Dolores Catania Let's Discuss: Margaret Josephs Real Housewives of New Jersey - RHONJ Siggy Flicker

Dolores Catania Wants Margaret Josephs To Admit She Doesn’t Like Siggy Flicker!

Dolores Catania and Siggy Flicker are BFF’s so when you mess with one you mess with them both.

However, Real Housewives of New Jersey newbie Margaret Josephs’ wasn’t in on that little tidbit until it was too late.

As well all know, Margaret called Siggy “Soggy Flicker” during the cast trip to Boca Raton, Florida, which didn’t go over well with Dolores.

In fact, Dolores tells Life & Style that she wasn’t buying Margaret’s excuses for going after Siggy and says she only jumped in to defend Siggy from being “ganged up on.”

“Margaret tried to say, ‘I was making light of things.’ No, you weren’t,” Dolores explains. “Just own it. Just say you don’t like Siggy, and I’ll respect you more.”

According to Dolores, Margaret’s been using the nickname “Soggy” ever since Siggy burst into tears after Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice’s infamous cake fight.

Meanwhile, Dolores also claims that Margaret didn’t understand the dynamics between the cast.

Dolores explains that the RHONJ castmates often fight and make up “because there’s history [between them]” and that “Margaret didn’t understand that and doesn’t know that.”

I think Dolores should let Siggy fight her own battles. Dolores says she doesn’t want Siggy being ganged up on but isn’t that what she’s doing by fighting Siggy’s battle for her? I believe Margaret thought she was being funny and didn’t know Siggy was so sensitive about her name. More importantly, I’m so over this drama.

Thoughts on Dolores’ interview? Do you think Margaret intentionally went after Siggy in Boca? Did Margaret shakeup the dynamics on RHONJ?

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  • JD

    DULLores should admit she doesn’t like the others

  • rhfan

    Please…yes Mags should admit she doesn’t like Sig and Sig can admit she doesn’t like Mags. Dolo should then admit she doesn’t like Mags or Danielle. Lol, we get it nobody likes anybody, MOVE ON! As for “history” among the cast, it ain’t good, so really Dolo and the rest should stop bringing that up as an excuse for anything. I’m personally tired of hearing that as a reason why anybody should be “loyal” here.

  • Hanky Panky

    Why does it matter? Siggy has made it quite clear to everyone she doesn’t like Margaret. Would she also like Margaret to act all crazy like Siggy and have melt downs and temper tantrums too?

  • BAPS C

    I think I knew that the first episode that Marg did not like Siggy. She does not like her histrionics.

  • Khipp

    STFU already DullorAss, and have several seats for your more than ample ass. Soggy can fight her own battle with The Marge.

    Margaret is one of the best things that has happened to N.J. in a long time. She’s fun, witty, and seems to not take all the crap that seriously. Good for Marge.

    By the by, if Siggy was soooo offended being called Soggy, why did she print the name SOGGY on her T shirts? Cry baby, who wants everyone to look at memememememememe. Thirsty and hungry. Never misses an opportunity to promote herself. Eh.

  • samael

    FYI…DullAss..Mags does not work for you so…there’s that!

    Mag’s would have to get in line and wait a week to tell Soggy anything…DullAss you are among the 10 (and that # is generous) that like her

    Who likes a cow that sets up two people to publicly shame them..umm…that’s Soggy Pants M.O.

    • Khipp

      Sammy, LOLOL. Destroy The Marge? I think not.

      • samael

        Dull Ass and Soggy are terrified..and see their cheques for next season …flying away ?

    • Lea

      Samel & Khipp, have you read that interview where she goes on about Margaret having lawsuits against her designs? It really seems like she is out to destroy Margaret. Lawsuits like that happen in design, even Ivanka got accused of it with her strappy shoes with tassles.