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Kandi Burruss Fights Back At Fans Who Say She Needs to Forgive and Forget the Porsha Williams Drama

Ever since last season, things between Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams have never been the same. While Kandi and Porsha have remained cordial, they aren’t as close as they used to be.

The drama between Kandi and Porsha started during season 9 when Porsha brought up nasty rumors about Kandi. Ultimately, the drama came to a head at the reunion when Porsha discovered the rumors were untrue and that she was lied to by her good friend Phaedra Parks.

But now that it’s a new season of drama and some fans think Kandi needs to move on from her drama with Porsha. However, Kandi isn’t ready to forgive and forget and opened up about it to fans on Instagram

Kandi took to Instagram and shared one fan’s comment about her opinion on Kandi and Porsha’s relationship; saying that just because Kandi doesn’t want to be friends with Porsha doesn’t mean she hasn’t forgiven her.

“I normally don’t post people’s comments, but @grammarci really explained how I feel. For those who watch #RHOA & say I should just get over the false accusations that Porsha said about me last year need to leave me alone. You can’t just falsely accuse someone of trying to drug you & take advantage of you on camera with the intent of defaming them & think it’s just gonna be ok a month later,” Kandi explains.

Adding, that fans need to “stop putting a timeline on when I’m supposed to forgive & forget.”

I normally don’t post people’s comments but @grammarci really explained how I feel. For those who watch #RHOA & say I should just get over the false accusations that Porsha said about me last year need to leave me alone. You can’t just falsely accuse someone of trying to drug you & take advantage of you on camera with the intent of defaming them & think it’s just gonna be ok a month later. I’m still dealing with trolls who have taken what she said & run with it even though the truth came out that it was a lie. Swipe left to see the other comment from a troll putting #kandiakabillcosby under my post about Xscape when we were kids! That post has nothing to do with Porsha or RHOA… Trolls randomly started putting that hashtag under my post when they first aired the lie that Porsha said. I normally try to block delete the comment but I figure maybe some of you need to see it. This is my REAL life not my REEL life like @grammarci said. If the truth wouldn’t have came out some of y’all would’ve been putting me in the box with some of those predators that are being put on blast right now. All because her ass was spreading lies about me on national tv. So stop putting a timeline on when I’m suppose to forgive & forget….

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Meanwhile, Porsha is more optimistic about her friendship with Kandi telling The Daily Dish in November,“I came into this season just wanting to move forward, of course. I had already apologized at the moment when everything was kind of revealed [at last season’s reunion]. And then I came into this season wanting to make sure she really knew it again sincerely from me. So I just came with the spirit of let’s move on. I didn’t want to pressure her into anything. I’m from the South, so if I see you, I’m just going to hug you, and then also move back and give her space. That was my thing.”

I think people need to chill and give Kandi time. I don’t think I would just be able to forgive and forget if someone said such terrible things about me. Kandi and Porsha will find a way to co-exist on RHOA one way or another.

Should Kandi forgive and forget? Is Kandi too hard on Porsha? Does Kandi need to “get over” her drama with Porsha?

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  • Oh for gawd sake!! It was Phaedra who told that whole lie to Porsha. Kandi.. quit clutching your pearls and go back to selling your sex toys. Kandi sounds so bitter lately…maybe because she was dropped by her singing group??

    • If this was simply a morals issue, I’d totally agree with you. But this was a criminal issue. I’d be hard pressed to jist let it go.

      • Trust me. I have been there! My then ex best friend called cops on me and made up stories about me. I got arrested and I missed my Christmas with my family for the first time. I was dragged into a court but my case got mistrial. But my reputation was damaged and scarred forever in the society. The incident was in 2007 but I’m little angry about what happened. I had to learn how to let it go. Angry feeling really sucked me in a negative place. I had to think positive and aware that I have a great family and friends around me. That’s keeping me going. Omg, I couldn’t believe I shared my story here. I felt good sharing with my story.

  • I totally get Kandi’s point, this was huge. Those were serious accusations for Porsha to make. And doesn’t Porsha claim to have a religious side? You’d never know it by how callous she was to Kandi.

  • I do believe in forgiving but if anyone hurts me seriously that will cause my mentality, emotionity and of course, reputation. It’s all about coping and a time. No timeline for me and Kandi, period!

  • Are you serious? When Porsha claimed that Kandi tried to drug and rape her, that was not a “rumor”! That was a malicious lie made up by Porsha herself! I cannot believe you would spin this as a rumor, minimizing the gravity of Porsha’s disgusting lies and behavior!