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Photoshop Fail? Kim Zolciak-Beirmann Looks Unrecognizable In New Photo!

Kim Zolciak-Biermann’s look is ever evolving thanks to injections and plastic surgery, but it looks like the Real Housewives of Atlanta star may have gone a little too far this time.

In a recent photo posted on Instagram, Kim’s nose is practically non-existent. It’s like her nose is disappearing into her face.

Hey sexy!! ?? Fun shoot w/ @hairby_chrissy @hairbymarissasue @hairbylaurenn Shot by the gorge @_michaelfranco_ ?

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While Kim’s denied getting a nose job in the past, her nose seems to change more than Pinocchios.

However, Kim’s latest nose faux pas seems to be the result of a major Photoshop fail.

Fans called Kim out on social media saying that in the photo she doesn’t look like herself and that it’s “bad Photoshop.”

Kim didn’t seem fazed by the reaction and quickly posted another photo with her extremely Photoshopped nose.

Just for fun let’s look at what Kim’s nose has looked like in the past.

Kim is a beautiful woman, so I don’t understand the need to Photoshop herself so extremely. Is Kim that insecure that she needs to do that to herself? I just don’t get it. Personally, I think Kim looks prettier with less makeup.

Thoughts on Kim’s photos? Do you think Kim went too far with the Photoshop? Why do you think Kim is always over Photoshopping her pictures?

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  • Happy thanksgiving to you all, with a special outpouring of love to michers, Rain, Glimmer, FUCHESS, Sam, holy, jarlath…now under a new name, Kirby, Lara(have no idea where you are), September…….you guys are truly a blessing and make for meaningful friendships, not to mention awesome conversations [in michers case, even when we disagree, lol]. We are blessed to have you all linked to our lives. Please enjoy a safe and loving Thanksgiving…..yes Sam, we know yours was last month! Our thoughts love and prayers follow you daily.

    Q and T

    • Happy Thanksgiving Q!

      I hope everyone has the day that works for them! Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  • I agree with Pierre she hasn’t looked recognizable in years !! Well actually since she left RHOA !! I’ve always loved her I don’t give an F-attitude but now it’s gotten out of hand ! Even when her fans are trying to give her some honest feedback about to much photoshopping she will be quick to tell her fans to F-off !! Real nice Kim, Real nice and she’s teaching her daughter to be rude, disrespectful and how to have no self respect for herself!!! Great parenting. Even Kroy looks ridiculous and how he is ok with this is beyond me. No wonder his parents want nothing to do with him & that whole dog & pony show. Kroy was so quick to call out Briell on wanting to live with her boyfriend but has truly failed to parent her and teach his daughter how to be an independent strong young woman !!! I would say their parenting and photoshop photos is an…..EPIC FAIL !!!!

  • I don’t know why Kim Z thinks she needs to keep making facial changes because she is truly one of the most beautiful women. She must have some sort of inferiority complex about herself from way back when. Every celebrity feels this way. It’s a fear that their career will slowly fade away like their face does. I don’t think that fear will ever end. Kim has taken it to the extreme and I also think it won’t end ever either.

  • I think a ton of this has to do with makeup and dramatic shading. If it’s done correctly you can look like a totally different person. Just Sayin

      • No Snarkyness taken Rain, Yes she definitely has had at the very least one nose job and a boatload of injections but with the new way of doing makeup these day you can contour so drastically that you look completely different. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • the Kim Z trolls also will defend her till the death of them. Any mention of any plastic surgery her minions will attack you. they all drink the same Koolaid that she was born like this.

    • Good morning llona

      for reals? wow ..that’s nuts..cuz KimZ has her work done on her shows and she also blabs about it in interviews..she seems proud of the work done on her.

      • True story; one time she even posted a photo of baby Kaya saying see how her babies nose is the same as kims? LOL she is nukin futs. BTW how nuts kim is i wouldn’t doubt if she has had work done on her baby. True story.

