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It’s Official – Shannon Beador Files for Divorce From Husband David Beador!

Source: Bravo

For anyone that hoped the Beador separation would lead to a reconciliation, we have some bad news for you.

Shannon Beador has officially filed for divorce from her husband David, after 17 years of marriage.

The two have had their share of ups and downs which fans of the OC saw on a regular basis. In the few years that Shannon has been on the show, we saw the affair, the vowel renewal and most recently Shannon’s weight gain which impacted her marriage (she had claimed that David had no desire to have sex with her.)

After all of the ups and downs, reports are saying that Shannon has officially filed for divorce in the O.C. Superior Court on Friday, December 1, more than one month after announcing their split.

At the time of their initial separation, Shannon released the following statement:

“After much thought and careful consideration, David and I have made the difficult decision to separate. We remain partners in parenthood and are committed to raising our three daughters. This is not the future we envisioned, and we kindly ask for privacy, especially for our children, during this transitional time.”

The two share three daughters together: Sophie, 15, and twins Stella and Adeline, 12.

Although Shannon had stated that this is not where she wants to be, many think this divorce is for the best. An insider close to Shannon spoke out to E! News stating that:

“This has been a miserable marriage for Shannon for a very long time. David wanted out. Shannon couldn’t take it any longer and has decided that this is best for the kids and her health.”

I will say as a viewer their marriage was painful to watch. I think Shannon did everything she could to keep her family together; however it was clear that David had a wandering eye and was checked out of their marriage. I think that Shannon should take this time to find herself and be the best version of ‘Shannon’ that she can be. I’d love to see a single, successful (and happy) Shannon next season on RHOC.

Thoughts on Shannon and David’s divorce? Did you hope that the two would work it out?

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  • I hope for the sake of the girls , that David will be a present and caring father . Regardless of what happened with Shannon, those girls are first and foremost on the list!

    Power through Shannon, we love you ????

  • Shannon, is true to her beliefs and her family and that includes her life time spouse. Full disclosure is her template and honesty is the outcome. She has done as much as she could possibly do for her relationship and like Shannon said..she can’t do his part too.

    I’m sure Shannon thought about her children and the impact on both scenarios

    – staying married til they become “of age”
    – showing daughters how to work on a relationship from begining to end

    When Shannon made her disclosure, I never felt there was any percentage of a chance that she would change her mind – that type of
    decision would torture her children. I knew that when she disclosed her new home, and their first holiday without David…that confirmed that she is going to complete this and teach herself how to survive and teach herself how to be the supportive/encouraging mom she has always been for the pre-teens.

    I believed the vow renewal and I believe both Shannon and David that time. Things end and I am glad this is not a dirt

  • 1) It’s “vow renewal”; not “vowel renewal”.
    2) When a slim Shannag first started on the show, her main complaint was that David wouldn’t touch her. Obviously, her weight gain wasn’t the issue. He didn’t find her appealing based on more than one factor. Perhaps when she scolded him for ruining his appetite before she served her magnificent meal of plain boiled chicken and quinoa did it?
    3) Apparently, Shannon finally realized that “divorce IS an option”.
    4) It’s odd that this is the time that Shannon requests “privacy for children”. She didn’t mind nosy viewers delving into her business when she broke the details of “The AFFAIR” (including the woman’s husband & daughter’s names). She even stated that her girls LOVE the notoriety & being involved on the show. Hmmmmm

    All that being said, I have grown to not hate Shannon. She held her ground with Shrieki, the cancer con woman!!!! AND – I’ll bet that Shannon’s divorce will be finalized with less fuss & malice and more quickly than BFrankelstein’s. LOL

    • Well said MIss Medusa!! I think the “talk” Shannon had with her mother helped her finally see the light concerning divorce along with her weight/health/reality issues.. Shannon does what a lot of women do, put their heads in the sand to avoid facing what’s in front of them, the inevitable. Whether it be divorce, losing weight, becoming healthy etc…. and the most important thing of all…..putting themselves first and foremost.

      • Thanks, FiddleDeeDee!!! Shannon’s mother should join RHOC. That show could use a mature woman who possesses common sense.

        • I love that idea ???. Like Fiddles said before . I would love for Shannon to come into her own and have an amazing life .. I don’t want the drama of her pining for David or being a martyr !! Time to stand tall and live her best life ????

        • Wouldn’t it be great. Get a few older women like her, Beverly Sassoon and others to really show these idiots what’s important in life.

          • Yes, it would be great. Beverly Sassoon was far more interesting than her vacant, doe-eyed daughter, Eden.

  • Good for Shannon. David was awful to her on camera. I can only imagine how bad it was when the cameras were off. It’s just unfortunate that their daughters have that recorded now forever. And kudos to Shannon for keeping up family dinners and other traditions. It can’t be easy, but I’m sure it’s a smoother transition for their daughters.

    I know people want to see dating Shannon next season. I don’t. I’d like her to settle into not having a partner before she starts dating.

    • ITA Swizzle, I don’t want to see Shannon dating next season, especially since she seems so raw with emotion. I have liked her honesty, and if she doesn’t want to date, then let her be her true self.