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Peggy Sulahian Accepts Kelly Dodd’s Apology! Plus, Thinks There is Hope for Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson!

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Well folks – another season of the RHOC has wrapped and many fans were underwhelmed with the reunion. I have to say I was one of them. The ‘make up’ between Tamra and Vicki seemed fake and Shannon seemed to be the only housewife who was willing to be authentic.

Apparently, newbie Peggy disagrees as she praised the reunion for all of the resolutions that came from it in her Bravo Blog:

“At least the air was cleared. And I accepted Kelly’s sincere apology about my father, which, I apparently should have kept in context. I know I’d told her about his passing, but my emotions prevented me from thinking clearly. I accepted her apology because she was so sincere. I don’t think Kelly can be anything other than sincere because she is so emotive. Her demonstrative behavior exposes her true nature, and what you see is what you get. I guess that is why Vicki likes her.

Speaking of friendship, I appreciate both Lydia and Vicki for their support during taping, and tonight, while I was discussing my turbulent season, they were willing to speak words of encouragement for me!

And in terms of friendships and tidal waves, could you believe the beautiful trio of women mending old relationships? Tears flowing and emotions gushing while apologies were swirling all around, with Tamra and Vicki apologizing to each other promising not to be unkind and hugging. Oh too sweet — I think we were all smiling and tearing up. But Vicki extending her hand to Shannon was beautiful. Wow, wow, wow! Never would I have thought that I would see Vicki sitting near Shannon and holding her hand! That in and of itself was miraculous. Andy surmised that when Tamra asked Vicki to change couches, it the sweetest thing she’d said!

I hadn’t witnessed their friendship, but in Iceland, I had a glimpse of it, and it seemed genuine. My hope is that it will eventually mend, and they can overcome the hurdles of there past and reconcile.”

Personally I don’t think Peggy seemed quite ‘with it’ this season (something she even admitted to at the reunion) so I’m not going to trust her judgement here. I think the Tamra/Vicki friendship will last about another 5 minutes. As for Kelly’s apology? I think she was genuinely sorry; however we all know something else will probably set her off and that apology will be long forgotten.

Thoughts on Peggy’s blog?

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  • Peg your whole season was a Major Fail..encouraged you No they spoke for you just like your husband speaks for you. Keep to livin’ in your fansaty world 99.9% of the viewers couldn’t connect to your lack of understanding..
    A 1 hit wonder. she has her own Jet she could of taken the girls somewhere FAB but didn’t. We are left wondering how did this girl manage to dress herself everyday.
    I think your husband is a control freak,supportive I see abusive. Your Family loves you that is what matters.
    I know I can write at times better than I can talk .we all know you didn’t write yout blog.
    Peg does not like Kelly at all another petty grudge holder that didn’t understand kelly playin’ with her. Butt coal diamond.
    I am sure Peg had a very similar relationship with her dad as she does her husband. a delicate little flower . A psychic vampire that sucks the life out of everyone around her and I feel drained .

    • Hahaha l didn’t believe she flew home on her personal jet. If she does indeed have one, she would have flown the cast to Iceland to show off her wealth like Maloof in RHOBH. Like you said; she lives in her own fantasy world.

      I also don’t believe her reason for leaving early. IF it was due to physical pain she would have said something to the cast before flying home on economy class lol she left because she couldn’t get a hold of Diko to get her next set of instructions but she was too stupid to realize he was sleeping and she’s just needed to wait but she’s panicked

  • I hope they do not bring back Peggy. She is just plain dumb. She cannot communicate to save herself. She was such a non-entity and the reunion was her chance to redeem herself. Instead, she made no sense and had to rely on Lydiot to translate for her.

    And then her spiel on how she wanted people to show compassion or whatever she called it over the death of her father and her cancer that she herself wanted to pretend wasn’t real …. what?!? If she was in such a bad place, she should not have filmed! I don’t think her issues had to do with whatever problems she was going through, she just cannot communicate at all. What a waste of space!

  • Petty did not write the above passage. I wonder who DICK-O paid to do that. The blog is as boring as Petty was/is.

    • Probably the same writer that writes Kelly’s blogs ?? I mean come on! No way Kelly is that profound and poetic ?

      • I bet they each have their own intern to write their blogs.

