and Soggy could have just said (to the family) if you need help, let me know and I will do as much as I can….thugette KimD has her own models that do her shows…she could easily have replaced Soggy and Dull..no way in this universe are they irreplaceable!

    best line last episode for me…”Charlie’s f$%^ing Angles + one!!”

  • danielle staub should not be asked back..she is desperate for a story line and making shit up to get one. and she is looking haggard. she def makes theresa and melissa look BAD and trashy

    • Danielle is making the season honestly. Her and Teresa always have been the most polarizing of all the cast. Whether you love them or hate them they are relevant.

      Melissa doesn’t need help looking bad or trashy. She needs help looking less desperate to me