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Kelly Dodd and Gretchen Rossi Have Massive Social Media Showdown!

Kelly Dodd and Gretchen Rossi recently got into a massive social media showdown!

The showdown between Kelly and Gretchen started when the Instagram account RHOCBravo posted a photo claiming that season 7 of the Real Housewives of Orange County was the highest rated season ever.

Season 7 included castmembers Gretchen Rossi, Tamra Judge, Vicki Gunvalson, Heather Dubrow, Alexis Bellino and is rumored to have had an average of 1,942,652 viewers per episode.

[READ: This info is correct until proven otherwise. If anyone has information contradicting this you can send it to me and i’ll check it out/update this. this info is from national television cable ratings. UPDATE: GO TO MY STORY or SEE MY LAST COMMENT if you don’t believe the ratings.] new fact post after a long time of not doing it. all of my previous ones are tagged under #rhocfact as well. decided to bring it back after about 90% voted for it to return on the polls i had in my story a few days ago. bear with me on the graphics because i’m still figuring out how i want to do it lol. can everyone read it okay though? also, comment question ideas/things you’d like to know 🙂 like zodiac signs, etc, idrk ? – – { #gretchenrossi #rhoc #tamrajudge #vickigunvalson #alexisbellino #heatherdubrow #bravo #bravotv #realhousewives #realhousewivesoforangecounty }

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Well, this news didn’t sit well with Kelly, who called bullshit on the claims; commenting “@RHOCBravo you’re getting your statistics from wiki!! You’re a joke!! Is this Slade??”

Not surprisingly, Gretchen didn’t take kindly to Kelly’s shade and shot back. If you don’t know Kelly and Gretchen have become friendly over the last two years through mutual pal Vicki Gunvalson.

“@rhoc_kellyddodd why the hell would you write that Kelly? What’s the shade about? Not cool that a fan had to tell me your throwing shade on my man on here #disappointed,” Gretchen wrote.

Kelly quickly fired back, avoiding blame in typical Kelly fashion, while throwing some extra shade Gretchen and Slade’s way.

“@gretchenrossi someone told me that…not throwing shade at your man!! He’s not your husband not married no kids don’t worry babe!! It’s all good!”

Kelly’s defense didn’t sit well with Gretchen, who continued to question Kelly’s motives. “@rhoc_kellyddodd so because we have had issues with infertility (that you are well aware of and you know have been extremely difficult for us) and haven’t gotten married yet but been together for 8 yrs, that makes him not my man? Do you even know how insensitive that is? What is up with you girl? So not cool the mean, insensitive comments you are making right now.”

However, Kelly didn’t seem phased and continued to go after Gretchen; encouraging her to get married then try for a baby. Yet, Kelly didn’t stop there and then told Gretchen she’s wasting her time with Slade while also claiming his “genetics are whacked.”

“I wish you the best to have a baby!! Perhaps get married first, and it will happen.!! Best of Luck!!” Kelly told Gretchen. “I had infertility problems, and once I got married, it happened…good luck wishing you all the best.”

Adding, “Seriously Gretchen you are damn near 40!! If u want a baby it’s not going to happen with Slade…his genetics are whacked…I’ve told you this in confidence…you are wasting your years! Your ship is sailing girl! And when you’re 60 and kidless…I was the one who told you so…”

Gretchen wrapped up the social media showdown with Kelly calling her an “asshole.” Gretchen didn’t stop there and pointed out that Kelly’s behavior is probably the reason why she’s getting divorced and is estranged from her whole family.

“@rhoc_kellyddodd wow….you have beyond crossed a line with your hurtful words. His genetics have nothing to do with it…he had a vasectomy…are you really that dumb? No wonder you are getting divorced and your whole family disowned you…Sorry to say girl but you need to stop being such an asshole to the people who have done nothing but loved and supported you. Slade & I have always supported and stuck up for you no matter what. Good luck with this way of going about life….I’m out, and don’t deserve this kind of treatment from you. I wish you well,” Gretchen wrapped.

