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Sonja Morgan Has A (Yet Another) New Business!

Another day, another business for RHONY Sonja Morgan.

We all remember Sonja’s many attempts at being a mogul. Let’s begin, shall we? There was the movie (that never got made) the infamous toaster oven, the international luxury/lifestyle brand, Tipsy Girl (both the drink and restaurant) and now ladies and gentlemen there is an app!

Ms. Morgan has launched her own app which is focused on shopping and was just released in time for the holidays.

The app (appropriately titled the “Sonja Morgan App”) was just dropped with Sonja spilling the following details on her new endeavor:

“I’m sharing this new shopping app with you in the spirit of Black Friday and my other favorite holiday, Cyber Monday. You will get the discounts that I have available to me directly to you through my app. I’ll be shopping, I’ll be seeing what you buy. l’ll let you do some of the work, I’ll be doing some of the work, and I can’t wait.”

The app has different sections, including a shopping portion with products from Sonja’s own line, a “Sonja’s Diaries” portion, and “a luxury shopping mall” which includes Sonja’s picks from various brands. In addition, Lady Morgan has “exclusive content, discounts, and more.”

I love me some quirky Sonja; however her ideas and products always seem to be half baked. She seems to attract hungry investors that see dollar signs; however the lack of a clear business plan seems to be her downfall. Hopefully this app is a success so she doesn’t have to hear about another failed business attempt next season!

Thoughts on Sonja’s app? Will you be downloading it for your holiday shopping?

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  • Sheba

    Tinsley has had one for awhile. Nothing original w this one.

  • samael

    Good for Sonja!! This is the perfect thing to do -instant $. I’m sure Sonja’s business consultant checked Bitchenny’s yard first before launching Sonja’s….cuz who needs a repeat of this……….

  • September24

    Shouldn’t this say another business failure? LOL! Again with her affordable luxury. No-one bought into it the first go round and no-one will buy into this time. No-one trusts Sonja as a businesswoman. She is just entertainment on a tv show.

  • ????????Ð??Ð????

    Bonja needs to stop with the nonsense and realize she’s a drunk and needs some serious rehab coupled with intense therapy, shock therapy. Girl is seriously off her rocker!!! At this point she’s the courtesan of HW’s and it’s not a compliment.

    • Rain

      I’m watching the last season now and I can’t decide if Sonja is for real or is she a parody ?

      • ????????Ð??Ð????

        She didn’t use to be so pathetic and I believe it’s all her. She’s cuckoo for cocoa puffs.

        • ~Medusa~

          So true. Her very first season, she was light as helium & a fun party girl. After that, she became a sloppy drunk who made the walk of shame every dawn.

        • Rain

          Yes cuckoo for sure . I don’t know the backgrounds of all of them but that’s ok . I’m bummed out reliving all the election crap ??

          • ????????Ð??Ð????

            I know. I didn’t care for it either. Just leave politics out HW’s business. Give us a break!

            • Rain

              Agreed! I’m immersed in politics enough elsewhere as it is ?

            • JUST ME 5739


    • ~Medusa~

      “Toaster Oven Recipe Book, SonJa Morgen’s Clothing Line got ‘Sold Out’, Nigerian Football Team, Gstaad, Updo, People Person who likes People”… SonJa is more nutso and less successful because she has ADD & NO viable story line.

      • ????????Ð??Ð????

        I wonder how more pathetic she can get? My guess is a whole lot more, unfortunately!

        • ~Medusa~

          You’re probably right. I wonder if that is her overall SL – to be the most ridiculously pitiable person on RHONY. She really hasn’t got a SL at all.

          • ????????Ð??Ð????

            I wish they’d drop her. I can’t take another season of her…….yes…..delusions!! LOL