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Baby on Board?!? Kenya Moore Is Rumored To Be Pregnant

Since the day she started on the Real Housewives of Atlanta Kenya Moore has been thirstier than a camel in the desert to get married and have a baby.

Well, it looks like all of Kenya’s wishes may have finally been answered.

We all know that Kenya’s dream of walking down the aisle was made a reality earlier this year when she suddenly and secretly got married to Marc and now it seems that Kenya’s baby dreams may be coming true as well.

The Instagram account, The Industry on Blast reports that Kenya is pregnant with her first child but is waiting until she’s, further along, and in the “safe zone” to announce it publicly.

“Moore, 46 isn’t trying to make the announcement for another few months when she’s in her safe zone, but she and new husband #MarcDaly were trying rigorously! Two weeks ago Kenya spent some time in #Barbados doing IVF treatments with special doctors, and Marc flew down there to meet her,” the Industry on Blast reported on Instagram.

While we have no official confirmation that this rumor is true, this would be very happy news for the Real Housewives of Atlanta star and her husband.

Meanwhile, Kenya and her husband are spending their first Christmas together as a married couple. Kenya shared photos on Instagram of them decorating together.

Our First Christmas ? #TheDalys #Family #Love #IssaChristmas #ThatsMrsDalyToYou #HappyHolidays #KenyaMoore

A post shared by Kenya Moore (@thekenyamoore) on

To be honest, this rumor started circulating Saturday and I just wasn’t sure I believe it all because there was no proof. Personally, I’m waiting until I see a baby bump or it comes straight from Kenya’s mouth. Either way, I am happy for Kenya, and maybe now she won’t come across so thirsty anymore. I have a feeling Kenya will pull a Meghan King Edmonds and announce her pregnancy at the season 10 reunion.

Do you think Kenya is pregnant? Why do you think Kenya went to Barbados for IVF treatment?

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  • If she would have come on this
    show as respectable , I’d respect her . She bashed other women , instigated and provokes some nasty fights, and has rented men . Allthat aside , I won’t speak nasty of her getting pregnant but I won’t be her fan all of the sudden either .

      • Not really feeling her too much anymore besides there are some things I like about all different individuals . I’m more open minded in some areas .( some!)
        As for Keyonce- she twirled onto the show bitter ; never funny , never open to begriending ALL women and disrespected a marriage . Right out of the gate she was all kinds of ” ni thank you ” – but that’s just my take and I know others disagree .

        • Kenya disrespected a marriage where the husband fills the wife’s piñata with condoms? I think there’s was more serious disrespecting going on … but the first season is always difficult.

          Both Nene and Kenya are past their expiration dates but not as much as Kim. Home girl must really need the money!

          • I shouldn’t be , but was surprised Kim came back . It has to be the money since Kroy is still not playing football .

            • She has no place on the show. She claims she’s great friends with Sheree but then let it slip they hadn’t see. Each other since she left the show.

              She must desperately need that coin hunnnneiiiii now that Kroy has been reduced to being her personal Slade. Come to think of it, hasn’t Greg been reduced to that with Nene. Really sad

  • I still don’t believe she’s married. There is NO WAY she is pregnant. She’s full of shit.

    • That’s my take as of now also and it’s due to HER own actions ,words ,lies ,fantasies whatever . No one is ” hating ” on her just not buying the bullshit she sells and some seem to confuse that .

      • EXACTLY!!! I don’t hate her, certainly not like I do Vicki, but I don’t buy her particular brand of horse hockey and don’t intend to start buying it any time soon. Kenya will always have to provide proof before I believe her.

  • So a woman wanted what most of y’all have is “thirsty”? Ya kill me with the hate. lol

    If she wants a baby and can find a way to have one, then good for her. Blessed is the woman that has the ability… yet you have many “perfect” people aborting them.

  • This all seems like a well coordinated plan….can this be a ploy to get Bravos interest if she did get fired or If she is about to be demoted….Or if it’s true ….I can’t understand why didn’t happen earlier in her life. If it’s not true….she is just sad!

  • Kenya was on WWHL last night, didn’t she say she would report when there is something to report. I still think Mooremouth is spinning the crap outta the invisible Mr .mooremouth and non pregnancy people can ignore that she was dating two people at the same time..

    Mr. mooremouth

    Matt ( who is now being accused of rape by a woman who wants to remain anonymous)

      • Unlike Kirby im not on the bandwagon. But my heart aches for any woman who wants a child . I hope they recognize that adoption is a beautiful option too but given her history I can understand her desire for a biological child .
        Do you know I always used to say , I don’t want to be a mother , wasn’t even on my to do list . Look at me now ?

        • Ms NoMoore is in no position to adopt anything. let alone a child. She hasn’t really dealt with her own mother and those issues. This is a woman who hires men to be her BF’s and now husband. NO