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Danielle Staub Claps Back at Kim G and Shades Jaqueline Laurita and Ashlee Holmes; Plus Danielle Shows Off Her New Look!

If Danielle Staub were on Vanderpump Rules, she’d be the worst SURver because she’s always spilling the tea!

And that’s just what the Real Housewives of New Jersey star did during a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

Ever since Danielle announced her return to RHONJ, her once upon a time BFF and now sworn enemy Kim G has been tweeting up a storm and doing anything and everything she can bring Danielle down.

So, it’s not surprising that a caller asked Danielle what she thought about Kim G’s “harassing tweets.”

In typical Danielle style, she played it cool, responding “Kim who?”

However, Danielle didn’t miss the opportunity to take a swipe at Kim telling the caller, “I just really thinks she needs to go into that retirement home already. I mean, give it up.”

Andy Cohen then stirred the pot even more, as he usually does, and brought up the infamous “square tits” comment from season 2.

“It was actually Ashlee [Holmes] that called me [square tits] because I had a problem with my implants,” Danielle explained. “Thank you so much, Ashlee. That was special of you. Sweet. Your mother raised you well.”

In fact, Danielle made it clear that Kim G did not create the “square tits” comment but only took it on as her own due to her lack of creativity.

“She reiterated it quite a few times because she can’t come up with her own thoughts,” Danielle revealed.

Another caller asked Danielle if she thought Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga would ever make up with Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania, Danielle said yes.

Teresa, Melissa, Siggy, and Dolores are all good. Teresa and Dolores were just at a charity event together last weekend in upstate New York and had a blast together despite their recent on-screen drama.

Doing a major #latergram tonight, so be sure to swipe through all my photos here and check my stories on Thursday for TONS of throwback posts to this past weekend! To say it was a blast would be putting it lightly! On Friday, @teresagiudice and I pre-gamed for the @worldslargestdisco event with the most awesome group of people! It was such a pleasure getting to know all the precious little munchkins who joined us at the @buffalosabres game, along with their beautiful families, in support of @campgooddays! Then, last night, we joined Dave and Mary, the incredible organizers of #wldisco for over 20 years. One Thanksgiving, they realized they had nothing to do the weekend nights after the holiday, so they threw a big disco party that now brings together thousands of people every year to benefit @campgooddays ? I was so moved to see 10,000 people dance their hearts out to all the songs and shows I grew up with! And every year, the event gets bigger and better! Make sure you already add the date for 2018 to your calendar, as this is one event you can’t miss out on! Just last year they raised $5 million dollars!!!! ?? . . . . . #boogie #bravo #buffalo #buffalosabres #campgooddays #cancersucks #charity #childhoodcancer #disco #entertainment #event #fundraiser #giveback #happygirl #hockey #inspired #love #lucky #motivated #nhl #ohwhatanight #ootd #photography #realhousewives #realhousewivesofnewjersey #rhonj #specialtimes #worldslargestdisco

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And Siggy still praises Teresa and always talks about her love for her. While that doesn’t say much for Dolores and Siggy’s relationship with Melissa, these days Melissa and Teresa are a two for one deal especially on RHONJ, so I’m sure they are fine as well. At this point, nothing is splitting up Melissa and Teresa so if you buy one you get both.

“I don’t think it’s that serious,” Danielle said on WWHL of Teresa and Melissa’s anger toward Siggy and Dolores for participating in Kim D’s fashion show.

Meanwhile, just hours before her appearance on WWHL, Danielle got a major makeover by the WWHL fairy godmothers, Priscilla DiStasio and Julius Michael. These two are the dream team – I’m dying, literally dying to have them do my hair and makeup. #Goals

Danielle got a brand-new hairstyle; cutting 12+ inches off her hair and about 10 years off face! Damn Danielle looks so much younger with shorter hair!

See her transformation below!

To wrap up Danielle’s appearance on WWHL, let’s relive one of Danielle and Kim G’s most infamous moments of RHONJ season 2.

I love that Danielle is NEVER afraid to go there and just say what’s on her mind. So, many of the Housewives filter themselves, a little too much if you ask me, so it’s refreshing to a Housewife call a spade, a spade. And clearly, Caroline Manzo was wrong when she said: “you can put lipstick on a pig and it’s still a pig.” P.S. totally not calling Danielle a pig, but Caroline has in the past, and it’s not a valid statement at all, in fact, it’s quite mean. In my opinion, people can change inside and out. Danielle has changed, even if it’s just a little bit. Danielle could have come back to RHONJ and played her season 1 and 2 games, and she hasn’t – she’s been relatively quiet except for the few times she’s stirred the pot, which like Andy she does best.