I’m shocked. Like WTF? I’ve liked Kelly this season, but she just goes off at the drop of a hat. I think this drama between Kelly and Gretchen is pure gold and makes me wonder if Gretchen needs to come back and feud with Kelly.

Thoughts on Kelly and Gretchen’s showdown? Are you team Kelly or team Gretchen? Do you think Gretchen should come back to RHOC? Was Kelly out of line? Sound off below!

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  • Isn’t it obvious? They are doing this to get Gretchen back for the next season. I have always called that Gretchen would be the go-to housewife to bring back for next season. It gives Vicki a friend, Tamra an enemy, and there’s now built in drama with once friend Kelly. Makes complete sense as they have to choose who’s coming for the next season as filming normally starts right around Christmas/New Years.

    It makes sense. And Lydia was at her birthday party with Lizzie a couple weeks back. That helps Lydia as well. I don’t think Bravo is going to let her go after they brought her back after she was only on one season originally.

  • so Kelly made a crack about slades son having cancer. that’s how I read it. I cant excuse that. maybe you say it in private but to write that on social media was too much. then she talked about her fertility issues. I think the only reason their is a “jole” is because micheal would be the mom/dad. plus the cops live at Kelly house so who is she to talk. I want someone to beat up Kelly.

  • Omg does the writer ever research anything? It was a fake account and not Kelly Dodd. Lots of the comments even pointed out it was a fake account.

    Please Roxy find better contributors and make the site great again. Lara must go

  • I don’t even like Gretchen but that was so unnecessary from Kelly. I guess she’s doing anything for attention right now.

  • Kelly’s head is getting bigger than her ass! Its like she thinks she on a different level now. Good for her ex for not paying her way anymore.

  • Kelly Dodd and Kenya are two peas in a pod. They are very mean individuals who only want to be famous no matter who they step on or who they hurt. I am on the team that is opposite of Kelly and Kenya. Kelly is an A*hole for sure.

  • I wasn’t expecting this…WOW!!! I feel like they should’ve handled this privately since they are “friends”. Or maybe it’s something to prepare us for next season of RHOC, Gretchen, Vicky, Peggy vs Kelly, Shannon, Tamra!! BRING IT ON!!!

    • Sounds like Gretchen confided in private and now knows better. Shame on Kelly. That’s was hurtful to a supposed friend. I defended her most of the season but her ego grew!

      • Ha!! It was great ! Hope you had a lively day too 🙂
        Now on to these fools …
        One openly goes for a jugular , puts it right out there and gives no F’s while the other is a self absorbed lying sneaky snake who, will try and drag out ANY type of publicity and attention that comes her way . Sidenote: I was ( dare I say ) going to actually take team restraining order on this one until she kept going and got too personal . Her first line of shade throwing was enough . Sigh .

  • What the hell is going on with Kelly? Sounds like she’s tweeting while drinking and drugging. I have to admit, I think a lot of what Kelly said is funny and kind of true but it’s something you say to a friend, not blast across SM. Whatever, don’t care for Gretchen, she’s wasting her time with Slade if she wants marriage and children, but that’s her war to fight, not mine or Kelly’s. Cue the fake crying…..

  • the Kellys of this world will never change.

    The observation about slimey – True he is still a dead beat dad to his son with brain cancer
    And of course big head and slimey are not married – they are still waiting for Bravo to pick up the check

    Blood and guts Kelly has always said you tell her your vulnerabilities – she will go there.
    To blast a person’s inability to conceive is disgusting!

    • To state unequivocally that he is, “still a dead beat dad to his son with brain cancer” is as low as Kelly’s salvo. How is it you think you can speak to something so personal? Seriously. Do you know what the private details of his life are? What arrangements both financial and medical are actually at play. Of course not. Just because you’ve read others’ opinions on this does not mean you know anything. In fact, due to the inherent bias we all bring with an opinion, it’s like you knew less than nothing at all.

      Making such a sweeping judgment inures more to the negatives of the character of the person making the assertion, not the target of their assault.

