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Danielle Staub Calls Dolores Catania A “Liar” Plus Says Dolores’ “True Colors” Are Showing!

Danielle Staub is calling it like she sees it in her latest Bravo blog. The returning Real Housewives of New Jersey is once again taking aim at co-star Dolores Catania and has a lot to say.

In her blog, Danielle calls Dolores a “liar” and says that her “true colors are starting to show;” insinuating that Dolores isn’t as sweet and innocent as fans think.

Danielle takes particular aim at Dolores’ recent comments about Teresa and Joe Giudice’s marriage; telling Dolores “shame on you.”

See what else Danielle had to say about Dolores and her “loyalty” below!

You have spewed your venom at me for weeks now. I know it must be frustrating to be called out to answer for your behavior, but you only have yourself to blame. If you hadn’t denied speaking to me about Teresa, you’d be feeling pretty good about now. Instead, you lied about the conversation ever taking place, and now you’re creating all kinds of backlash for yourself by further embellishing your character and chewing on me like a dog with a bone! I am totally confident because I have experienced liars like yourself, one of which you are still very chatty with. Even though she has deeply hurt our friend Teresa, you still hang out with her. In what parallel universe is that being a good or “LOYAL” friend to someone? No one gets this upset over something they “did not” (operative) say or do. Perhaps you should learn how to first start telling the truth about your—maybe it’s best to save the rest for the couch!  

On the friendship note, the way you spoke about Teresa and Joe’s marriage to Siggy was not nice—shame on you! Careful dear, you’re showing your true colors! BTW, you got mad at me when I asked about your living situation, saying “it’s none of your f—ing business!” Well, sugar pie, you made it everyone’s business when you announced it to the world on the show that Frank was moving back in. If you don’t want people to ask about your private business, then I suggest you stop telling us about it.

I’m still cautious about trusting and believing Danielle 100%, but I agree that Dolores isn’t as sweet, loyal, and innocent as she tries to come across on TV. Dolores is shady as hell in my opinion, and the things she says make me go hmmm.

Thoughts on Danielle’s blog? Do you think Dolores is loyal? Are Dolores’ true colors starting to show? Do you believe Dolores is as sweet and innocent as she attempts to portray?

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  • DJ

    Oh My! Has anyone seen this? It looks like M&T Bank ALLEGEDLY took over the Laurita residence! I feel horrible for her kids if this is true!


    • samael


      Wow! thanks for the link…that must be scary for them, but they do have a bill to pay along with Chris’s charges $1.8 M..wow


      • DJ

        Our sons go to the same private high school. God Bless that they can afford it!

        btw… I drive my son, he does not take the bus so he does not see him on the bus. I do not know them, but have seen them around.

        • samael

          hey DJ

          I don’t understand where they get their $$ from, cuz they certainly have bills/charges etc…wow thanks for the info. Seems RHNJ has the most insider’s…so cool!

          • DJ

            You have great info!!! It just BURNS me that certain people profess to be “advocates”, and avoid doing what is required by law. If we all did not pay our taxes, no child would get to be educated, roads would not be fixed, garbage not picked up, etc…. I guess Birkins and Botox are more important than fundamental essentials. This is all alleged.

            I am STUNNED stones were thrown at T. A certain person was going to buy her furniture… LOL!

        • DJ

          SORRY! One more thing! Thanks for that link… Our town is in a regional school system. Children with disabilities are sent out of district. I know this because my sister has 2 autistic children. The town literally pays tens of thousands of dollars a year PER CHILD. So we make sure we pay our taxes. It is essential that we do for these children. When people DON’T pay, and allegedly owe hundreds of thousands in taxes, it becomes a burden on all of us paying for these well-deserving children. It would be especially disappointing if a person was actually utilizing the system for a child, and think it was OK not to pay taxes. Thanks for listening! Just advocating for children in need! I am in no way referencing anyone in particular.

          • samael

            both chris and jack ass owe taxes

            Judgment Number: DJ 007349 13- DIV OF TAXATION VS LAURITA, CHRISTOPH
            Judgment Amount:$338337.05

            and Jack Ass
            Judgment Number: DJ 007350 13- DIV OF TAXATION VS LAURITA, JACQUELINE
            Judgment Amount:$338337.05

            there is the burden..that sux

  • Romulus

    Dullores needs to go, simply because of her connection to Jacqueline. It was so boring listening to Jacqueline go on with her strange accusations, and if Dull is being fed by Jacqueline…the show just needs to move on from Jacqueline’s carrying on. The scene with her yelling in that restaurant at the end of the last season was extremely non-entertaining. New, totally new storylines please!

