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Kelly Dodd Discuses RHOC Season 13 Casting; Plus Reveals What Really Went Down With Vicki Gunvalson’s Health Scare In Iceland!

Season 12 of the Real Housewives of Orange County was a shit-show but there’s still plenty of behind the scenes juicy scoop that fans haven’t been privy to that is until now.

Kelly Dodd, who is infamous for spilling all her co-stars’ secrets, is spilling the tea on season 12 of the Real Housewives of Orange County.

During an appearance on the Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald podcast, Kelly got real about all things OC and spilled so much tea we’re still cleaning up the mess!

Kelly opened up about the truth concerning Vicki Gunvalson’s health scare in Iceland, her showdown with Shannon Beador at The Quiet Woman, her season 13 casting predictions, and so much more!

To start off, Kelly talks about the cast vacation to Iceland, calling it “That was the worst f****ng trip of my life.”

While Kelly got plenty of flack for not rushing to the hospital to be by her BFF Vicki Gunvaslon’s side after her health scare, the outspoken OC star claims she has a good explanation for not being super worried about Vicki.

“This is behind closed doors, but I do have ADD,” Kelly confesses. Adding, “Vicki and I didn’t sleep for days, and those bitches slept. These bitches get paid a lot of money, and they went to sleep. We went out, and they went to sleep, so I said, ‘Here, have an Adderall.’ So I give Vicki an Adderall, and she goes ‘I’m having a heart attack.’ I go, ‘No you’re not, bitch. You’re just having an anxiety attack.’ It’s waking you up, bitch, right? Then I go, ‘I have a Xanax,’ so I knew she was fine.”

Kelly also admitted, “I was hungry.”

As for why Vicki put a towel over her head a la Michael Jackson as she went to the hospital, Kelly says “The producers told her she looked like shit. I swear to god. Stephanie put the robe over her head because she looked like shit. I wish they showed the bloopers of what goes down because that’s even more funny. I think it’s way more hilarious than the show.”

Then Kelly backtracked to her infamous showdown with Shannon at The Quiet Woman, admitting “I was shit faced. I was on a boat with free drinks. If it’s free, it’s for me. I had to go pee so bad, and they’re like -what are you doing here?- the production- because everyone thinks it was like fake. It was not set up.”

She continued, “Let me explain because no one knows this. My girlfriend’s sister is from Philadelphia, and she’s like ‘I’m a really huge fan of the show, ’ and I was like ‘Those bitches are filming at The Quiet Woman right now.’ And she goes, ‘Oh my god. Can we see?’ And I look like shit. I didn’t have any makeup on, and my hair was fucked up. And she’s like ‘please.’”

As all RHOC fans know, Kelly did show up and shocked producers in the process, who were desperate to mic Kelly before she ran into the rest of the cast.

“‘I have to pee now, ’ and they’re like ‘We need to mic you.’ And I’m like ‘No. Fuck that. I’m going to pee right now.’ That’s when I ran into Shannon, and I wasn’t even mic’ed, so it wasn’t fake at all,'” Kelly explains.

Then it was time for fan questions, and that’s where things get good.

One fan asked, “Who from all the franchises needs to go?” With Kelly quickly responding,“Peggy [Sulahian] and Meghan [Edmonds], the boring ass bitch that she is.”

Kelly also took the opportunity to throw additional shade at Meghan candle party, telling fans “It wasn’t even her candle party. It is her friend that owns it. Stupid, fake bitch.”

If you think Meghan is the only one who felt Kelly’s wrath think again, earlier in the evening Kelly also made some confounding statements about Lydia McLaughlin.

“No one likes Lydia, but I have to say she’s probably the best. She’s just genuinely like a nice, good person. She really is,” Kelly explained.

The podcast took an odd turn when Kelly revealed that Vicki’s new neighbor in Coto is none other than former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong.

“Her husband is the nicest guy; I’m like how are you putting up with it? She must be doing anal,” Kelly joked.

But don’t expect Taylor to be joining RHOC anytime soon.

“Fuck no,” Kelly told one fan who asked if Taylor was an RHOC season 13 contender.

However, Kelly does think that Heather Dubrow might be back for season 13.

“Heather Dubrow would be more in the mix. I think Heather Dubrow might come back. I see her every morning at orange theory. Bitch, don’t you have a 10,000 square foot gym with a private trainer? What are you doing at the orange theory?” Kelly revealed.

To wrap things up, Kelly revealed a very interesting tidbit of RHOC info; admitting that she interviewed to be on RHOC way before she actually joined the cast.

“They picked Lydia over me when she was on there first,” Kelly confessed.

I can’t believe Kelly gave Vicki Adderall and Xanax but it makes so much sense! But that woman does not need ANY pills. I would love to see Heather return as I’ve stated numerous times. Yet I still don’t get Kelly’s beef with Meghan – it went from 0 to 60 so fast! Let’s hope season 13 is WAY better than season 12!

