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Kim Zolciak Gets Major Backlash For Keeping Family Dog That Bit Son!

On a recent episode of Don’t Be Tardy fans witnessed the terrifying attack on Kim Zolciak-Biermann‘s son Kash.

Back in April, Kash was nearly blinded and spent four days in the hospital after being bitten in the face by a dog.

At the time of the attack the details were sketchy, to say the least, but when the episode finally aired it all became crystal clear.

The shocking truth was that the Biermann’s family dog Sinn was the animal that attacked Kash but the bigger shocker was that Kim and Kroy decided to keep the dog, which enraged fans.

“You are a moron to keep the dog that hurt your child. [Child Services] should come take away your kids,” one Twitter user complained, while another wrote, “Stupidity! Animals are unpredictable.”

Meanwhile, others have dubbed Kim and Kroy “horrible, horrible parents” and questioned why they didn’t reveal the truth about the incident when it happened.

The criticism from fans isn’t going over with Kim, who is pissed that people are questioning her parenting skills.

“Kim hates the fact that everyone is accusing her of being a reckless parent, but at the same time, this is the very reason she didn’t want to share all the facts at first,” a source reveals to In Touch. “Kim knew that if people found out it was her family dog that attacked her child, there would have been pressure to remove the dog from her home.”

Yet, fans are the only ones criticising Kim’s choices. Kim’s estranged dad, Joe Zolciak, spoke out about the incident to In Touch.

“If I had a dog that attacked one of my children, it would be gone,” Joe says. Adding that if Kim and Kroy “want to keep the dog that bit my grandson in the face, then shame on them! You don’t know if it’s going to happen again.”

Despite all the judgment, Kim’s good friend and Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star Sheree Whitfield thinks everyone should cut Kim some slack.

“I’m sure it was a hard, long-thought-out decision to keep the dog,” Sheree tells In Touch. “Only Kim and her family know the dog’s normal temperament and behavioral patterns, and obviously they feel comfortable. She and her husband know better than anyone what’s good for their family.”

However, experts say the Biermann’s dog could attack again; adding that it’s likely for a dog to bite when provoked by a child.

“The likelihood is that this dog is going to bite again and that it is dangerous around children,” Caryl Wolff, a dog trainer tells In Touch.

Adding that if it were her dog, she “would not keep it.” Georgia based animal behavioral expert Angie Woods agrees telling, In Touch, an attack “certainly could happen again if [the dog] did it once. Quite frankly I would probably lean toward not having the dog in the house.”

In spite of all the warnings, Kim is keeping Sinn. “We love Sinn, he’s part of our family,” Kim explains, who reveals that she has spoken with various professionals before deciding to keep Sinn.

“Kim is a good mom,” says the source. “But after everything that happened to Kash, it’s hard not to question where her mind is at right now. Hopefully, she’s not making a terrible mistake.”

I’m torn over this. While I’d hate to see any animal put down or thrown in a shelter I also would be scared to have a dog, who is known to attack, around my family. Perhaps Kim and Kroy know best and have a good plan in place to keep their children safe.

Are you surprised Kim and Kroy decided to keep the dog that attacked their son? Were Kim and Kroy wrong for keeping Sinn? Sound off below!

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  • The kids are little and that is how the dog said stop! Its only gonna take one more time for one of those little ones to get to snuggly or in the dogs face and it will speak in the same way. No animal would be around my children if I wasn’t 100 percent i could trust it. Kroy , grow some balls!

  • Kim is a trash box and her kids are following in her footsteps. Poor Kroy he’s dead inside and is a shell of the man who he use to be. Even his ass is gone.

  • This bitch needs to be put down and I’m not talking about the pet. The dog along with the other pets need to be re-homed. But we all know this bitch’s brains aren’t in her head but her vagina, along with Goober’s. Kim’s feral brood is very rough with the pets and at times cruel. They need to learn how to treat animals, with respect and it’s never going to happen under the tutelage of dumb and dumber.

