Heather Dubrow Let's Discuss: Real Housewives of Orange County - RHOC

Heather Dubrow Weighs In On Returning to RHOC!

Is Heather Dubrow be ready to pick up an orange and return to the Real Housewives of Orange County?

“Never say never,” Heather tells Entertainment Tonight.

While Heather’s immediate response to the idea of returning RHOC was “Oh dear,” she admits hasn’t ruled out the possibility entirely.  

“Real Housewives of Orange County was an incredible experience for me. Five years, made great friends, had amazing experiences and, quite honestly, it was a terrific platform for everything that Terry and I have done, and for our family, so I’m very, very grateful. As for the future, never say never,” Heather explains.

Adding, that there’s no list of demands that would convince her to come back immediately.

“I think it’s a bigger picture than that,” she explains. “It’s not really about any one particular thing. I think it would just have to make sense.”

However, Heather admits that it was nice to take a step back from the drama this past year.

“You know, I think it was really good to take a break and take a step back,” Heather reveals. “It’s been a crazy year. You know, I have ‘Heather Dubrow’s World’ and ‘Dr. and Mrs. Guinea Pig’ podcasts, my YouTube Channel, Heather’s Closet, our skincare line … and Terry and I just finished our second book, a diet book, that’ll be out next year in 2018. So, there’s a lot of fun stuff going on.”

Despite still keeping in touch with several of her former RHOC co-stars Heather admits she didn’t watch season 12 at all.

“Of course, I still keep in touch with the girls on the show that were always my friends,” she wraps.

As you remember, Heather shockingly quit RHOC following season 11; leaving many fans wondering how her void would be filled on the show.

And no doubt Heather’s absence on RHOC was quickly felt from the minute season 12 premiered.

In fact, many fans, myself included, have been begging for Heather to come back. Even Heather’s friend and for OC co-star Tamra Judge has been pestering Heather about coming back to RHOC. 

The Real Housewives of Orange County is a sinking ship at this point, and I think Bravo needs to bring Heather back to help revive the show. Heather brought the glamour (and class) to RHOC and gave us a look at the actual lifestyles of the rich in Orange County.

Thoughts on Heather’s interview? Do you want Heather back on RHOC? Did you miss Heather this season? Sound off below!

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  • Heather was fired .she went radio silent because the way she behaved on the bus.,showed who she really is.
    Didn’t Shannon move to continue with the show .You will not be able to see Heather’s house on RHOC….To all the little fans of her’s if she saw you in public she would stick her nose in the air.Oh that’s right she will never even see you cause she never looks down. LOL

  • No way in hell will Bravo hire her back after one season of dismissal. Like most of the blogs say most probably Lydia, Peggy and Meghan wont return and maybe even cut Vicki. I dont think the OG of the OC would be ok with just being a friend of the girls.. its either all or nothing with her. They’re probably gonna add two newbies and have Kelly, Shannon and Tamra. Usually these cuts are drastic and production will take a break for a year and just cast 5 girls (NY did it, NJ did it).

    • ITA .she was fired people act like she has a choice to come back,seriously do you think Heather would of went to the Drag Queen bingo ?

  • I wish fancy pants would come back so we could be rid of Bible thumper and the verbal slicer and dicer dud Peggy

  • I wouldn’t be completely surprised if she came back next year. But, I believe once a HW has left, they need to stay gone. The dynamics have changed and it’s in the best interest to keep it fresh, not back peddle and recycle HW’s.

  • Heather showed her true colors on that bus ride to the airport in Ireland. Condescending, judgmental, sanctimonious. I never thought about her once this season.

    • That’s what you want to believe about her. I find it amusing that people pinpoint that one moment out of five years as showing her true colors. So the rest of the time she was on the show was all fake? I actually prefer Heather and her pretentiousness over much of the current cast.

      • She was also a disgusting POS when she and Terry put down David for coming from a blue collar background. That was actually worse for me than Ireland because it showed their true colors on how they view groups of people as being beneath them. I was absolutely mortified watching their behavior that season.

      • You are entitled to your opinion as much as I am. I’ve always thought these behavioral traits were simmering under the surface with her. It became pretty apparent on that bus ride. If you find her “genuine” and prefer her to others, good for you. I don’t. For the record, I am not a big fan of the current cast, either.

        • I’m not sure I’d call Heather or any of the HWs genuine. I just appreciate that she’s not an educated woman who doesn’t run around like a crazy fool. She’s like the anti-Vicki, who I have never enjoyed.

          • Heather represents what most are truly like living a particuliar lifestyle , which was originally the ” type” for OC and BH. Heather is also harmless as a person in comparison to multiple HWs who are on any franchise . God forbid someone not as popular with some viewers have their own thoughts ! I always appreciated her approach as opposed to screaming maniacs lol

      • Love this swizz so I agree and that kills me also ; she lost her shit due to a LOON who, all season pushed buttons and was drunk off the chain! Heather had enough and she’s wrong lol? What the actual F?! Kelly was a sloppy hideous mess last season .

  • ‘Many fans’ have not been asking for her return, please don’t make things up. Heather was really hated in her final season, and for good reason. I’d personally have any past cast member back before I’d have Heather back. So sick of that condescending, conniving snake.

    • Yes, agree with your post. She is One Big Ole Phony Snob!
      Can’t stand watching her Diva Azz! Thrilled she is gone. I feel the same way about Lydia :(((

    • Agreed, condescending and conniving is right. And then there were those 14 bathrooms in that monstrosity of bad taste she was building. Still, bad as she was, I’d take four of her to get rid of the unbearable Lydia, Peggy, Kelly and cancer liar Vicki, who ought to be strung up by her thumbs. Heather was bad, but way better than the four of them.