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Meghan Edmonds Addresses Comments Regarding Lydia McLaughlin’s Christian Faith!

Part 1 of the OC reunion was a doozy (if you missed it you can check out our recap by clicking here.)

One of the most shocking comments came from Meghan Edmonds who insinuated that anyone who read the bible was not using their brain.

The insult came after fellow OC housewife Lydia said she felt uncomfortable around drag queens and psychics due to her Christian faith Meghan shot back by saying Lydia should use her brain instead of the bible to choose right from wrong.

Not surprisingly, Meghan had a HUGE backlash from faiths of all kind. Her comments came off as brain and bible were an either/or situation (as in you couldn’t use both.)

In an Instagram post, Meghan attempted to clear her statements up by saying:

“I have an incredibly fulfilling and strong faith in God and in that faith I adamantly believe all groups of people should be treated equally. I believe that right and wrong don’t need to be such a gray area if you just listen to the heart that God gave you and I trust that whatever faith you follow – or do not follow – that will you accept love above all.”

Image Source: Instagram

She then re-posted some sentiments from her good friend Mystic Michaela:

Personally I’m not a fan of Lydia; however she has every right to be uncomfortable in any situation. Meghan went way below the belt and I don’t think she did a great job of clearing up her comments.

Thoughts on Meghan’s reunion comments? Do you think her Instagram post helped clear things up?

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    • THAT and continuously calling Shannon crazy ! I don’t think name calling is very Christian , EVEN if she did say it to her face ?

  • “A woman shall not wear a man’s garment, nor shall a man put on a woman’s cloak, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord your God.” Deuteronomy 22:5 .
    I am uncomfortable around drag queens JMPO
    and there is verse after verse to stay away from soothsayers,mediums ,psychics etc. So Meg that is that is why she and others did not feel comfortable

    • Thank you for sharing this missroxmiss

      I’ve always stated – what I post here – I would say to that RH face.

      Deary Lydia, in life we have choices, as a human, you chose different occaisions to apply your religious beliefs. Your choice. those choices have consequences, when an RH slams/eviscerate’s Shannon for sport, then grabs her religion..I call

      B.S. (I use words Lydiot uses)

      Lydiot would not be the first person/religous person to not attend a function, once she found out it was to be a “drag” event, she should have used all her manners to excuse herself.

      For Lydiot to infer and not be direct about her specific religous issues..remember, she said initially she asked hubby and friends if she is doing the right thing…that for some religous people, is a red flag that perhaps, missing this event would be the better choice.

      Lydiot had numerous chances

      – during the season
      – in interviews
      – in her blog
      – in her tweets/instagram/facebook
      – at the reuniion

      to bring this up..and let’s not say this cast or we the viewers would castrate her for her choice….nope. ..I would have respected Lydia.

  • The problem with this post is that Meghan didn’t say anyone who reads the Bible doesn’t use their brain! She said @you don’t think my friend is a good person?” To which Lydia replied “I don’t know what I think of her yet, I haven’t checked my Bible to see how I feel about her!”. That’s when Meghan said ” you need to check your Bible to know if you like someone? , You can’t just use your own intuition and brain?”. Quite a different thing! Of course Lydia has made a storyline of twisting people’s words and then reacting to her twisted, purposely misinterpretation for the sake of creating drama. To this and her I say ” All elephants are gray but not all gray things are Elephants!” Think about that! To Lydia I say ” Grow up and quit provoking!” “And maybe eat something without throwing it up…It might improve your disposition!”

  • Meghan didn’t say anything offensive and it was really directed at Lydia who is bigot who hides behind her “faith.” She went on and on about her husband’s balls and was down right nasty and judgemental about Shannon. I’m pretty damn sure that this sort of behaviour is anything but Christian. She’s a big-ole hypocrite, then again this seems to the case with most of the people who wear their “faith” on their sleeve.

    And I chuckled at Lydia’s claim that she’s in no way a homophobe cause she’s got a poof in her family. Has she seen what the Bible says about marriage and homosexuality? Clearly she has to be against it if she’s a good Christian. Then again time and time again she has shown she’s a hypocrite. I wonder if she’s ever actually read the Bible?

    Oddly enough Meghan’s message of treating people the same is very Christian and is in keeping with the handful of Christ’s tenets. But like I said, Lydia is a hypocrite. Good luck getting into heaven with all your millions hon.

  • I’m still Meh about Meh. However, her comments didn’t bother me one iota. What if Meh was an atheist??? She would be less tolerated for that, than Lydiot’s constant harping about what makes her uncomfortable (which is apparently everything). Lydiot uses her religious leanings as her “get out of everything FREE card”. Her sanctity is as annoying as the rest of her meaningless drivel. BTW: Lydiot can take Dougs balls and swallow them whole, if it will stifle her from spewing more nonsensical blather.

  • Hey Meghan, it didn’t work for Tamra calling out Alexis on her beliefs and it didn’t work for you. Stop it.

  • Lydia is so quick to jump on the “poor me, I’m being attacked for my Christian beliefs” train, yet is completely comfortable insulting the other women behind their backs as well as to their face.

    • Teefs McGee seems to think it’s Christian like to insult someone to their face as opposed to behind their backs???? Wherever did she get this stupid notion?? I seem to remember a saying…….”if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it”.

  • “‘I’m a really strong Christian and I’ve never been to a drag queen event”

    ‘I’m dressed in drag as a man — there’s nothing in the Bible really about drag queens. I just feel like I don’t belong here, I just should be home”

    This is what Lydiot said! Meghan is right, apply common sense and stop judging! Lydiot had to ask her dad..oops her husband and friends…to see if she was sinning or not!

    I agree with Meghan,use the brain and apply common sense! Meghan was not attacking a religon, she was pointing out that Lydiot should use her brain.

    • Lydia did agree to appear on this show. She keeps sending mixed messages. Uncomfortable at a drag bar, but sees nothing wrong with having a “balls” party. She seems to come off as always dismissive especially if she doesn’t like the situation. Sparkles & fairy dust need to be gone. The magazine……never seen it or heard of it, so what a waste of filming.

      • Adding to this, the Bible says people should multiply and yet she had husband’s “balls” cut off. And I wonder what the Bible says about IVF …

        Hypofully this hypocrite ai’t coming back next season. Don’t think I can stand another season of her or her thirsty mom who was willing to ignore all the shit nasty Vicki said about her just so she could be on TV again.