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Inside Kyle Richards Former $7M Bel-Air Mansion!

Kyle Richards infamously said, “planes and yachts are nice, but my happiness starts at home.” And happiness at home is pretty easy when you live in multi-million dollar homes.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and her family just recently moved into a new 8.25 million dollar home in the San Fernando Valley and have decided to part ways with their former Bel-Air mansion.

Kyle famously called her soon-to-be former Bel-Air mansion her “dream home,” but it looks like she has moved on and upgraded to an even bigger “dream home.”

However, the one perks of Kyle putting her Bel-Air mansion on the market is that now fans can get a better look at the inside of the reality TV home.

The Bel-Air home is located on a cul-de-sac and boasts a grand foyer, marble fireplace, white kitchen, home theater, a dressing room, and so much more!

Check out the photos below!

So, if you’ve got $7 million just lying around Kyle’s former home can be yours!

What are your thoughts on Kyle’s house?

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      • Right you are!!! Since S1, Kimsley has been in flux every season. When Monty was still on this planet, Kimster shuttled between her hovel and where ever the hell he really lived (to be closer to his meds).

        • I hated how she used Monty, not only for his drugs but as an excuse for continuing to not get sober. Same with Kyle, she would blame the addicts problems on Monty because she was busy taking care of him. I don’t believe for 2 seconds the addict took care of him or anyone else for that matter, she can’t take care of her self for heaven’s sake!!! He had a girlfriend, what the hell was she doing? Was she a fellow addict as well and her and Kimbles were having a good time getting high off of Monty’s meds while Monty slowly suffered?

          • Exactly!!! The “Monty Caretaker” was just a story line for Kimbecile. During her *limo ride with GRinna, Kimsley divulged that she was usually alone at night because Monty wasn’t there. BTW: If he was at her house, how did she care for him when she took cast trips & other RHBH events??? Also revealed during the Dr. Phil “intervention”, Kimster’s son, Chad said that KR was smoking pot every day. That was at the same time she supposedly was caring for Monty…. So, the conclusion of her incapacity to care for a terminal **cancer patient is preposterous. In fact, KimiKaze later stated (at the reunion), that she had Monty babysit KillerDog!!!! Ugggghhhhh – Her selfishness has no bounds. *limo rides for DimSumKim were disastrous. **Cancer permeated another Blahvo housewife franchise.

  • Sorry Kyle but I wouldn’t pay $2 mil for this house, I would gut the bathroom and the foyer which is not surprisingly very similar to Kris Jenner’s foyer with the black and white flooring. Also for $7 mil that kitchen should be 5 times what it is now although I do like the kitchen. And Faye Resnick in my PERSONAL opinion is a horrible decorator! I mean the way they gushed over what she did in Kyles dining room was a joke, It didn’t even look finished and it was just blah! Anyway good luck with the sale!

  • There is quite a difference in the way KyleECoyote lives, to way her sister KimiKaze does. Kyle lives in large mansions. Kimbecile ends up in rented hovels, with electric wires crossing overhead. Obviously, Kimbecile’s fortunes went up her nose or down her throat.

  • Not a fan of Kyle’s taste, for the most part, especially when it concerns the “Morally Corrupt Faye Resnick” and her non-existent decorating skills. Hated those purple dining room chairs Kyle seemed to have an orgasm over, don’t get it. Mauricio is actually using Faye’s name as a way to sell their Bel Air home, which floors me. I also find it odd one of the most successful Real Estate Agents in LA is moving to the Valley. Real Estate Agents in LA are notorious for hating the valley and anything have to do with it.

    • Hi FiddleDeeDee – ***GMTA*** I wrote something similar below. Attaching FayKE Rancid’s name to any project doesn’t elevate it. Maybe, maRITZio wants to boost the value of Encino to sell some of his pending properties there.

      • Hey mein freund!! I want to know how anyone could come up with a good reason to want to bring someone in, someone who is connected to one of the most notorious murder cases ever, as a selling point? Never mind she has atrocious taste!! What happened in that meeting where everyone agreed to that selling point? LOL

        • There’s something very odd about FayKE’s constant presence in that household. Vyle often posts that FayKE is at every gathering, every birth (in the delivery room, ffs!!!), every holiday… Plus, she is very cozy with maRITZio. (I wouldn’t have that doped up, conniving turncoat within 200 paces of my family.) I wonder what FayKE has on them?