  • Any “Seinfeld” aficionados here beside me? You remember the episode where George is talking about how when it comes to fighting, in order to win, he would do anything “dirty,”; “…biting…groin stuff…whatever it takes.”

    That’s Kelly. She feels threatened she fights dirty.

    Kelly is well aware there could be a cast shake-up and she is now, on her own, so-to-speak. RHOOC is no longer a vanity project but now, her bread and butter

  • This is just a mess.
    When Gretchen saud fertility issues I did think WHAT,did Spade not have a vasectomy? That’s not fertility issues,that means he chose a long time ago he wanted know more.
    Kelly just running off at mouth not a good thing at all. I think more to this feud than we know.

    • Its prob Gretchen with issues. Kelly needs to think of others feelings before spouting her mouth. Gretchen is a person w feelings. I. thought Kelly got better this year but now I think she’s a big mouth.

  • How old are these people??? 12 year old ‘tweens post more mature interchanges. Having a fight is one thing. Posting it on social media for all the world to see is quite another ~ Who does that? Not friends. That’s for sure.

  • No Gretchen should never ever come back ! As far as Kelly goes, that’s just how this sad kitten operates . She gets drunk, runs her mouth, then apologizes and says she doesn’t mean it .
    But for Gretchen to accuse someone else of being ‘insensitive ‘ is laughable! She is behind or supported every vile accusation including Eddie being gay so take a seat Gretchen ?

    What I’m bothered by though is women shaming other women for not being able to get pregnant . That’s DISGUSTING!!! And this happened on RHOA too ! Please let’s not support this ! It’s sadistic , ignorant and dirty

    • I didn’t mind Kvetchen as much I minded Slave. HE was the Worst. And he brought her down to a very low level. She changed before our very eyes from an sweet “fiance” to the older, cancer patient (what’s with Blahvo’s fixation of pushing cancer SL?) to a manipulative, cold, selfish meanie. I blame Slave because he wanted her to be more prominent for HIS exposure on the show, too.

      If Gretch had a problem with Kelly’s initial comment, she could have sent her a private message or called her (if she has her number). Complaining in public merely upped Kelly’s innate “kill reflex”. I completely agree with you that going after someone’s truly private problem (i.e. infertility) is despicable. I wonder if the infertility is due to Slade being spaded??? Or does Kvetchen have a problems, too??

    • Right on Rainy!! How does Wretchen answer to coming onto the show this season for one purpose only… bad mouth Eddie. A guy who has done nothing to her, has had no interaction with her, by all accounts not uttered her name once. If I remember correctly, Wretchen is also one of these “convenient” Christians. Why is she questioning Eddie’s sexuality, a man she’s not dating or married to. The only person who needs to be worried about Eddie is his wife. None of her phucking bizness!

    • You couldn’t be more right. They are the dregs of womanhood. They’re self-hating Andy Cohen’s twisted idea of what women are like, and they’re all operating off a script spun out of his sick fantasies. Women who deviate from the script–and act like real women–are fired, fast. Like Jules in RHONY. Like practically the whole original cast of RHOC. Vicki was kept because she’s a sick, twisted freak. Perfect for the job.

    • Yeah I’m not liking that being used as insult along with gay shaming and everything else these people perpetuate . People all over are just limitless these days with no filter . It’s quite an epidemic !

      • Even on here ! Lol. We can get nasty on some days including myself but loving the block button. So much more peaceful ?

      • It’s bigly sad ! You would think people would at least distinguish and not shame others about things they have no control over , like infertility! Smh

    • I’ve said it many times before, Kelly Dodd is a dangerous person. She spews out hateful things at the drop of a hat. Even if she later retracts them, they are out there and in today’s world people will forever believe the BS. She does make for good TV, but she’s an awful person.

  • OMG! LOL! Kelly said what we are all thinking. But still Kelly should not have put it out there on social media. They are hurtful words and Gretchen does not deserve that. But I confess I did giggle!