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Margaret Josephs Says Teresa Giudice “Is the Strongest Woman I Know”

Teresa Giudice may be going through one of the toughest times in her life, but thankfully she has the support of her Real Housewives of New Jersey co-stars including newbie Margaret Josephs.

Currently, Teresa is raising her four daughters while her husband, Joe Giudice, serves 41-months in prison.

Despite all the odds against her, Margaret tells Life & Style, “Teresa is the strongest woman I know.”

“She is so strong for her girls. She is just a rock star through and through,” Margaret explains.

Joe is in the process of being transferred from a prison in New Jersey to one in Pennsylvania, which only adds stress to Teresa’s life, especially during the holidays.

While Margaret has no doubt Joe’s prison transfer is taking a toll on Teresa, she says Teresa will persevere as always.

“I can only imagine what she is feeling,” Margaret says. “It’s tough. But Teresa always holds up. I am mesmerized by her strength.”

I love how supportive Margaret is of Teresa. Margaret is right – Teresa is super strong and will get through all of these dark times.

Thoughts on Margaret’s interview? Do you think Teresa is a strong woman?

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  • Marge is a fair nonjudgemental addition and I like it 🙂 And,Teresa is strong as this past year and a half has been crazy. I actually agreed with Soggy in that, she is allowed to express emotion and FEEL like every other person does.

      • Oops! I am new to this, what I wanted to say is that I totally agree that Teresa should let her feelings out and not feel guilty or disloyal for what she FEELS. Feelings are facts, it’s what you choose to do. With them that makes the difference. I would hate to see Teresa start to start letting her feelings out the way some others (Siggy) do. Volume is not substance. You can be open without dramatics. JMHO

  • Everything about Teresa is old-school: her morality, her work ethic, her dedication to family.

    And before all you self-righteous skells come here to go on about the financial chicanery that ended with both Teresa and Joe doing jail time I say, (get ready for the longest run-on sentence yet);

    Given who’s sitting in the White House and how he got there, one could not be faulted for thinking the only mistake Joe and Teresa made was not gaming the system for much larger amounts so that like Trump, the banks wouldn’t have had any choice but to continue to finance their schemes. A kind of, we have to stick together or we fall together; financial dealmaking that was the theme of all four of Trump’s bankruptcies and casino schemes.

    • No it didn’t end. Joe is still in jail and will be deported. Teresa is a felon. Now Teresa’s dad is in the hospital. #StressKills

    • Very good point, Helen.

      While what they did was wrong, in fact very wrong, they are NOT the only two people in the universe to ever attempt it. She went to jail, he’s presently in jail and they will be paying it back forever.

      Unfortunately, there are those who think she should do life without parole.

  • I think this is why Soggy and Dull – trash on Mag’s is..Teresa and Mags bonded within the first hour of meeting, Mags said a couple of ep. ago..that she just sat with Teresa and listened and bonded throughout the conversation, then Mag’s does the memorial – out of respect for Teresa and her grieving and loss.

    Yeah, Teresa’s hustle is beyond!

    #Go Mags

    • One thing Dina said long ago, that I believe also , had to do with ” intent”. Good intentions, being well intended- goes a long way with me and some that are wolves in sheep’s clothing, such as Dolo.

      • so that “wolf in sheeps clothing” meshes with Fat Violets observations that Dull is manipulating soggy!

        I’m starting to see that mich!

        at the Piece OF Shit Coke Whore store, there was Soggy completely standing up for teresa..meanwhile Dull says just enough, to prove she said one thing..

        “there are no old flames, Joe’s the only guy she’s ever been with”

        and then..as Khipp points out..both of them are STILL going to be in the damn show!

        • Did you also catch Dolo say to Teresa she will not defend her again? No true ” loyal” friend of many years would say such a thing . In fact , any real friend would never even engage in such talk !! Dolo is not her friend .

          • mich!

            nope, just went back and yup Dull

            “I did and don’t think I will again” wow..such an ugly thing to say – way to flip it to Teresa!

            I believe Dull thinks that Joe cheated on Teresa..she said (before the heat)

            “Teresa …if its true…not that it’s true” who says that to a friend!

  • I agree, she has been slaughtered for what so many go all their lives getting away with- Love or Hate her- at least she isn’t on Welfare/living in HUD/food stamps and still out their trying , knowing all the hate —JMO