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Are the Ladies of RHOC Refusing to Film with Peggy Sulahian?

Source Bravo

It’s safe to say that the new girl Peggy Sulahian didn’t exactly gel with her fellow costars of the OC. Peggy came off as confusing, thin skinned and only got along with not so fan favorites Lydia and Vicki.

Reports are now saying that none of the ladies want to work with Peggy and Bravo is thinking of firing her. I actually was okay with Peggy until she played dumb of not knowing about David’s affair when asking Shannon “Has your husband ever lied to you in the past?” Between that and taping Meghan’s baby crying she lost me as a viewer.

Apparently I’m not the only one that felt this way as the other ladies of the OC don’t want her back which Bravo is agreeing with. Rumors are swirling that Peggy is out for next year with a network insider saying: “None of the ladies wanted to work with her anymore. After the reunion they were just done with her.”

Personally I don’t think Peggy added anything to the reunion. She barely spoke, had no major story line and seemed to be confused as to why people didn’t understand her. Simply put: “She didn’t bring anything to the table” the network insider states.

The other ladies have more of a chemistry and with them sticking together of not wanting Peggy back, it would just make sense for Bravo and Peggy to part ways. The source goes on to state that “The other women cannot stand Peggy. She has started so many fights with the ladies that were absolutely outrageous and unnecessary.”

Although Bravo isn’t interested in having Peggy for a second season the feeling may be mutual as Peggy wasn’t exactly thrilled about being part of the series anyways. I think the OC, being the longest franchise, has a lot going for it but they need to work on casting. This cast didn’t work in my opinion and if they want to keep it going they need to have more natural friendships vs. these forced bonds/alliances.

Thoughts on this season’s cast? Do you want to see Peggy return?

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  • Sadie

    OK So I get the dislike for Peggy, I really do BUT this is another case of the new girl not getting a chance. Let’s think back to all the new girls – Kelly, Shannon, Lydia, Gretchen and who knows who else but if you notice Tamrat especially hates every single newbie that comes around as well as some of the others. But I do find Tamrat to be the most critical and down right mean to any newbie. I just think one more Season with Peggy might not have been the worst idea. I think she now knows what to expect now and she knows what the viewers really dislike about her. By next Season I can almost bet on the fact that we would see a completely different Peggy but apparently Andy’s BOSS Tamrat said no and he listened like a little bitch. Not for anything I’d rather have Peggy than Shannon any day of the week due to the fact that my ears bleed every time she speaks. And then ther’s the alcoholic Kelly who is foul, nasty and vile. Then we have Meghan, OH Meghan can you Bitch about how hard it is to be a Mother with only one Child, A Nanny, A Housekeeper and most likely a part time chef, cry me a freaking river and now your going to torment us and constantly complain about how hard it is to have 2 kids under the age of 2, God Shoot ME! Then there’s Vickie with the bottomless love tank, liar, scammer and just a big bore at this point. And then even though she’s been begged to no end Tamrat will continue to speak about her non relationship with her daughter and lay on the multiple hours of FAKE ass tears.

    So buckle up everybody, next Seasons topics will be all about DIVORCE, My Kid Hates Me and a How Hard A New Baby Is! God help us all!

  • Cin

    The whole bunch needs to go… clean slate….. start over Bravo. The biggy would be – fire all of them except Peggy. lmao..

  • luvmyfrenchie

    Good Riddance!

  • Pookiebear986

    Maybe Diko can explain what “fired” means ???

  • rhfan

    I guess Pegs plan to kiss VGs ass for a spot on the show didn’t work out, lol. If she had watched old episides she’d have known VG will throw anybody under the bus and rarely stands up for anyone. Ironically Peg (and Lydia) chose to go after Shannon, who will stand up for her friends. Bye Peggy!

  • samael

    These rumors are by the hour..from the second season finale aired. This is the false sense of security that Bravo and Ass Andy lull us into…then BOOM..first second of airing of the new season..there is the one…we thought would be fired..holding ..either …orange/apple/diamond…or whatever!

  • ~Medusa~

    Wasn’t this already reported a few weeks ago?
    Petty’s only contribution to the reunion was what she said to Andy: “I was in PAIN!!!!”
    As a viewer, I can attest to that. Petty was a PAIN in the ass!!! Buh-Byeeee, Bitch.

    • Rain

      I wish Bravo would stop this pussyfooting with ‘nobody wants to film with her ‘ , just say the bitch was FIRED for being an atrocious HW

      • ????????Ð??Ð????
      • ~Medusa~

        Blahvo never lets the cast list out directly following the season. They’re probably testing the response of the viewers. If many fans call for Petty’s reprieve (which is doubtful), the Suits might consider keeping her.

