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The Juicy Scoop On RHOC Season 13 Casting!

Source Bravo

There are so many rumors swirling about season 13 of the Real Housewives of Orange County that it’s hard to keep track but we’ve recently come across some new jaw-dropping casting rumors.

Before we get into the latest gossip, let’s break down all the rumors we’ve heard so far.

The most shocking rumors going around is one that claims Vicki Gunvalson will be demoted to a friend of the Housewives. Another surprising rumor insists that Lydia McLaughlin, Meghan King Edmonds, and Peggy Sulahian are all getting kicked to the curb.

Meanwhile, a not so shocking rumor claims that the RHOC cast is banning together to get Peggy fired.

To be honest, all of these rumors sound feasible and seem like typical casting gossip if you ask me.

As always AllAboutTRH has tried to get to the bottom of all of these rumors.

However, the only info our OC sources can reveal is that no casting decisions will be made until December.

So, what’s the juicy scoop about season 13 casting?

According to a source, who has a friend who temps in Bravo’s casting department, on the Juicy Scoop Obsessed fan page, the RHOC cast could be getting a complete revamp next season.

“They are pitching 5 new women,” the source explained, adding that it could be a “clean sweep” for season  13.

I don’t know if I see Bravo replacing the ENTIRE cast. I do think that Bravo is testing out a lot of women and will be replacing several members of the cast. I think some shocking casting shakeups are coming to the RHOC.

Thoughts on this lastest RHOC casting rumor? Do you think Bravo would replace the entire RHOC cast? Does RHOC need a “clean sweep?” Sound off below!

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  • Just Jo

    Keep Shannon, Tamra and Meghan and dump the rest.

  • Sheba

    Sorry I’d take ANY housewife over Tamra Judge. They need a complete do over but Tamra always causes drama and a gang up so she won’t be gone and Shannon is a walking drama queen so she’s staying too. I will not watch next season. Done supporting OC mean girl style!

  • Supe White

    Wow. The reunion is only 2 episodes?!? Shocking! After seeing Vicki’s remorse and sadness for Shannon, I now see her back. Shannon, Tamra and Kelly for sure. Peggy is gone. Meghan not sure but for sure a friend. Lydia will be back. I question it but they have never brought a cast member back and threw them off the next season. She should have been just a friend, but based on how things went with Shannon it elevated her to full time. If she was just a friend this season, she wouldn’t be back at all.

  • missroxmiss

    If people want VilelyinIcky off the show Tweet Bravo I did and told them the OG backwards is GO told them to read blogs she is the most hated HW and read the blogs of viewers who refuse to watch til she is gone even her castmates want her gone .

  • samael

    Well..part one under the belt!

    – Peggy sucked
    – Vicki ..showed heart and support towards Shannon and Kelly
    too bad she didn’t do this all season!
    – Tams – wow talking about Sydney, brutal pain and good to hear
    she was Shannon’s sounding board.
    – Shannon had the whole room …sans tears..her honesty
    brutal! David is an ass…prick hurts shannon saying they had a good
    – Kelly talking about her divorce…now I believe they are going to go through with the divorce,
    since they are talking child custody!

    Shannon was riveting!

  • Rain

    Almost time kids ! Buckle up ???

  • missroxmiss

    I predict kelly Shannon and Tamra Icky they will slowly phase her fat A$$ out.

    • missroxmiss

      Ps if Icky is such a great catch giver her ,her own show then Bravo can once and for all find out Icky ‘s 4 fans if that watch.

  • swizzle

    What if they bring back Heather Dubrow and her good friend the Million Dollar Tan person? Although, anyone with a brain who does not need the money would not film with Kelly and her loose canon mouth.

    • missroxmiss

      Get over it Heather is done she was nasty showed the nast person she really they can not film at her house .reason Shannon moved to stay on show .

  • Steve

    From the rumor mill to God’s ear!

  • JUST ME 5739


    • Rain

      Yes yes yes Keep Shannon ????????????

  • samael

    hmm…so due to the stench of this article…I presume that no one is fired or demoted on #rhoc

  • SA

    If Tamra and Shannon are the only ones left after this season, than count me out. Their mean girl antics are too predictable at this point.

  • Lea

    This is a really good idea, 2 isn’t enough, one is always more popular than the other. Plus, one can quit and they are in a bind. They could hire a couple of Kelly’s old friends, that would definitely provide a lot of stories and Kelly going off on tangents.

  • shaw

    Lauren Conrad for S13 please Bravo! Get rid of them 3 and get the Hills Star in shes marr

    • Rain

      I mentioned that before . Worth a try ?

  • swizzle

    I’m sure Peggy is gone. My gut also tells me Vicki is gone or demoted. Brianna’s moving. No one else will shoot with her. What does she have to offer? Unless she can pay Steve to propose, she’s done. And I think she’s already paying Steve to play her boyfriend.

  • Kirby

    They all need to go and be replaced . Done with all of them

    • Rain

      All except Shannon ?

      • Kirby

        Shannon needs a break ?

        • Rain

          So mean ?

      • Mar

        Yup. I think keep Shannon and Kelly(maybe Lydia) and bring all new housewives for dramatic effects. Tamra and Vicki has no story line.

        • Rain

          I’m not a Lydia fan BUT if it means keeping Shannon , I can live with it ???. I’m worried it’s all just rumors and that almost all of them will be back

  • Cait

    I stopped watching the OC because it’s terrible. Bring back all the OGs – would love to see Jeana, her family, Tammy, her girls, even Lauri and Jo. That’s the last time the series was good.

  • Hanky Panky

    I said it before, how can Vile be demoted to a friend when she has none?

    • Rain

      Touché ???

    • Kirby

      Hiya Hanky Panky ??

    • missroxmiss

      LMAO but the others girls hate her but they film with her they could refuse all together.

  • Rain

    That makes zero sense to me . They can barely find ONE good HW, how do they intend to find 5 ? Unless they are scrapping the bottom again

    • Kirby

      Truth !?? Respectable women don’t want to come on these shows

  • Paul

    Vicki, Tamra, Shannon and Kelly aren’t going anywhere. Meghan and Peggy are done. Lydia is probably up in the air.

    • Rain

      That’s a very reasonable assessment Paul

    • missroxmiss

      Vicki is done she is so hated Viewers are dropping this show

      • Rain


    • Stuart Cooper

      Agree, tho I hope Lydia isn’t back.

  • Diamonds & Rosé

    I don’t see Tamra going anywhere. Vicki may be the OG but Tamra has been the central HW for ages.

    I say keep Tamra/Kelly, bring back Heather, get 2-3 new housewives and give Shannon a cameo.

    Meghan can be a friend. When she’s good, she’s great. Her family life isn’t entertaining.

    I like Shannon but she’s miserable and it’s hard to watch.

    • Mar

      Tamra has no storyline though…

  • samael

    What I have learned from people on this site…rumors will multiply and we won’t actually know until Bravo or ass andy decides to tell us. Some franchise’s we never know who is fired – until taping starts – or even when trailer for new season is aired.

    • Khipp

      You speak the truth sir. Tho speculation always runs wild about will she or won’t she. But this is a little early.

      • samael

        hey bud!

        this season sucked logs..recast or fire some cast “rumors” started early in the peggy etc.

        • Khipp

          LOL, I fired myself…as a viewer.

          • samael

            Khipp ???

            I kept hoping there would be an improvement or some semblance of accountability…?? self-inflicted!