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Does Katharine McPhee Want A Baby With David Foster?

Baby fever?

It looks like Katharine McPhee is ready to take her six-month long romance with David Foster to the next level in a major way.

According to insiders, the 33-year-old singer and actress is desperate to have a baby with David.

“She wants a child with David,” a source reveals to In Touch.

Sources say that Katharine thinks David would be a great dad because he’s “different than any other guy she’s dated before. He’s a gentleman and has a life. She also finds him very attractive and would for her kids to have his looks and confidence.”

Despite, the 68-year-old composer already having five daughters from several of his previous marriage as well as three step-children from his marriage with former RHOBH star Yolanda Foster, sources claim he’s ready to have another child.

“She’s practically begging David to make her a mom, and he’s all for it,” says the source, who adds that Kat doesn’t want to waste any time getting pregnant.

In fact, Katharine is ready to have a baby before getting married.

“Right now Katharine’s more concerned about becoming a parent than walking down the aisle with David,” explains the source.

I don’t know if I see David wanting to have a child at 68. From what we saw on RHOBH, David likes to be the “King” or the center of his wife’s world so I think a kid, or an illness like Yolanda’s, would throw a wrench in his lifestyle.

Thoughts on this latest rumor? Is Katharine is begging to have a baby with David? Do you believe David wants to have a baby at 68?

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  • ~~ La erik ~~

    Ew! What about David’s two famous daughters? Do they have babies? Spoiled bitches.

  • Mel2244

    Just a thought?? Christophe why is this on here this is about housewives on this blog I thought and he is neither and either she furthermore who cares if she wants a baby with the crypt keeper I’m sure there’s a different blogs that could be on

  • samael

    wow …what a horror flick. Thinking for a whole second that the cryptkeeper is capable of considering others existence in his universe…uh..nope..????

    weirdest “sources said”

  • ????????Ð??Ð????

    Please, NO!!!! I can’t imagine King David would ever have another child. Katherine is shaking the wrong tree if she is looking to conceive imo.

  • Sugar Mama

    What is it with this chickie poo and her very old boyfriends

    • Rain

      Who was she dating before ?

      • ????????Ð??Ð????
        • Rain

          I don’t know this guy ?. So I guess she prefers older men ?

      • Sugar Mama

        Well I know her longtime boyfriend turned husband was like 20 years older Nick someone I forget his name

        • Rain

          Oh so she’s a serial daddy’s girl or something ?

        • missroxmiss

          serious daddy issues .. I had a freind who went after old married men and she told me in confidence her dad molested her ..her mother had health issues and she became a fi;; in wife. and I did not reveal names so it’s a secret I hated keeping for her. so anytime time I see a young woman chasing wrinkled old men it makes me sick.

      • Lea

        She also supposedly dated her cast mate on the show Scorpions, Elyes Gabel, and the married producer on the previous show she was on Smash, Michael Morris. She is an opportunist, plain and simple.

        • Rain

          Yes !!!! I remember now she dated the Scorpion guy !! Arrgh! She’s one of those

    • ????????Ð??Ð????

      Daddy issues.

      • Sugar Mama


  • ~Medusa~

    NO, I don’t believe the narcissist wants to have another baby…

    • Rain

      This is fake news

  • bella


  • Rain