Erika Girardi Let's Discuss: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - RHOBH

Erika Girardi Sums Up Season 8 of RHOBH in 3 Very Juicy Words

Season 8 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is set to premiere in less than a month so it’s no surprise that fans are clamoring for any info they can get. And while the RHOBH season 8 trailer was released last week it left us underwhelmed and begging for more.

But now we are getting a little more season 8 scoop from someone who lived the drama first hand.

Erika Girardi recently caught up with The Daily Dish and spilled a little bit about season 8.

“We traveled so much this year. And I think that’s something that the audience will really enjoy. It’s a lot of lifestyle. Tokyo, New York, Berlin, god we went a lot of places,” Erika revealed. “Look Berlin was great, that’s with all the girls. Lisa Rinna and I had a good time in Japan. You know it’s hard to beat.” 

As for 3 words that sum up season 8? Erika says, “shift in friendship.” 

See what else Erika had to say below!

And if you haven’t seen it, here’s the practically drama-free season 8 trailer.

I am all about seeing lifestyle stuff from the RHOBH because let’s face it out of all the Housewives they live the most glamorous lives. But in between all that traveling and lifestyle footage there better be some damn good drama. I really hope RHOBH producers are hiding the drama from us and we will be unexpectedly surprised about what goes down during season 8.

Thoughts on Erika’s dish about season 8? Are you excited for season 8? Which friendships do you think will shift the most during season 8? Are you expecting major drama during season 8?

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  • ~Medusa~

    Sorry, there’s nothing Puss & Boobs can say that would peak my interest in seeing HER. She’s a “buzz-killah”

    • Rain

      I wonder if Bravo gave her green light to reveal that info . They’re usually guarded about how the plots progress


    I’m sure these “shift in friendships” were engineered with this “Sniper From The Side” help to shift friends away from
    Vanderpump. It’s so odd how she’s gotten so chumy with Rinna who created a whole imaginary disease rumor about her Bestie YoLIAR. Guess Rinna’s commitment to take Vanderpump down was a more important goal for Erika The Fraud. Either way I’m here for all their lifestyles but these ladies jealously is so transparent.

    • missroxmiss

      that is exactly what it is is Jealousy . But come on LVP is the most jealous of them all. If you have more money than her or younger which they all are. Lisa is a sniper from the side ,she befriends the new girls to do her dirty work. The only 1 LVP went after face to face was
      Eileen The Affair ..USA Affairs mean cheating spouses.
      Does LVP ask all her friends and couples how their affairs/relationships start ..
      The gossip about Eileen and Vince was already out there in the universe , but if in London affair means relationship then it was a major miscommunication .LVP kept saying it was no big deal maybe someone should inform her what was meant.

  • michers

    This is rigoddamndiculous what you have to muddle through twenty times in one story to get to the damn comment section , IF a problem doesn’t occur loading site wth !!!!! Grrrrrr.
    Anywhoo- Erika , good publicity strategy girl! You got me curious with 3 words .

    • Rain

      Here’s to a fun season ??. I’m still scratching my head about her and Dorit ??

  • ?????????Ð?????
    • Rain

      I know what you’re thinking . It’s a shift in ‘co workers’ and not friendships ?

      • ?????????Ð?????


      • missroxmiss

        that is soooo mean Rain.. LMAO. Remember when Kyle yelled “Your So Mean..” I honestly believe that Kyle has been friends with LVP just to keep ,the queen from going after her. LVP gets the new girls on her side and uses them and then dumps them whenever she can . she has a long list of casualties in her army

        • Rain

          Oh missroxmiss ????????? you’re so passionate ? happy thanksgiving to you sweetheart xoxox .

          • missroxmiss

            thanks Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours too

  • samael

    riviting!! not

    too bad this wasn’t the story today – Erika and Dorinda hanging out at the Regency together!! ??? they probably wanted to witness the whore there! ???

  • Rain

    Did these ‘shift in friendships’ happen organically or were they producer driven ? ??

    • Nicole

      Wht yu think stupid ?

      • samael

        stop shadowing/harassing you have been reported

        • Nicole

          whats it to yu?

        • Rain

          Thank you samael , I reported her too

          • samael

            You’re welcome Rain

    • michers

      You just killed mehhhhh.. ” organically” . I can’t lol. These HWs ruined that word for me !

      • Rain

        ??? thanks cutie

        • michers

          Hehe … 🙂