            • As I understood it; FayKE ran with Kris Jenner & Sister Little Kathy. They are the same age range & had mutual friends in common (including Nicole). Somehow, long after the OJ trial, baby sister Kyle latched on to FayKE and…. that’s all I’ve got. There’s a large difference in age. What would they have in common? Why isn’t FayKE glued to Little Kathy or Kris Jenner?

              • So it was afterwards??? This gives me the willies, her latching onto someone from the “Trial of the Century”, after the fact. I don’t know why but I assumed they were friends beforehand. I always loved the shade LVP threw at Faye and I received a certain amount pleasure in Kyle’s displeasure. Why can’t she see what a lowlife Faye is?? Being raised by an alcoholic gold digging mother has it’s drawbacks. *shivers

                • When Kathryn was having issues with FayKE, blabbermouth Byle spilled that she became friends with FayKE after the trial. Furthermore, she tried to sell the notion that FayKE was ‘misunderstood’ and ‘a really great friend’. Kryle’s taste in friends matches her taste in clothes & furnishings. Piss poor.

                  • Hahahaha, no one has misunderstood anything about the morally corrupt one. Kyle can be a special kind of stupid when it comes to the Orangutan Faye.

                    Combigor Caligula wusste, dass Flynn gelogen hatte, aber zu dieser Zeit nicht gefeuert hatte? Dieser Mann ist verrückt !!

                • Oooohhhhh…. OK. Thanks. I’ve never watched that show. Well, good. Let FayKE stay there. Keep her off RHBH.

                  • I havr it on the background before or after E! News daily . It’s my celebrity fluff show , shameless I know ?

                  • ???. I never watched the show when she was on RHOBH so I’m unfamiliar with her history but I know it’s not pretty ?

                    • You mean to tell me you’ve haven’t seen the Dinner Party from Hell?? Rainy, it is a must if you are a HW’s fan.
                      I highly recommend it and it shows the true nature of Faye and we get the classic line from Camille, “The Morally Corrupt Faye Resnick”.

                    • I agree with you to recommend that particular episode. For many reasons, it was epic. Both Byle & FayKE instigated the outcome with the psychic, Alison Dubois (what a stage name). Camille was right to refer to FayKE as “morally corrupt”. Then, out of left field, the addict barked at TraylorTrash, which led to her expulsion from the main group for the ride home. Kryle also picked a fight with Camille for “sitting there, like this” (with her chin perched on her hands).

                    • I keep hearing about that dinner but no I haven’t seen it ??? I jumped in right away . That’s what I’m doing with NYC too, just watching the last season ??. I have so many things to watch I can’t watch 7 seasons ?? forgive me kitten ?

                    • OMG ??????. Alison seems like she was high on dick ! ?? just saying !

                      I don’t know how far back my on demand goes but I will try and find this episode ! Thanks kitten ????????

                    • She’s the type of woman that makes it harder for me to have women friends ! Maybe she NEEDS dick , hence the bitchiness ?

                    • Yes, Alison was rough on Vyle. But, Byle was a bitch to Alison. So was FayKE. Was it the “chicken or the egg”?

                    • Kyle deserved it, she was a complete bitch on season 1. She is still a bitch, just learned how to turn it off for TV. I think the new house is to make up for his affairs…….

  • I’m not impressed at all with the interior fixin’. And what the what are those bathroom things hanging on the windows? Looks like bunched up pink toilet paper. By the by, didn’t the morally corrupt decorator/designer/dead friend user Fake Slutnick do all that?

    • Yep, Kryle credited FayKE Rancid for her “decorating skills” for the interior design. Blecchhh. I remember the dining room was nauseating.

        • I agree. Also, it was incomplete. There was just a round table and those stubby mauve, cheap looking chairs.

          • That’s what I thought too!! Was if fully completed when it was being filmed or were they in the middle of finishing it?

            • No, it wasn’t complete during that season. In fact, Byle made a toast to the Great FayKE, “although it’s not finished.”. It was a stupid gesture. KR just wanted the lousy room filmed, as if she was special for having a decorator. Frankly, Pier1 Imports has nicer furnishings. LOL

              • Yuck, I’m still imaging the awful color of it. Not a room I would want to eat in or entertain guests.

                • I know. It was the color a real color turns after many years of not being kept up. It would be a good color to suppress the appetite. Maybe it was used to help Kryle lose weight?

