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Did Danielle Staub Lie About Her Fiancé’s Former Job With the NY Yankees? Kim G Says YES! Plus Kim Hints About Her Plan To Take Danielle Down!

Kim G is back and she’s coming for Danielle Staub.

It’s no secret that Kim and Danielle have a rocky past and that there is no love lost between the former friends.

However, it turns out that Kim G is helping Danielle’s ex-Joe Masalta sue the Real Housewives of New Jersey star.

Joe is suing Danielle for allegedly bailing on his charity and pocketing the cash. At this time Daniele has been served and is set to appear in court.

It was rumored that Joe had help bringing this lawsuit against Danielle, but no one knew who it was. I for one had my suspicions but more on that later.

Kim G has been working behind the scenes; helping Joe file the lawsuit and paying his court fees.

“I connected with Joe on Twitter and found out he was wronged by Danielle in reference to an appearance fee for charity. We met and hit it off, and he decided he wanted to file a civil suit against her. Doesn’t surprise me what she did as this is her M.O. I financed him in regards to court fees and going forward. He needed help going forward filing the suit, and I helped him. I also went to the courthouse to support him,” Kim tells Perez Hilton.

Adding that Danielle also swindled songwriter Adam Barta.

“I believe she has also wronged singer/songwriter Adam Barta in writing a song with him that she never released.”

Meanwhile, Kim also claims on Twitter that Danielle lied about her current fiancé being a former New York Yankees player during an October appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen

Not surprisingly, Kim has also reconnected with former RHONJ star Jacqueline Laurita and claims that Danielle is just using Teresa Giudice and will eventually screw her over.

Okay, I have so much to say. A few months back, Kim G and this Adam guy started following the site and me personally on Twitter, which I thought was odd. Then, a few weeks ago I received several curious emails about Danielle’s exes lawsuit including a photo and audio clip. A carrot was dangled in front of my face, but I wasn’t ready to take a bite because my gut told me something shady was going on. I was given a picture of Danielle’s ex at the courthouse with a woman, who was blacked out in the photo when I questioned who the woman was I was told it was someone close to the RHONJ cast. My instinct told me it was either Jacqueline or Kim G. And clearly I was right. I even messaged Kim G about this, and she played dumb, so I moved on.

I also reached out to our RHONJ sources who were dumbfounded by it all.

See the photo and audio clip below.

This topic is just heating up, and I want to discuss it more on the AllAboutTRH podcast, so stay tuned.

Thoughts on this story? Are you surprised Kim G is behind it all? Do you think Kim G and Jacqueline are working together to take Danielle down? Why do you think Kim G is still so invested in Danielle?

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  • ScarlettDrawl

    Doesn’t this woman have anything going on in her own life?

  • michers

    First of all , this woman is nasty .
    She is financing men to fight women ? All to get laid and knock her cobwebs off her whooha I’m sure ! Secondly , are there people who actually believe her????? She’s been nothing but a cringeworthy shrew since she got the boot from this show . Who the F has that much time to trash other women ? Ugh . So gross, and she was booted YEARS ago . Why is she getting articles?

  • September24

    Did KimG let Andy know that Ms Marco lied to his face too? Or is she just targeting Danielle? Save it KimG. No-one cares.

  • BAPS C

    Kim G is nutty. Danielle never said he played for New York Yankees on Watch what Happens.Michael R. asked her if bf played for the Yankees and she said yes, which is true. He played for minor leagues. Danielle should of elaborated ,but she did not lie.

  • CsqD

    Kim G(ranny buttcrack) is just as pathetic as she was straddling a stripper pole! Keep working that pole Kim! Maybe some desperate man will think you’re sexy! ???

    • Sugar Mama

      Granny buttcrack ???

  • melissa

    The story gets even shadier. Kim D is allegedly very jealous and pretending to be Kim G on the app “TV party”. An account named “ItsKimG” on the app is posting things such as, “This kid from the Wonder movie looks like he crawled out of Danielle’s a–hole”. The account also leaves comments for Kim D, saying how she should be a full time housewife, to which Kim D responds. Coincidentally, Kim D has the real Kim G blocked on her twitter. So why is she interacting with a fake account on one app that’s praising her, and blocked the real one??

    • luvs2ride

      She’s deranged.

      • Khipp

        She’s a hungry old bag looking for attention.

        Granny Pants, go to Bingo at the Senior Center. Eh.

  • Khipp

    Just for shits and giggles I’m posting this disgusting display of Granny Pants trying to hump a pole. Gag.


  • Jeanine Garner-Andres

    I just looked up Staubs current fiancé’s mlb record. Looks like Danielle didn’t completely lie… he played as a pitcher for 2 years in the 70’s in the minors for the Yankees. Doesn’t mean he wore the famous striped jersey…but in a way he played for the “back-up” teams for the Yankees?
    Kim G needs to save her money and move on. I’m not a Staub fan, but I don’t think she needs to have the haters go to such extreme measures to be noticed/ seen in the media.

    • Mar

      Very true! It like Kim G really this is all you can get? Danielle did not lie. Michael R asked her if her boyfriend played for the Yankees and she said yes. He played for the Yankee minor league. I am thinking these women(Jac and Kim G) are out for Danielle because she knows every little thing about them.

  • Khipp
    • luvs2ride

      Since this shit for brains has money to burn, perhaps she should the mortgage on the Laurita dungeon. No one that lives there does.

      • Khipp

        Bunch of slack asses, the Lurkers.

  • katie

    something to know, adam barta is Kim G’s BROTHER. so i really don’t believe that story, very shady and full of holes.

    • samael

      Good afternoon Katie!

      wow, that is awesome information, thanks! geez she is such a pile of crap!

    • Liza Ebri

      I don’t think this is true. He is like half her age and no record of that anywhere. He is the guy that did all those HORRID songs with Honey Boo Boo and Tan Mom, so doing a song with Danielle isn’t far off.

      • luvs2ride

        Now that’s funny!!!!

    • michers

      Yeah they’re just oddly close . He’s been her bitch boy puppet trashing Teresa and now Danielle . It’s just pathetic

      • Liza Ebri

        I don’t think he’s ever publicly bashed either one of them. It’s actually odd I went on his timeline and couldn’t find anything either way supporting or against Kim. She just tags him in everything. I wonder if there’s more to it.

        • michers

          He definitely used to , when Teresa ‘s troubled became public and Kim wouldn’t STHU

  • Ronnie

    Isn’t Kim Geriatric living in an old folks home, in the memory care wing?

    • Khipp

      Don’t know, but she should be.

      • Ronnie

        Lol. ??

  • samael

    Yeah, Jack Ass was eager to bash Danielle on twitter about this…I don’t understand why a stranger would pay for another stranger’s …anything?

    KimG’s twitter timeline is delusional – she is major obsessed with Danielle. I remember reading the tweets about Danielle being sued – and good for Danielle not taking the bait on twitter to respond to Jack Ass or KimG!

    these slags needs to find a different..and less violent hobby..Danielle has no bones about ‘knowing people” that help her solve issues https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a684f983854f711a367e4fd53f520472d092e105a9c59a1ec2efda71d7cfd36f.gif

  • bella

    Kim G needs a new hobby.
    Like hammering nails into her fingers and mouth.