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Lydia McLaughlin Calls Meghan King Edmonds Hypocritical and Close Minded!

Lydia McLaughlin didn’t like Meghan King Edmonds pointing out some possible character flaws during part one of the Real Housewives of Orange County.

During part one of the reunion, Meghan King Edmonds called Lydia close-minded and insinuated that Lydia gets all her thoughts from the bible instead of using her brain.

Not surprisingly, Lydia and many fans didn’t take kindly to Meghan’s attacks. In fact, Meghan received quite the backlash from fans over her comments; forcing her to release a statement clarifying her reunion comments.

“I have an incredibly fulfilling and strong faith in God and in that faith I adamantly believe all groups of people should be treated equally. I believe that right and wrong don’t need to be such a gray area if you just listen to the heart that God gave you and I trust that whatever faith you follow – or do not follow – that will you accept love above all,” Meghan previously stated.

Meanwhile, Lydia tackled Meghan’s comments in her most recent Bravo blog; calling Meghan hypocritical and close-minded.

Check out Lydia’s blog post below!

I went into the reunion optimistic. I didn’t want to expect fighting and drama. I was hoping to talk about differences and hopefully move forward and make strides in friendships.

When Meghan came after me, I was really surprised. She had asked me to lunch a few weeks earlier and never mentioned feeling upset or hurt by my psychic comment. I was perfectly nice to her psychic and went to her dinner party because she was my friend. I even flew home early from my Aunt’s funeral that same day just to make it to her party…

In the interviews, we are asked our opinion on things. I do not go to psychics and do not wish to participate in their readings. Meghan doesn’t believe in Jesus. That’s her opinion. She doesn’t come to my Bible studies and that’s ok. It’s ironic to me that Meghan wants me to be so open-minded when she clearly has a closed mind about religious points of view.

I was clearly flustered with Meghan’s hurtful comments to me and then when Shannon started disagreeing with me, I became overly defensive and combative. I was hoping to apologize to Shannon going into the day, but that obviously didn’t happen. We had a rough start at a friendship, but it really turned around with our time together in Iceland. Looking back, I am sorry if I hurt her feelings and I hope to grow as friends. We even ended the reunion with a hug.

There’s definitely no love lost between these two!

Thoughts on Lydia’s blog? Do you think Meghan is hypocritical and close-minded? Are you Team Meghan or Team Lydia? Sound off below!

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  • I don’t like everything Lydia has said, how she acts, decisions she makes, and she isn’t my cup of tea. She is confusing to me sometimes and I feel like she is very judgmental in certain situations, but so am I and so are all of us, Christian or not. How is name calling and harsh judgement about her any different than the accusations against her? Can’t all of us who call ourselves Christians have a little more grace and understanding with our words. We as Christians all fall and all make mistakes, why can’t she and still call herself a Christian? I hope she is able to come back and we see a more understanding Lydia next season. I have faith that my fellow Christian living her mistakes on a larger scale than I can be an example of humility and self betterment in the future. #maybeteamlydianextseason

  • Oh, puh-leaseee!! Meh’s assessment of the Keebler Elfin Twerp was spot on. Lydiot is the most immature, close minded fool there is !!! Her number one priority this season was to put HERSELF ahead of everyone else. “It’s MY birthday!! We celebrate ME!” “My Mom pays for MY clothes. Why not?” Has this thirty something year old toddler forgotten that she should be an adult and pay for her own goddamn clothes???? Her childishness & trouble making behavior placed her close to the bottom of the pile. She was only one notch above the cancer scammer, Shrieki.

  • I’m a Christian too but Lydia is kid and doesn’t belong with these women! Lydia already knows physics are wrong so why go? Keep your butt at home and you don’t have any issues! And Lydia THERE NO FREIDNSHIP FAIRYS! that is so goofy and stupid! And as Christians we don’t judge others Lydia! Maven was wrong with what she said 100% that’s another Wack-job kid these women were not even born when the rest were already in Jr. High and Vicki being the oldest was probably in 9th grade when these two children were born. What I’m saying is they clash they’re from different generations. And it shows I’m 48 and I don’t hang out with little girls this age why would I? I have nothing in common with that age group. I’m just saying these two can’t keep up with the rest of the women. Lydia we Christ is suppose to shine through us by our actions, by our walk little girl, judging is not up to us. You already knew that going to a physic is wrong but you still went to create drama. That’s so immature! And the mom with the fairy dust is one Wack-job and a half and belongs in the vault with the rest of the Wack-jobs like Jaquline! Just keep um pilling in there Andy till you get it right!

