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David Foster & Katharine McPhee Spotted Kissing in Public – Reportedly Happier Than Ever!

Image Source: Us Magazine

Former RHOBH hubby David Foster may have been married a few times; however that doesn’t stop him from throwing caution to the wind when it comes to love!

David has been seeing American Idol alum Katharine McPhee and has managed to keep things pretty low key; however that seems to be changing. The two were recently spotted kissing after a lunch date earlier this week. The two seemed to almost be hoping to get photographed – possibly to prove their relationship is the real deal?

Image Source: Us Magazine
Image Source: Us Magazine

Although the two have been pretty low key about their relationship, that may be changing as a source says Katharine can’t contain her excitement about their relationship:

“When Kat talks about David, her face lights up,” a source exclusively tells Us Weekly. “She’s really so happy. They’re actually so sweet together.”

The source continued saying that they are done caring what others think about their love:

“They aren’t hiding it anymore,” the insider tells Us, noting that McPhee makes sure “they aren’t too public because she really likes him.” The source adds, “David is really charming. The age difference might seem substantial to some, but they are really cute together and it makes sense.”

Their age gap is pretty substantial as Foster is 68 and McPhee is 33. Normally I would just think to ‘each their own’ but there is something about David that I find ‘off.’ I’m not sure if it’s his various failed marriages or his love of being treated like a ‘king’ while married to Yolanda; but something about their relationship seems odd.

Earlier we had reported that Katharine wanted to have David’s baby (for original story click here) and David’s daughter jokingly referred to Katharine as her new ‘step mom.’ It’s obvious these two are in the lovey/dovey stage; however time will tell if Katharine will become the next Mrs. David Foster!

Thoughts on David and Katharine? Do you think their relationship will go the distance?

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  • RM

    He’s pathetic

  • ~~ La erik ~~

    I personally think David is an ass****. Look at him. He’s so needy and he will dump a girl when girl isn’t attractive anymore or getting strong to debate with him. He gets bored easily with women and treat them like a prop. If a prop isn’t attractive or crazy, he gets rid of it. What a f***king ass****!

  • Niki


  • samael

    he is with his fan
    she is with her connection to more jobs

    match made in heaven…why bother with marriage?

  • ????????Ð??Ð????

    She has to be gold digging, there’s no other explanation. She’s young, beautiful and has talent, guess she’s a grifter. 🙁

  • Cin

    These relationships rarely last forever so enjoy it while it’s happening. Two very talented people in the same industry. Why not.

  • September24

    These two opportunists deserve each other.

  • Kirby

    Yoyo can’t be happy about this ?

    • ????????Ð??Ð????
      • Rain

        I don’t remember this pic ? are those tattoos ? Am I the only one not taking towel bathroom selfies ? ?

        • ????????Ð??Ð????

          Happy Caturday Fluffykins!! ??????

          Rainy, what in the Jiminy Christmas is wrong with you!!!!! I spend at least 50% of my week in front of the bathroom mirror, coyly draped in a towel taking selfies. Bwahahahahaha! They do look like tattoos, I doubt they are. I don’t see them when she posts her ridiculous bikini selfies.

          • Rain

            ??? I have some catching up to do then ?. Towel selfies on the way ??. It will be a shock to my followers on SM ?

            I bet you those are markings from one treatment or another , it’s not cupping but something like that probably .
            Speaking of which , doesn’t ‘cupping’ sound as if somebody will be handling your breasts ? ???. Oh it’s just me ? Ok ?

    • Rain

      Muahhhh xoxox .

    • Ilona

      she will be fine she still has her lemons