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Are Kelsey Grammer and His New Wife Kate Sending An Olive Branch To His Ex-Wife Camille Grammer?

Could a reconciliation between bitter exes Kelsey and Camille Grammer finally be happening?

Well, according to a source, yes and it turns out Kelsey’s current wife Kayte Walsh is behind it.

Sources say Kayte is working on building bridges between Kelsey and Camille for the sake of her three children and the two children Camille and Kelsey share.

“She wants the kids to have a healthy relationship with one another, but for that to happen, Camille and Kelsey need to put their differences aside,” the source explains to OK! Magazine.

Adding that, “Kayte is willing to play peacemaker, but with Camille’s temper, she’s prepared for a messy showdown.”

If you don’t recall Kelsey left Camille for Kayte in 2010 and married shortly after, meanwhile Camille recently got engaged to her longtime love David C. Meyer.

Only time will tell if Kelsey and Camille will ever reconcile but in the meantime, Camille is still winning as she was recently awarded more of Kelsey’s fortune.

It seems to me that Kelsey is trying to spiff up his public image big time. First, off I don’t see Camille as having a horrible temper but who knows. Kelsey and Kayte are the ones who need to make the moves to build a relationship with Camille since they were the ones who created this mess.

Can Kelsey and Camille put their differences aside and reconcile? Should Camille forgive Kelsey and Kayte? Do you believe Camille has a temper?

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  • RM

    He humiliated her publicly so he should apologize publicly

  • ScarlettDrawl

    This story is completely self serving to Kelsey and Kayte. They have treated Camille horribly for years even after the affair. This public relations ploy isn’t fooling anyone.

  • Colojunebug

    All I know is I can’t stand to watch anything that creep is in. I hope he gets no more parts and we can forget about him. What he did to Camille was awful and it played out in the tabloids which is worse. Camille is a class act.

  • ~Medusa~

    It’s unfair to lay blame solely at Camille’s feet for her “temper” (which the viewers never saw). Certainly, Kelsey the Kad played a large part in the divisiveness & acrimony that exists. He completely blindsided his wife on national television, when he publicly ditched her for a flight attendant he met in the air. Then, he refused to communicate with Camille on matters concerning their children. He’s a first class louse. No matter how difficult Camille may have been, she didn’t deserve the humiliation Kelsey heaped on her. And their children didn’t deserve to be ignored when he replaced them with newer models.

    • Rain

      So well said . It’s like when posters say that Shannon being ‘difficult’ and whiny is what made David be such an asshole ! No no no . No woman deserves this

  • Niki

    Fuck olive branches. Send her a Bentley or something. At the very least. #Tool

  • ????????Ð??Ð????

    Wait a minute!! Kelsey’s new wife didn’t look like that when they initially hooked up. She’s completely remade herself to look like Camille and/or it’s the look Kelsey likes and she has changed for him. Whatever, I don’t really care for Camille and I can’t stand her ex. ZZZZZZZZ

    • Rain

      Ahhhh the things we do for ‘love’ ???

    • ~Medusa~

      Number 2 wifey looks like Kelsey’s kid.

      • ????????Ð??Ð????

        Hahaha, yep!! Just what I was thinking…..

  • Cin

    It would be good the the kids. People fall in and out of love. You can’t force someone to continue to love and care for you. But having said that – Kelsey did a blind side and that’s mean. He is a coward.

  • Kirby

    Nope ??

  • samael

    wow..people are making $$ with the “sources said” route.

    Nice of this skank couple to slam the mother of Kelsey’s children, in public. Praising yourself for
    doing “the right thing” then adding ” but with Camille’s temper”..proof this couple is still rolling in the gutter they met in.

  • Rain

    Sounds unbelievable to me ?

    • Boo

      Good morning love, sounds impossible to me.
      Those bridges are dust!!
      Have a wonderful day sweets xoxo

      • Rain

        Good morning to you too sweetie ??? it doesn’t seem plausible that Katey would share all that information with someone who would leak it ?

        You have a wonderful day too sweetie ???

    • DindiSue

      She got half his 401K recently . , that had to soothe the burn–and piss him off LOL

    • Lea

      Not sure I believe any of this story either.

      • Rain

        It’s all over the place and doesn’t make sense . All these stories come out before any season starts , you notice that ? ?

        • ~Medusa~

          Maybe Kelsey is trying to elbow his way onto RHBH for a few minutes as part of Camille’s SL, to kick start his flagging career.

          • Rain

            Oh my! Imagine that ??. Everything is possible ?

      • Kirby

        Lea ??

    • Kirby

      I said that too ?GMTA