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Lisa Vanderpump Adopts A New Pet!

Puppy love!

Lisa Vanderpump is mending her broken heart by adding a new addition to her furry family.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star announced on Instagram that she and Ken adopted an adorable dog named Binky.

Welcome to the family Binky! An owner surrender to @vanderpumpdogs and now in your new forever home with us ?

A post shared by Lisa Vanderpump (@lisavanderpump) on

This comes less than three months after Lisa and Ken lost two of their beloved dogs in a two-week span.

Binky will for sure make his Bravo debut soon and will be loving his life on reality TV. At this point, I’d be willing to be adopted by Lisa and Ken anyway. For reals, their dogs live better lives than most humans. I’m so happy for Lisa and Ken their love for animals is such a beautiful thing. I’m sure Binky will love his new luxurious life at Villa Rose.

Are you surprised Lisa adopted a new dog so soon?

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  • Binky is very lucky to be part of the VanderFabulous Home for little wanderers. What a cute pup he is!!!!

        • Good morning cutie ?????
          Oh yes I watched for sure !!! It was a good episode , sad better than most HW episodes , right ? ??

          My thoughts will come slowly but here we go!! I hate Stassi , she’s dead to me and can’t stand to see her sucking up to Katie ! Did this bitch actually go ok their honeymoon?? WEIRD!!!

          I’m sorry but the Tom ‘fight’ with LVP seemsed a bit contrived to me ! I just didn’t buy it but it was a good SL

          Tequila Katie is still a mega twat!! She conveniently forgot that she brutally attacked Shaena all last year and now she’s whining about how they’re not friends anymore ???

          James is back to drinking ??!! Oh ok ??

          Ariana looks thin and her face is ‘contoured ‘ she looks gorgeous in that hairstyle but she definitely did something

          Scheanas bf is cute and yes he looks hung! I can tell , always and that gift ??. She looks happy and well fu**ed!

          But of course my Schwartzy made my night ?????????? why is he with that witch ?? Ah well !

          Not sure that slimy Faith is telling the truth, again seems like a fake made up SL

          Your thoughts ??

          • I’m with you about Stassi. After her podcast there will be nothing short of her cutting off a limb to show she is serious about understanding how wrong she was about the things she said. Stassi has always been about herself and it will never change. Her mother is the exact same way and she learned well.

            Not too sure about the fight. I have to say, I would be annoyed too if I was asked to invest $100,000 into a business, I would have some things to say as well. What really annoyed me was Tom and Ariana being on their high horse about Ken and LVP “eavesdropping” in on their conversation. What were they suppose to do, put their fingers in the ears and start singing lalalalalalala, I can’t hear you. I find them immature at times, Tom and Ariana. I think Ariana might annoy me this season. She’s usually lowkey but she seems to be playing the game, primping and preening. We shall see…

            I can’t believe I’m going to say this but…….Katie shocked me last night. I expected her to go full on Hulk when Tom decided to go to Scheana’s party. Normally she would have stormed around, gotten drunk, picked a fight but she was so calm. Is she on meds or stoned? I like her TH look. The coral color is very pretty on her. We’ll see how long she can behave. LOL

            I don’t think James ever stopped drinking and his buddy, the ghey guy, is in lurrrve with him!! I also think James is bi.

            LOL Scheana’s bf looks hung. I need to go back and look!!!

            Ugh, Tom 2. Still can’t stand him and what’s up with his TH look, his hair!!! It looks like rats live in it.

            Not too sure about the Faith drama, seems kind of made up to me, but all in all, I enjoyed the episode. VPR is off to a good start imo!

            • Yesss!!! Off to a good start

              I agree with you about the silliness of ‘eavesdropping ‘! It’s a reality show and you’re saying it on camera so the whole world would know anyways ? that’s why it kinda reeked of production driven plot . It’s perfectly ok to have concerns and I’m sure LVP would be more than happy to address them

              I read that Katie is coming into this season looking for redemption, so this was part of her fake act ! You’re right, NO WAY she wouldn’t have shrieked at Tom for going to that party. But she’s trying hard to pretend to be someone else ???. I doubt she and Tom are sexual at all , they look like roommates to me , who have finally learnt to get along

              I’m gonna say this and take cover ? but I seriously do believe that Jax cares for Brittany in his own dysfunctional screwed up way. He’s never going to be a model bf but I do believe that’s as sincere as he’s capable of being with a woman

              Did you see the LaLa thread ? Man ! That bf of hers is fugly !! At least find a hot rich daddy ?

              Scheana STILL has blown up huge pics of herself all over her house ???

              Luv u gurl

              • I agree and also think Jax has real feelings for Brittany. The problem is, his dick also has real feelings for anything female. Brittany is insane to believe otherwise but that’s her battle, not mine. :

                I like Lala, for the most part but I don’t get what she see’s in this guy other than a cash machine and entree into Hollyweird.

                Interesting about Katie, I doubt she will be able to keep it up if it’s all an act. I’m still skeeved out they brought Stassi along on their honeymoon. It would cement your theory, which I agree with, they have no sexual chemistry and most likely are not having sex. Did you catch when Tom said he’s scared of Katie? No bueno.