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Is Tinsley Mortimer Back with Scott Kluth? Plus – Which City Does Tinsley Want Added to the Housewives Franchise?

Tinsley Mortimer Credit: Tinsley Mortimer

Although Tinsley Mortimer was a newbie to RHONY she seemed to be a natural fit for housewifes series. I mean, a socialite with a mugshot who lives in Sonja’s townhouse screams Bravo housewife. Tinsley did not disappoint as she brought some drama and a romance story line to the series.

We all remember that Carole played matchmaker to a single Tinsley and she seemed to hit if off with Scott Kluth. Scott is a wealthy CEO (just Tinsley’s type) of the company CoupinCabin. The two were pretty hot and heavy; however things seemed to have cooled down after the series ended. In case you thought it was just for cameras – you are wrong as the two are reportedly still seeing each other.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the two lovebirds were seen in Chicago over the weekend, going to a Bulls game and attending the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival.

Tinsley seems to have high hopes for their relationship, stating that it was distance, and not love lost that split them up. In a phone interview with the Tribune, Tinsley states:

“We love each other and we’re hoping we can work it out. It’s a day-by-day thing. This just happened. I just left Chicago (Sunday) and I’m hoping we are going to be OK.”

The Tins is also working for her man’s company – serving as an account manager for CouponCabin. Tinsley states she was in town for work (as the company is headquartered in the Chicago area) however the two clearly took advantage of their time together.

Tinsley also states that Andy is missing the mark as Chicago would be an amazing addition to the Housewives franchise:

“I think it’s such a great town, there’s no reason for there not to be. It would be the perfect town to have a ‘Real Housewives.’”

I have to agree. Housewives have been done all over the coasts but we still are missing a Midwest addition. Hint, hint Andy!

Do you think Tinsley and Scott will go the distance? Would you watch a ‘Real Housewives of Chicago?’

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  • I think Scott will dump her for good at some point. She has a drinking problem. From what’s been reported it’s the reason they broke up in the first place and Tinsley seems to live in her own little world. I like her but she needs to kind of grow up, face reality. Without leaning on someone else, like her mother/sister/boyfriend et al.

    • I watched the first few episodes of the last season so I know who she is now . She has a west coast energy to me for some reason , didn’t seem to really fit with this crowd . She would be great in the OC I think . Maybe by the end of the season she would’ve fit in, I will find out ?

      She lost me there for a minute when she went to that shop and was shopping for ball gowns and a big fur coat ?? guuurrrlllll

      • She was born in Virginia but spend her time in boarding schools on the east coast. She is definitely an east coaster, but her look is more little girl west coast. I can see how you would think that.

        • I like both her first and last name ! Very eleganza ???. Her voice has that sexy scratchie thing… she’d give great phone ?

  • I think they should do a Mormon version of HW’s. I grew up as a Mormon, no longer practice. I think people would be shocked by the kind of money/wealth there is among church members and the society as a whole can be fascinating, in an odd drive by way, LOL. The church extends into the home and it would make for an interesting study. Not sure if it would go over well with the community, but trust me, there are plenty of thirsty Mormon women dying to show off their wealth and their position in society.

    • Haha this is a hilarious idea! I’m a mormon and would love to see this because it is so much a part of every single thing we do/don’t do. There are plenty of crazy rich mormon women too…the founder of Lularoe comes to mind…

      • Excellent!! I’ve always thought it would be a good idea. I have a feeling the “no drinking” would be a major hinderance as far as Bravo is concerned. They like seeing women get drunk and make fools of themselves.

  • I am glad they are taking their time..scared me that “relationship” “marriage” “list” words were being flung one should leap into being a life partner, unless they want to.