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Where Are the RHONJ Sitting At the Season 8 Reunion? Find Out Here!

Source: Bravo

I know, you’re asking yourself, where’s the AllAboutTRH scoop about the season 8 reunion? Don’t worry it’s coming – very soon! Promise! As always the AllAboutTRH Team is crossing our T’s and dotting our I’s before we reveal our exclusive dirt! You want AllAbouttheTRUTH, don’t you? Thought so.

Meanwhile, one thing we can reveal, at this very moment, from the reunion is where the Jersey girls are sitting!

In the middle, is obviously the hostess with the mostess, Andy Cohen. Then on Andy’s right is Melissa Gorga, Siggy Flicker, and Dolores Catania. Interesting, very interesting.

On the left of Andy is Teresa Giudice and Margaret Josephs with an empty space for Danielle Staub or anyone else who might pop up at the reunion. Hint, hint, wink, wink.

Check out the video below to see the seating chart all laid out!

I’m shocked that Melissa is sitting with Siggy and Dolores. I thought it was going to be Tre, Marg, Mel, and Danielle on one couch with Siggy and Dolores on another.

Thoughts on the season 8 reunion seating chart? Sound off below!

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  • Diamonds & Rosé

    It’s not -that- uncommon for those who don’t get along to be on the same couch.

  • Dave

    They obviously can’t have four women on one couch and then only two on the opposite. That would look ridiculous and lop-sided. Danielle will come out and sit next to Margaret, so then it’ll be three women on each couch. Makes sense.

  • holy cannoli

    I’m having issues posting. Anyone else?
    Anyway Kim D is putting it out there that she was at the reunion
    Mmmm sooki sooki now…. Uh Oh

    • samael

      hey holy!

      wth..I read your post..then it disappeared!!

      did you see Danielle’s instagram? she posted a pic of a dressing room door with her name and Teresa’s name!

      so KimD will be there..knowing what Teresa is going through now, I sure feel bad that she has to witness the trash mobile!

      • holy cannoli

        Hi sam

        I deleted it cause the ” webpage keeps refreshing “. It messed up everything
        Ugh I’m having issues. I emailed Rox

        • samael

          cool – today I don’t have issues…last few weeks..my avitar kept changing back to the old one..and I wasn’t getting my notifications.

          • holy cannoli

            I’m glad you guys aren’t having issues

      • CsqD


        Kim thrives on other people’s grief, heartache, misery…..

    • Khipp

      Hiya Holy. I’m not having problems, so far.

      Kim D at the reunion. YIKES!! Maybe she was just drooling at the window, looking in.


      • holy cannoli

        Hi Khipp
        Maybe it’s my phone.. who knows ????? Pain in my culi though. Geeze

      • luvs2ride

        Why have Kim D at the reunion? Is she gonna sit backstage screaming ” I’m gonna cut her fucking tongue out, I swear!” ?

        Thought they were leaving the sideshow freaks and husbands out this year.

        • Sadie

          OMG, That’s Hysterical!!!!! And YES why in the hell is she even there. I think she only has 3 cameo appearances so why is it so important to have that trouble maker sit on the couch. I guess I just answered my own question ie:Trouble Maker! I did hear that she is going to spill the dirt on Teresa and Melissa and supposedly has proof of whatever she’s going to blab about. But let’s ask ourselves – How many times over the years have we all heard someone has proof of this or that but NEVER actually shows anything…..Ughh these Franchises are getting so old, it’s exhausting at this point!

          • luvs2ride

            Hi Sadie.
            She’s got plenty to say, but never has proof.

            Buckle up, it’s gonna be a helluva show.

  • Khipp
  • Khipp

    Hmmm. In a way it makes sense. Gotta put someone next to the two fools, Soggy and DullorAss. At least Soggy isn’t head seat, next to Andy. Hahahahaha.

    • luvs2ride

      Melissa is a fool too.
      Bet she thinks she’s hot shit sitting next to the biggest fool, Andy Cohen!!!
      Where’s September? I want her to take a poll – will Melissa be wearing a rhinestone Envy T shirt, or a romper?

      • Khipp

        Oooops, right Luvs. Three fools. Of course she’s loving sitting next to Andy.

        September, September, come out, come out, wherever you are.

  • samael

    Thank you Lara – always giving us Exclusives!!

    I have a few enquiries:

    – did they actually tape the reunion yesterday (Thursday) (Mags put out instagram of her name on her door)
    – Wow, the strength of this woman they call Teresa! with her dad in the hospital with pnemonia,
    how could she possibly get into the groove of a reunion?
    – wonder why M is on “that” side
    – I truly hope that empty seat is for Danielle and not the skank known as kimD
    Danielle stated in an interview, she is “ready” for this reunion.

    even right now, my thoughts are with the Teresa’s dad.

    • Khipp

      Morning Sammy. See my post above about the seating. If Danielle is included (she will be) Andy certainly couldn’t have put her next to DullorAss. Should be an interesting reunion.

      Thoughts and prayers for Nonno G.

    • luvs2ride

      To answer your question about M, see my response above to Khipp. ?

      • samael

        I think I’m in denial about even acknowledging M’s existence! I laughed so hard when M almost jumped outta her seat when Marg offered her suggestions and invited M to milan! Mags rox

        M is a dufus!

    • Sadie

      I know Samael, I can’t believe her Father has the same exact illness that her Mom passed away from. I mean how much more can this Woman and her girls take. I know she did a terrible thing but she’s in my opinion NOT a terrible person ya know. They say “God will only give you as much as you can handle” but come on enough already, I think she’s paid her dues a million times over at this point.

      Then I sit back and think at how much her Dad misses his Wife and honestly he would probably rather be gone and reunited with the love of his life than here on earth. It’s so hard to go on after you have lived side by side with your soulmate & best friend for that many years. If anything though I PRAY he doesn’t pass away before Christmas, I think that would kill them all inside. I truly do wish them all the best and God willing 2018 will be a fantastic year for the entire Family!