Thoughts on Danielle’s WWHL appearance? Why do you think Kim G is still coming for Danielle? Does Kim G need to move on? Do you think everything is okay between Siggy, Dolores, Teresa, and Melissa?

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  • Cookie Lyons

    Kim G is washed.

  • JUST ME 5739


  • Betty

    Teresa does not have to apologize to Danielle’s daughters. Weird. Both these women should apologize to their own daughters for being terrible parents. Nothing like having a felon for a mother(Teresa) and a video of your naked mother sitting on a toilet and then walking around swearing (Danielle).

  • Ilona

    Wow it is hard to hate Danielle now. I do not however thing it is Tre’s job to apologize to her daughters. She did put herself and her kids in that predicament not anyone else. Her daughters do however seem very well balanced and beautiful now.

    • Boo

      I agree, her daughters are beautiful and seem very well adjusted.
      Danielle’s hair looks great, I liked her answers on wwhl, good for her!

    • Khipp

      Iiona, there is a coming up scene with Danielle, her daughters and T. T apologized.

      I don’t think T needed to. They were all told to get the kids out of the table toss dining room. Danielle chose to let her kids stay.

      • holy cannoli

        Yeah the Nut wanted her kids to stay, even though by that time it was starting to get heated!! That’s why Teresa wanted all the kids out of there.
        Freakin idiot. Good job ?? Strega

        • luvs2ride


  • samael
    • luvs2ride

      She did, sam.
      She did an excellent job slaying the growlin’ granny, too.

      The hairdresser did an excellent job as well. He should cut everyone else’s hair in the cast as well. Especially Sig’ s. It must be full of snot & tears most of the time. Yuck.

      • holy cannoli

        Hi @sam and @ luvs

        Meh, my opinion. The Strega needs to get new material?. The Kim “who “. And Ashlee raised shitty. Is old and tired ? !
        Lord come up with new shit.
        Like Geritol, get off my jock, get a hobby already. Geeze!
        And about Ashlee , yeah she said first about my square tits, big deal. I got them fixed, and their perfect ?. Can’t say that about her and her mothers faces??

        • luvs2ride

          Lol, holy! I like your answers much better!! ????

          • holy cannoli


        • samael

          Hey holy

          I didn’t know this was chewed meat..maybe I have too much in my denial file..cuz remembering Danielle was not a “nice place” to be. Back in the day her zingers flew over my head cuz they were mixed with threats.

          If these are moldy oldies..Danielle needs to stop pressing rewind and
          sharpen her snark..cuz out of all the RH , I feel that RHNJ rules the school with snark.

          Right now, I am enjoying how Danielle is playing her game..I like that she is there for Teresa..but there is one thing that I got wrong..

          When Danielle asked if Teresa would apologize to Danielle’s kids, I thought it was so sweet of Teresa to say yes…then zoom to the evening of the episode on this site..and I think mich and CsqD posted that the apology should not happen – cuz I forgot that kids were asked to leave..but Danielle wanted her kids to stay!

          if that’s the case..her kids were traumitized due to Danielle..not Teresa – the girls would have watched the episode anyways, so how would Danielle explain this to the girls?

          sorry I went off subject ..

      • Khipp
        • luvs2ride

          Killin’ me.

          • luvs2ride

            Know what else is killin’ me? I was waiting for the comments to load and caught one of the tags under the story “danielle staub square tits”

  • holy cannoli

    Can’t stand The Strega, but I gotta say. Her hair looks good??
    That’s all I got. Happy Friday . Carry On

    • samael

      Happy friday Holy!!

      • holy cannoli

        Happy Friday, sam!

        • Khipp

          Happy Friday John Boy, Happy Friday Elizabeth, Happy Friday Mary Ellen, Happy Friday Jim Bob, Happy Friday Erin…

    • luvs2ride

      Happy Friday, holy!

      • holy cannoli

        Happy Friday, luvs!

    • Khipp

      Back at ya Holy. Tee heee heeeeee “Strega”

      I just don’t dislike her this season. Don’t know why. Losing my mind? Maybe.

      • holy cannoli

        Meh. I just can’t stand the witch?

        • Khipp

          I get it Holy. I’m just more focused on Sog and Dull’s nonsense.

          • luvs2ride

            Same here, but she is a ticking time bomb.