        • wow..that is sick..I know very little about KimZ – as only her screw ups are stories..she has like 6 kids? That would be child abuse if she did allow plastic surgery on a child..I can understand the boy that was bitten, getting plastic surgery, but geez..that is irresponsible/abusive/nuts

    • Good morning luvs!

      I can’t remember what she looked like in the past..but holy crow, I must agree with grotesque.

    • I know and I could never understand why she was considered the ‘hot’ one on early RHOA :-/ maybe it was because of the colour of her skin. But I think the other women were a lot more attractive and classier for that matter than Kim.

  • I really don’t give a damn what she does to her face and body but the fact that she denies it so vociferously makes her look like a bigger idiot than she is. (If that’s possible. ;))

  • She hasn’t looked recognisable for quite some time… Worst thing is that she is teaching (if not encouraging) her daughter to do the exact same thing :-/((

          • And WHERE have YOU been?!!!! You just wanted to punish me to see if I’d miss you. Well, heck yeah, I have! Great to see you back. Kim must have a hard time with an identity. No matter how many times/ways you go under the knife, you won’t be able to cut out knowledge of your past; she will always see her ugly duckling self no matter how many plastic redux she has. Her demon is a low self-esteem. She never has nor will know her worth and is at a loss that she can’t sex herself into acceptance. Truth?! Her crappy behavior will keep her ugly, just like Ne-Rex. Shame. Great to see you, love. Surely missed you.

            • Awwwwww you are just the sweetest thing ! Yeah Kim acts like she has self esteem but I don’t think she does either–like you said. I wish she would just come clean about all the stuff shes had done. There is no way her face changes that much with just botox and pregnancies LOL.

              What do you think about Ariana following in the same footsteps and starting to look just like Kim and Brielle? I was so hoping that she would morph into her own unique look but no—she’s already sporting the “wig” hair and blown up lips. It really makes me sad.

              PS—Omg I love “Ne-Rex”—I’m stealing that one ! I am NOT happy to see her back this season. UGH

              I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Q ! Don’t eat too much! (right…… lol)

              Love ya murch !!!!

        • Hey handsome ??????
          I think you’re right ? and obviously Brielle is going for the Kylie Jenner look ?

          To quote an orange, ‘it’s bigly sad ‘ ?

  • This has now gone past ‘sad and tragic ‘ all the way into just laughable and comical ???
    The picture of her and Troy looks like they’re in a figure skating competition! Better stick the landing , Kim ??

    I don’t have enough room in my skull for my eyes to roll for this one

  • Kim must be very insecure to have to have so much plastic surgery and lie about it. Then she still has to photoshop everything to show her thigh gap and tiny waist. I do think a nose job was a good idea, but not to the extent she took it. Also, she’s obviously passing on all her insecurities to her daughters and that’s really sad. Brielle used to be so cute!

    • I agree, i like Kim, and her frankness, but I think she must be insecure about her looks. The tragedy is that Brielle looks like a cartoon, and Kim approves of it. If that girl wants a job in the media, she looks ridiculous! At least Arianna has turned out to be a pretty girl, and clearly the most sensible one on the show. I hope she keeps her face as natural as it is. All those big lips give me a headache!! Kim looks better with them, when they are MODERATE, as her lips were so thin, but Brielle looks like a clown, and is delusional. if she thinks her lips look better blown up, than natural. Then again, she doesn’t seem to be the brightest bulb on the tree….. i hope Blrielle’s lips can be reversed.. Keep on being secure with your looks Arianna, you are the one to be admired!

      • I think it’s too late for Arianna. She already wears wigs and very tiny bikinis and she has photoshop down pat, just like her mom. She’d probably be getting botox and a boob job but Kim would get so much blow back in the media she is probably going to have to wait until after graduation. As for the lips – both Brielle and Kim look absolutely ridiculous, jmho.