        • Rain

          I would be SHOCKED if Petty had many fans but I’ve been wrong many times before . The fact that had so little screen time at the reunion is not a good sign

          • ????????Ð??Ð????

            I think it’s telling how much air time they gave her on the reunion.

            • Rain

              I think so too ?

          • ~Medusa~

            I agree. Petty contributed as much as Kathryn of RHBH did. It usually signals the lack of importance.

            • Rain

              Oh yes Kathryn ! Forgot about her already ?? she lost me when she demanded Eileen buy a 10k handbag!!! ?????

              • ~Medusa~

                I didn’t mind her. Kathryn was probably joking when she said that to Manipuleen. I would have preferred Kathryn to go after FayKE with both barrels, instead of wimping out. For that reason, she deserved the heave ho. BTW: I think Kathryn’s inclusion was to push the OJ Simpson series that on during that season.

                • Rain

                  I always thought that too!! What are the chances that this OJ connection is suddenly dug up and made into a SL!

                  Remember that fake scene where Rinna ran into her ‘friend’ Kathryn at the restaurant? ?? mmmm sure ! They never even spent any time together after that

                  I don’t like women who constantly mention prices , it’s so tacky . There was a scene where she and her husband were buying jewelry or whatever and I was ??. Just buy what you need without going all Heather Dubrow on us

                  • ~Medusa~

                    I do remember that. It was a poorly staged scene with a poor actress. GRinna didn’t even know Kathryn’s last name or who she was married to. I doubt they were ever ‘friends’.

                    I don’t like when the house hags price drop, either. It is tacky. Petty & DICK-O could go on “The Price is Right”.

    • iarláith

      I like how they always regurgitate these stories on here without making it clear it’s from ROL.

    • ????????Ð??Ð????

      Yep, but I think the part about a it coming from a Bravo insider is new, at least to me. Before it was just the “women” who were supposedly the ones who wanted Petty out. At any rate, don’t care as long as Petty leaves and if Christmas wishes were a real thing, the POS cancer scammer will be history too.

      Ein sehr glücklicher Montag dir, mein Freund. Bist du vollständig von deinem Tumblr geheilt?

      • ~Medusa~

        If only wishes would come true. Shrieki ensured her return with that last “hag hug”. It seems inconceivable that Petty can be back. btw: I finally saw the rerun of the reunion. As you stated, DICK-O was in VG’s dressing room, when she had her walk-off the set. WTF was he doing there, of all places? That makes no sense.

        Vielen dank fuer Dein fragen. Mein Kopf geht besser. Aber, Heute ist Montag 🙁 Das Wochenende geht zu schnell.

        • ????????Ð??Ð????

          Dildo thinks the grifter was his means to an end, staying on the show. Too bad so sad little man, buh bye!!

          • ~Medusa~

            Hehehehehehe…. I am surprised DICK-O didn’t try to control what Petty said at the reunion. He could have had a walky-talky type thing. He could have told her what to say via her earrings being an earpiece, while he spoke into a microphone.

            • ????????Ð??Ð????

              I’m sure he was hoping for his moment to be called on set. I’m glad they didn’t involve the men, especially little Dildo.

              • ~Medusa~

                I’m glad that Andy left the men out, too. Weirdly, the reunion had only 2 parts. And there was no “Unseen Footage” episode to follow, either. I wonder if RHOC will be totally retooled or dropped.?

                • ????????Ð??Ð????

                  I for one would like to see them drop it altogether.

                  • ~Medusa~

                    Me, too. The main reason would be to get Shrieki off television. The only network she could be on, is her local cable access, on early Sunday mornings to talk about her low level insurance company.

  • Rach

    Peggy was a terrible addition to this cast from the beginning and whoever was responsible for casting her should re-evaluate their career choices.

    • swizzle

      How did they not recognize early on how unlikeable she was? Did they think we’d all think her dumb act would be cute and funny? She was a massive fail all around. Then, with no one willing to film with Vicki, what options did they have? Just wish they’d fire Vicki and move on. She’s the reason the season failed.

      • Rain

        I think no decent women are applying for these shit shows anymore

        • ????????Ð??Ð????

          Nope and they never will. The HW’s will always be subpar women, looking for their 15 minutes of fame.

          • Rain

            Or 5 mins!! We get bottom of the barrel women and their husbands ??

      • ????????Ð??Ð????

        The fact Bravo doesn’t realize bringing more cancer stories to us the viewers, ESPECIALLY on this franchise, where we had to watch and hear about Bubba filling VG’s love tank and take everyone on a cancer scamming ride is beyond stupid and someone needs to be fired for bringing her on board imo.

    • Rain

      Absolutely ???