        OH – get this, I read on another site that it was uncovered Lydiot & Dough use free slave labor (i.e. interns) to make their magazine. They want the slaves to write, edit, photograph, do the artwork, and everything else for FREE; in exchange for the credit of working for 2 spoiled trust fund brats.

        • What???? Shame on Lydiot and Doug! That’s not very Christian is it ? Wow! Too bad this wasn’t discovered during the season. I bet most spoiled rich brats do the same and just take advantage of peopel . ???. Thanks for the juicy gossip

            • Whatever fairy dust zen bullshit she was pedalling is all a joke and a facade for that laziness and atrociousness

  • Petty DID NOT accept Kelly’s apology. She sat there like a sulky, bratty, bitchy teenager and only after the other women “pressured” her to accept, did she finally relent. Kelly sincerely apologized in Iceland at the Viking dinner but per usual, Petty didn’t understand what she was saying and it turned into a whole different animal. Good riddance Petty, you won’t be missed.

      • HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! This ^^^ is hysterical. It’s how my brain feels after watching Petty cobble together a bunch of words to form a half-assed, unbelievable excuse.

        • ??ain’t that the truth!!! Petty is the first HW that had to come in with an interpreter ?. In the reunion promo they had her walking off the stage crying . Did that not make the final cut or did I snooze ?

          • I know. The preview had Petty storm off. Yet, it didn’t seem to make the cut – or I blinked and missed it, too. LMAO

    • I agree that Petty didn’t accept the apology. Nor did she understand the words that were said. (She has major comprehension problems.) However, I doubt Kelly Dudd meant it. Her apologies have a short shelf life (about as long as it takes for her to say them.).

      • I felt the one in Iceland was sincere as for the one on the reunion, I think she was just reiterating what she said in Iceland but at that point didn’t really care. I wouldn’t have even given her that much at that point. It’s a complete waste of time trying to have any kind of meaningful interaction with Petty.

        • It’s hard for me to discern ‘sincerity’ from Kelly. She has blurted outrageous remarks and then served up apologies; only to repeat the cycle within moments. It’s a continuum of “spew crap” & “say you’re sorry”, over & over. That said, based only on this season, I preferred Kelly’s nonsense, to Petty’s ridiculousness.

  • Im so sick of this! She’s nuts. No one ever knew real truth about her health so how does she get to use that to excuse her bitchy behavior? She’s a name caller too, she didn’t give chances to half of the cast and she plays dumb when called out. Done. She needs to go

  • I’d bet a paycheck Peggy no more wrote that blog than I did. Dicko’s hand is all over it – maybe even literally. He knows she went over with the viewers like a lead zeppelin (trivia time: yes, that phrase is how they got their name. A record exec thought they were never going to get anywhere and their album would go over like a…)

    Anyway, as dumb as Peggy acts, that’s how conniving Dicko is and you just know he was hopping about that house like Rumpelstiltskin when he watched the succession of episodes and saw for himself how the SS. Salahian was going to join the SS. Bellino and all the other OC skiffs that are at the bottom of the Newport Beach harbor-for-housewives.

  • Me thinks Peggy needs to smoke more of the hookah if she is now praising these women who allegedly were laughing at her and have wonderful friendships. I am also going to guess someone else wrote the blog, because this sounds nothing like her.
    And yes, Vile was soo supportive by leaving you to fend for yourself, looking the other way and not being there for you.

  • Oh Peggy! This is you last blog entry so you can do Diko your way outta here! Don’t let the Lamborghini door hit up on the way out

    • Hopefully. I’m genuinely sorry that she was going through something physically painful but I just don’t think that excuses her atrocious behavior towards some of the other women. I think she was hired solely to be #teamVicki and went hard for anyone that had a problem with Vicks. Clamping Meghan’s lips, pushing Tamra to “get over it” and the crap about David supposedly “interrogating” Diko and how much it “hurt” Peggy so she went after Shannon. I didn’t think it was possible to dislike a first time housewife as much as Carlton but Peggy proved me wrong. I don’t even think we got the wrong impression about Peggy either, despite what was going on with her physically and emotionally with losing her father. I think that she is as stuck up, pretentious and rude as she seems and I think Diko is the same.