          • The whole room was cheap looking and certainly didn’t look “decorated ” and I questioned at the time why she would “show it off” to any other BH residents. Lol, it really was bad. You guys have me rolling with all the comments!! Thanks! Is Kyle saying Fayke “decorated” this new house?

            • Hiya FUCHESS!!! It did look as though Kryle was on a shoe string budget and she ran out of money in the middle of furnishing it. Kryle once stated that FayKE handles the decorating for all of her houses. Once the season starts, her new house purchase will probably be her SL.

  • Gorgeous! I have no problem with anything in that house! Gosh! Kyle better gets a maid. I don’t think I have ever seen Kyle have a maid or nanny. Is that correct?

  • I wonder why they chose to move out of Beverly Hills. Wasn’t Kyle’s tagline one year “I’m born and raised in Beverly Hills, this is MY town!” or something to that effect?

  • Kyle and Mauricio create the love and safety in the home of their children. This home I always felt was small, I guess it was the way the camera angels were.

    I hope Kyle gives us a tour of her new mansion! what a life! “new mansion”


    • Hi Samael! Me too! I always thought her house was on the small side. None of her rooms ever looked grand, although she had a great backyard.

    • It’s hideous and the dress does her no favors as well. It looks like something her sister Kathy would wear. It’s ill fitting and makes her look boxy and matronly.

  • The Bel-Air house was perfectly fine for Kryle. It also had a nice piece of property. The furnishings & decorating were abysmal, just like Kryle’s wardrobe. Her taste is in her mouth.

    On MDLLA, Josh Flagg & one of the Brits were laughing about Encino. They both said it was a higher end suburb of “The Valley”. Yet, it’s way below value to Beverly Hills. Since maRITZio is the Brits boss, I wonder how he liked that dig… LOLOL

    • Hey gorgeous and happy Monday ! Yes I saw that on MDLLA ??

      Beautiful house for sure but I would expect a larger kitchen for 7 M … but hey, I’d love to live there

      Love you xoxo

      • Happy Monday Afternoon to you, Sweet Rain!!!
        Maybe the 7 million price tag was due to the “location, location, location”. It had less square footage, than their brand house, to “keep up with Vanderpumps”…

        • That’s a good point Medusa ??? once the girls leave the house , I expect them to probably move again
          sadly they still get a lot more for their money in LA vs SF! SF is insanity !

          • I thought that property is very high in SF. If LA is higher, it’s because there are more suckers there.

            • SF is incredibly expensive and for much smaller space . But SF is a much smaller city (only 7×7 miles ) . Something like that house in a neighborhood equivalent to Bel Aire, would be 10 M or more . Crazy !!

                • I’m biased so I think it’s still beautiful ?????? the homelessness though has become a real huge problem . SF gives them money so other cities buy their homeless a one way bus ticket to SF to get rid of them . Arizona and Nevada have been caught doing that quite a bit

        • But in the Valley???, while LVP’s incredible house sits atop a mountainside? No comparison at all.

    • Completely agree, the Bel Air house was perfect for Kyle. I loved the front entrance, it belied what was inside. It kind of felt quaint from what we could see on the TV. I also question a move to the valley, it’s such a no no among Real Estate Agents and Mauricio is at the top of his game right now, WHY???

      • I guess maRITZio has other properties in Encino to push. If HE is living there, and showing off his new house, he hopes his buyers will think it’s cool to live there. He gets so much free advertising with Blahvo. First on RHBH, then on MDLLA, then on RHONY (when the women went to Mexico, the rented house was in the same town as maRITZio’s biz).

          • Byle bragged that maRITZio has properties all over CA and several countries. I’m sure we’ll be seeing them when the women travel…

  • Kyle has the best life on that show. Her husband is by far the most successful, she has more than 1 token child, hers kids are not social media whores and her marriage appears solid.

    • I would agree with all of that. I really like that Kyle and Mauricio are pushing their children into academics as opposed to fame whoring. I have a feeling Portia is going to be the exception to the rule. More like her cousin Paris, wanting the life of fame and fortune. She’s still young so there’s time for things to change for the better!

      • Mauricio is one of the top 5 real estate agents in the country. He is probably pulling in 40 million a year. LVP’s lazy and doughy looking daughter is nothing and her son…UGH. Her house is silly also. She is old and trying to stay relevant. She looks like a puppet.