  • If I had to make a guess about what happened…. knowing and seeing how those kids run around and act like their hair is on Fire half the time I would say he did something to the dog to provoke the bite? That’s just my opinion! and ya know how that goes! They are like a$$holes everyone has one! And that’s why at the end of the day we can state whatever we want it’s kim and Kroys choice to keep the dog so everyone should prolly step back and chill out! I’m sure if someone was watching every move of all of us less than 5 percent would win parent of the year!!:0

    • The explanation was that the leaf blower was going, which the dog was scared of and the kids were playing with the dog and the dog bit the child…the trainer explained how good a dogs hearing is, etc and how it put the dog in a frenzied state and the dog lashed out at the chid….he went on to teach what had been done wrong in the situation, etc…there is a muzzle available that keeps the dog from biting but the dog is still able to drink…this was all told to them on the episode I saw. I am sure they are now exercising great caution with the dog, esp when he is allowed to be around the children. A dog, at the end of the day, is still an animal and no animal should ever truly be trusted with a child…it could happen to anyone.

  • I have to disagree with the masses. If you have a dog that you love and it accidentally attacks that does not stop you from loving the dog. I was bitten by our family dog and had to get stitches but when my parents tried to get rid of the dog I was even more upset than after the attack. We kept our dog and it never bit me or anyone else again as I believe it truly was an accident the first time. We had our beautiful baby boy for an additional 10 years (until he passed) with no incident. I think the main point was if it was an attack or an accidental bite. I believe there is a difference. Until you have had it happen to you I think it is hard to really give an opinion.

    • That’s a valid opinion but in your case you expressed your desire to keep the dog. Do we know how Kash feels ?

      • To answer your question Rain, Yes Kash Loves Sinn like you wouldn’t believe and was so upset when he couldn’t be with him while they kept him with a trainer until they decided what to do. Now I completely understand the Love of a pet ie:Family member. BUT if I had a dog that mangled my child’s face and almost caused him to go blind that would be the end of the dog for good. In my opinion it is in fact an animal no matter how you slice it. Once an animal gets a taste for actual blood I think something changes in them. I am a dog lover, owning two of my own but I am also a Mother and if either one of my fur babies bit my child especially to the extreme that this dog did, I’m SORRY but it would be sent packing to the pound ASAP. There honestly wouldn’t even be a discussion it would just be done. I know to some it may sound cruel but my Son is way more important to me than any animal could ever be. It’s sad but true and I like Kim and Kroy, I like the whole Family but I think this is a HUGE risk especially with so many little ones running around.

        • Very nice post Sadie ! I’m an animal lover too but I think I may also have to find a new home for that pet… I would be way too worried for my young children . I’m not saying it’s an easy decision by any means because pets are family members too ??

          • Thank you Rain, And yes this is a tough one but I’d have to stand my ground regardless of how upsetting it would be.

            • I would do the same . I would try though to find another home first before taking to the pound. This way at least the kids can still visit and see the dog once it’s been properly trained in the future xoxo

              • Hi Gorgeous! This is straight out of the trump playbook of “ANY attention is good” it doesn’t have to follow moral ethics; it simply needs to be attention getting. Sad.

                Love you kiddo ?????

                • Love you too Q-T ???
                  Kim is a sad situation all around !! Sheesh , what is going on ???
                  I am not sure I will be able to keep up with this season with Nene AND Kim ! It’s too much ??? I hope you had a lovely thanksgiving cutie ?????

    • I agree with you as well. I am pretty sure Kim has said Kash wanted to keep the dog and kept asking for him, and that was the primary reason behind their decision to keep him. There is a difference between an attack and an accident, and unfortunately dogs can only communicate with their mouths, be it barking, growling, or biting.

  • if this happened to me as a little boy…and watched my parents cuddle and feed the same dog that chewed on my face..understand..I would be confused and scared …every second the dog eat and slept in the same home.

    • Hi Samael! And even though she claims that it doesn’t bother her son, there is no way that the boy is not scared of this dog……

      • Exactly srt_3!

        I don’t understand how parents can do this without conscience…so this also means (I am assuming) that these parents did not report their own dog to the S.P.C.A. So when this happens again, either to their own children..again..or a neighbour..there will be no recorded history of this dogs violent history!

  • I am not torn. She should have gotten rid of the dog, plain and simple. Regardless of my opinion, she can’t be upset that people are commenting, whether good or bad, when she lives her ENTIRE LIFE on snapchat, Instagram, and all over social media…….I would have gotten rid of my family dog, whom I love very much, in a nano-second if he bit my child in the face. IN THE FACE!!!! I can not think of one positive characteristic or attribute to say this vile woman has.

    • Thank you. I have to believe anyone who feels otherwise doesn’t have children. It shouldn’t even be up for discussion. It’s not like it’s a Jack Russell terrier that nipped at his hand. Let’s get real here. (Hi btw, hope you are well!)