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RHOA Recap – Petty Party!

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It’s Atlanta recap time y’all!

I admit that this hasn’t been my favorite season in the ATL but things seemed to be picking up this week. We begin, still at NeNe’s party, and are in the middle the Kenya/Kim’s fight. Kim goes off on Kenya for mentioning her daughter; however it was Kim that offered her daughter for John Legend tickets. #DelusionalByBravo.

Kim goes after Kenya, adding some collateral damage in the meantime in the form of drinks and a table. Shereé and Kroy manage to get Kim out, and Kenya does what Kenya does best: call people out on their craziness. Cynthia listens to Kenya’s and appears to have her back. Shereé and Kim head over to Porsha’s house and Porsha’s assistant pours out drinks so that the ladies can talk about Cynthia.

Kandi then gets some screen time as she visits the studio with Ace. Despite her complaints of how hard it is to be away from her son, she accepts an invitation from Shereé for a trip to the city by the Bay – Good ol’ San Fran! Shereé is in charge of the guest list and is inviting Kenya and Kim (because without them we may not get enough drama.)

Cynthia and her daughter go to a cupcake soiree and Noelle discusses moving to Charlotte to be with her boyfriend. Cynthia talks about Will with her and seems pretty excited about where it’s heading. Will, let’s admit,is a huge step up from Peter – but then again, who wouldn’t be??

NeNe is at home with her hubby and states she is worried about him but then reveals that she is going on a trip. Between Kandi and NeNe I think the theme of this episode is revealing how hard it is to be away from your baby or husband then immediately going on a trip. I’m not judging here – just pointing out the obvious!

Over with Kenya, we see her dealing with the death of her grandmother, who basically acted as her mother and raised her. I really do feel for Kenya. Kenya certainly has not had an easy life and losing her grandmother must be extremely difficult. Cynthia comes over to bring her flowers which is sweet. There is also drama regarding the funeral, as Kenya’s husband is in New York and from what Kenya makes it sound like, doesn’t want to go to the funeral. All in all this part seemed strange to me….

We then get the obligatory “packing montage” which Bravo producers do for every housewives trip. Part of this includes Porsha informing us that she doesn’t eat “ugly food.” Basically Porsha just pulled a Porsha..

Marlo goes over to NeNe’s house while NeNe is packing and the two devise a plan so that Marlo can go on the trip. Apparently Marlo has to go to California to buy a car. Hm..yeah..okay. At this point I think a Bravo producer should just appear on camera saying Marlo needs to go to add to the story line. I mean that would make more sense to me than the whole ‘car’ thing.

Housewives being housewives, everyone ends up being late to the airport and of course everyone has over packed. Kim ends up not coming on the trip. Apparently none of the ladies knew that San Francisco gets cold as it’s right by the water (hence the name ‘city by the Bay.’) Apparently our southern peaches aren’t used to the San Francisco climate. I think they were thinking they were going to southern CA….

The ladies decide to play a little game, revealing how long it’s been since they’ve had sex. Shereé reveals that she’s reconnected with Tyrone and that he is in jail. Thanks for the update Sheree! Sheree reveals that they are in love so you know we will be hearing more of this later.

Shereé has setup a rooftop dinner and is hoping that everyone can just enjoy it instead of arguing. Good luck with that girl! No sooner than the ladies arrive than NeNe and Porsha get into a huge fight. The fight is hard to follow as neither is giving the other a chance to talk. Apparently NeNe is angry at Porsha because she was the only one who had Porsha’s back when she first came on the show. Porsha is upset because she’s Porsha and has anger issues. We end with the two ‘ladies’ screaming ‘eff you’ to each other. Well that’s just lovely!

Until next week Atlanta fans!

Thoughts on this episode?

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  • I definitely think more time needs to be given to Moore tales.

    So, we’re supposed to believe that this soulmate she met and married within the same year is either a chef or outright owns a New York restaurant. And we’re also supposed to believe this same restaurateur doesn’t want the publicity for his restaurant so he won’t be seen anywhere with her. Because it’s perfectly believable that he would eschew this guaranteed, line-out-the-door proposition to increase his eatery’s word-of-mouth (who knows, maybe the food is good) because he’s a private person. Yeahhhh, surrrre.

    But then again, a little more than a year ago I could never have imagined Trump in the White House. Even as a guest it was too barbarians at the gate.

    But, I digress. Back to Moore melodrama. So, now, her grandmother dies. HER GRANDMOTHER who she says raised her. The only person aside from Aunt Lori that Kenya allows showed her any semblance of maternal interest/love. Yet this “soulmate,” this, “Baby” won’t go to his newly wedded wife’s grandmother’s funeral? Isn’t this one of the reasons one seeks having a significant other? Because they are there to share your life? You know, the better, the worse, the in-sickness and in-health, the, you know, the vicissitudes of life. If he’s not ‘there’ now what are things going to look like at the back end. And we know Kenya always takes the back end of any gig into consideration.

    This story stinks so bad if it were food you’d have to be starving to even take a bite let alone swallow it.

      • Hi, babe! I’ve been about. You just gotta know where (and when) to look.

        Love and happiness to you and yours this holiday season!

        I hear Tabatha Coffey’s coming back. You love her as much as I do?

        I’d love to see her and Married to Medicine recapped here.

        • Yesssss! I’ll be certain to look in more than one spot…….have a great one. I did miss you, though

        • Will she be doing the same type of show? M2M, ugh. I watch it, but ugh! Talk about ugly , entitled, ungrateful women! Please…

          • They’re all that and more. I mean would you go to a doctor/dentist that would do a show like that? I know I wouldn’t. I find it all fascinating sociologically.

    • Speaking of swallowing it: I just think Kenya needs to ‘accidentally’ leak some pictures of this man’s penis already, say she was hacked… or something, IDK. Do your thing Kenya, spice it up, girl. This marriage has been a little disappointing thus far. I almost miss Peter.

  • Highlights of this ep:
    – Nene: – “…kids are off-limits, but you can’t be posting stuff about your own child sucking d**k and then be mad at somebody else saying she sucked a d**k. Honey, the music ain’t that great. I listened to that on the iPod.“

    – Porsha: “You can’t talk about someone’s injured son AND YOUR HO DAUGHTER…” ???

    – Marlo fixing Nene’s bun while she argued with Porsha.

    • Hahaha, and was it Poorsha that Cynthia loved to wear beach attire during the day, then showed her with yet another certain? LOL!! Problems again…

    • I really dislike Porsha but when she said “ho daughter” and the awkward silence that ensued … I died! Of course she is too stupid to realise how shady she was being by accident.

      I can’t believe how jealous Nene is and cannot share friends. Is she that needy?