    • Lydia says she didn’t expect fighting or drama at the reunion. Is this kid for real! That’s what reunions are about you dummy hellooooo have not ever watched one Lydia?

  • Lydia is the one who constantly uses the Bible to explain what she will and/or won’t do. It’s not surprising that someone would assume she does not think but let’s the Bible dictate to her.

  • I know I am in the minority here, but I don’t mind Lydia or her weirdness. What I am so frustrated with seeing every where, is people attacking someone who is Christian and isn’t afraid to show that they are. I don’t find anything wrong with Lydia being honest about not being sure how she feels about situations (i.e. the drag show, which btw, dressing like a man to go to one is a joke in itself) but that didn’t bother anyone? She was present and tried to make the most of it. Just like any of the rest of us who go somewhere they aren’t quite comfortable at. It seems that if you’re views don’t line up a certain way, people attack you. Lydia never said anything negative about the “psychic” or whoever, she simply said she doesn’t agree with it. She was at Meghans house around one, she was at the drag show around one, so I am lost as to why Meghan is causing such a huff all of a sudden.

    • I don’t think people are attating her for being Christian I think what makes people dislike Lydia is she is using Christianity to suit her and that’s very wrong. Why not just walk the walk and let Christ shine through her actions. What I mean by this is people that constantly remind others they are Christians are usually the shadiest. As a Christian myself and trust me I need a lot of cleaning up and have a lot of stains and I need God’s Grace in my life because HE’S the only one that can clean me up. So please don’t think I’m saying I’m better than anyone or anything like that, that’s not what I mean. It’s a Christian’s demeanor should speak for itself without having to bring up that that person is a Christian. Lydia uses Christianity to her advantage and that’s wrong. Like the whole physic thing could have been avoided if Lydia had just said “I’m sorry I can’t go” there end of story no need for explanation of why she was uncomfortable being there or whatever her problem is. Lydia is very immature and so what if she’s a mother herself now days 12yr olds are mothers and by means are they mature. Lydia has very childish behavior and it’s so annoying to watch a kid on a show about grown women who BTW already act like they’re in high school and that’s bad enough without adding immature Lydia to the mix.

    • That’s because Magen is a dumb as*s herselfJanet, and she’s immature too. Magen never makes sense either and is annoying. Magen tries to interjection herself where she doesn’t belong to have a storyline and that sticks out like a sore thumb trying so hard to be s part of anything as long as she has camera time.
      I think its safe to say this show is officially in the gutter. I didn’t watch this season like past seasons, I would just give it a couple of minutes as I was flipping channels get bored and move on to something else more entertaining

  • So……because Detective Neck doesn’t come to Teefs McGee’s Bible studies, she’s the enemy? This dumb bitch acts, talks and communicates like she just fell off of Planet Dumb. Get a clue Lydiot, people don’t need to constantly talk about God and/or Jesus to actually believe in them. In fact, it’s the preferred method, as opposed to your judgmental brand of “Christianity”. Go FUCK yourself on a rainbow, with a unicorn. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/63697a9e2ed43376b6b05f20320c8d5a35b1ea466e001987f17482912313e297.gif

    • What I don’t get is she accepts these invitations and then admits she is not sure if the bible frowns upon it and then acts all distressed and awkward. I swear she goes just to judge others.

      • (((((((BOOM)))))))
        She uses these events/situations to look down and find fault with others.
        How about for once, just shut your mouf. It’s what Jesus would do. No judgement, just acceptance and an open heart!

    • Hehe Teef McGees ? that cracked me! Yah that’s my feeling too FiddleDee, those that use their religious beliefs to admonish others by the Word. I’m a Christian too meaning I deeply love Christ, but it’s the men who wrote the book revised and edited the book that gives me great pause. Stop stumping and bumping the Book on others, you know,,,,politics, sex, religion ? Just saying,,,more walk, less talk

  • Lydiot is choosing to use her faith as a storyline – go for it

    two people on this site posted
    – what meghan actually stated
    – which bible verse Lydiot is reacting to

    Lydiot knows for a fact that Meghan is not slamming religon or god or jesus, but Lydiot is trying to spin it that way. wow..how low can one go…trashbag and gutterfeeder level Lydiot!

  • I do not like Mommy Meagan and I do not like Loony Lydia. With that said i think they both tried to create drama this season to stay relevent. I would say that neither of them made sense.

  • Considering she says really stupid things and doesn’t makes sense half the time, I get why the bible reference would upset people. I can’t think of any group of people who would want to be lumped into her stupidity.
    And I honestly believe she is only apologizing to Shannon because viewers saw the game she was playing and she was really mean, hurtful and continually instigated with Shannon.