Thoughts on Kelly’s confessions? Do you think Heather will return to RHOC? Is Lydia one of the least liked OC Housewives? Can you believe Taylor lives next door to Vicki? Would you want to see Taylor on RHOC? Are you surprised Kelly gave Vicki Adderall and Xanax?

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  • Why is she not being arrested for saying she gave someone HER prescription drugs?
    That’s a crime, if one of us did something like that we’d be sitting in a jail cell.
    And than to top it off she’s shooting her mouth off that Tamara is during steroids, don’t get me wrong I’m not a fan of Tamara’s & I sure ain’t a fan of anyone during steroids, but there’s a big difference in putting drugs in your own body & givng your drugs to someone else…..she doesn’t know if screechy could have had a worse reaction!
    She didn’t go to the hospital because she was afraid she get caught!!

  • Dude, really ?
    The OG of the OC who owns insurance company , pops random pills? Nice .
    And Kel- just stop.

  • No wonder Killy gets so extra (nasty) when drinking. (Besides drinking to excess)
    She’s drinking on meds.
    My mom gets nasty when she takes too much Xanax…. no self control.

  • Hmmmm… If Vickileaks had never taken Adderall or Xanax before, it was unwise to take them in on a trip far from home. It actually makes no sense. Why would the bovine bitch take medication from Kelly, who is hardly a medical professional??? The Adderall probably created heart palpitations. It could have led to a worse outcome than what transpired. Curses – Kelly didn’t complete her mission to eradicate Shrieki from the RHOC !!!!!!

    • These women were acting like boozy sorority girls who are popping pills just for fun! I’m assumitn Kelly has a prescription for all those meds?

      • They were acting like 14 year old girls. Shrieki told Andy that at 55, she is much more settled & mature. Taking Kelly’s meds certainly doesn’t exemplify that. I don’t even always take medication that is prescribed to me, due to possible side effects. I certainly wouldn’t take meds from prescribed to someone else.

    • I’m now convinced the cancer scammer is well acquainted with popping pills and the reason she had no qualms about taking them in Iceland. Knowing she has a heart condition. Not heart palpitations, she took too many pills i.e. OD’d!

      • I think you give Shrieki too much credit in the area of ‘thought’. Her actions showed that she didn’t engage her brain prior to swallowing Kelly’s pills.
        I maintain that any normal adult would first consider the ramifications of side effects before taking another person’s meds.

    • Hey Medusa. Hope Thanksgiving was happy. Of course it would cause heart palpitations, in a normal person. Adderall is speed! But since VickiLeaks is heartless, no problema. You have to have a heart to have a heart attack. That lets Vicki out.

      • HAH!!!! That’s a very good point, Tapestry! I had a very nice Thanksgiving. I hope you had a good T-Day, too!!!

  • Again, Kelly is a very dangerous person. She just spews out crap like a small child with no filter. Because Heather Dubrow lives in a mansion, she can’t go to Orange Theory? Why does she spew all the hate at Meghan? Because she’s not a raging, angry alcoholic? And how old is Kelly? She’s hammered because she was on a boat with free drinks? The woman has zero self control. Any member on the cast who ever tells her anything or does anything in her presence is nuts because you know it will come out of her mouth during some drunken rant.

    I really wish the Dubrows had sued her over her comment on WWHL. She needs to learn a lesson.

    • MG this woman has no class and you’re right – no filter. Imagine her on dates? Actually Bravo should have a dating show with her, I would watch that train wreck!

    • The Dubrows would never in a million years sue her over her WWHL comment because that would keep the contested phrase “…killed a patient” in the press, online and all over SM hundreds of thousands of times, repeated and repeated ’til the end of time, which is the last thing they’d ever want.

      • Oh, I know. I totally get that. Everyone learned a lesson from the smelly lady parts lawsuit. I just want there to be repercussions for Kelly’s outbursts.

        • Yup! Joanna/Brandi is exactly what I was thinking of. There are additional hazards. If someone DID die on his operating table– I mean, it happens–it could come out in deposition and potentially end two careers. PLUS, the same deposition would be asking him about other bad surgical results.. That’s why these cases are shut down so fast with fast settlements and confidentiality agreements.

    • What coomment? I don’t keep with this nutjob she’s way too disgusting in her words and actions for me. But what sis she say about the Dubrow’s

    • She really needs to shut up! I hope her doctor makes her come to their office daily for adderall. Who needs friends like Kelly when u already are hated. Good friend she is!

  • I’m so glad all the ladies moved

    Time to get rid of Lydia, Peggy and Meghan they don’t really fit in anymore
    Meghan is annoying and shit stirrer, Lydia annoys me and Peggy just isn’t suitable for OC
    She would have been better in shahs of sunset