  • rhfan

    Oh this Danielle trying to stir it up. The way I see it, Tre and Dolo both spoke about each other’s relationships, imo they’re even. As for D saying nobody gets mad over something that’s not true, that’s funny. Its RHONJ, they all overreact to everything. For the record her friend Tre throws a wine glass over cheating rumors that have been around for years, so what’s her opinion on that? lol I wonder what that spin will be?

  • holy cannoli

    Why does this Strega have a Blog?!
    She’s a freakin “ Friend Of”.
    I seriously can’t stand this Whack, Freakin Wanna Be Somebody..
    BTW, My Opinion… Her Blogs Suck!! ??

  • Khipp

    “…sweet and innocent…” Come on. DullorAss is not a loyal friend to T. DullorAss is a loyal friend to that Bloated Booze Bag and Caroswine. And is their mouth piece.

    • Lea

      I don’t get it either, Jac has been so awful to Teresa. I could never be friends with such a mean hearted person.

    • Romulus

      So true Khipp. She has that same self-righteousness as the Clown, probably shaves Clown’s facial hair and weaves the pieces into those terrible hairpieces she wears

  • Pokémon

    Of course Danielle defends TreCnt they are both criminals

  • luvs2ride

    I’m still cautious when it comes to Danielle, but damn, that was an excellent blog!!

    • samael


      • luvs2ride

        Oh yeah!

        • samael

          I’m totally looking forward to the reunion!

          • Khipp

            Hey Sammy. Aren’t they filming the reunion soon, like next week?

            • samael

              Good afternoon Khipp!!

              yup, Soggy is already advertising who her “designer” is for the reunion!

              • Khipp

                Me me me me me me, hear me see me, look at me me me me me me me me. Maybe I’ll throw myself on the floor at the reunion. Good lord Soggy.

                I can’t stand this woman.

              • penny

                Doesn’t matter who Soggy Siggy’s designer is for the reunion because as always all eyes will be on Teresa! Soggy needs to watch past pas so she can see that its Teresa that always shines no matter what the other smurffets wearing!

                • Khipp
                  • penny

                    I hope Andy gets it together and stop hiring all these wack-jobs like Soggy Siggy have gotten so old and Boring to watch

                • samael

                  100% penny

                  apparently she’s to ignorant to have picked up the clue last season!

                  • penny

                    Soggy Siggy doesn’t have a clue you’re right! We’re talking about a nut job that has pictures of herself plastered all over that condo. Talk being a Narssasist, I can’t even spell it lol. But seriously only people that are beyond stuck on themselves plaster pictures of themselves all over their house. Soggy Siggy didn’t so much as have a picture of her her, just her. LoL this nut job needs a Prozac drip just like Wacko-Jacko no wonder they get along so good, they’re both crazy.

                    • samael

                      based on how Soggy chooses to behave – I agree 100% with your post!

                      did we force her to do any of this…well..she does blame Mags and editing…apparently Mags is Soggy’s lord and master and Soggy has relinquished all formats of free will.???

                    • penny

                      Soggy needs to just go, and stop calling herself a relationship expert. I just can’t see a relationship expert taking the time to plaster her own pictures of herself all over the place. Very unstable woman, and has no place trying fix relationships.

              • luvs2ride

                Hopefully she will get a haircut.

    • Khipp

      Hey Luvs, good points.

      • luvs2ride

        Thanks, Khipp. She may be crazier than a shit house rat, but she was on point with EVERYTHING in that blog.

        Awaiting the bullshit response.

  • samael

    Danielle is hilarious! So far she is being tactful and hasn’t made a “shady” move. Still – I don’t trust her or M 100%.

    Geez, Teresa has weird friends – Dull Ass can’t stop putting down Teresa. I don’t expect friends to attach themselves to Teresa’s ass..but holy smokes..Dull keeps slamming Teresa at every opportunity. I guess you can do that when you have been friends over 20 years.

    • Pierre

      I think when you are truly a friend to someone you can be honest to/about them?

      I would not trust Danielle over Delores for a second. Even if Delores had said that, it pales in comparison to Danielle’s history with Teresa and the other girls. Whereas, Delores and Teresa have/had been good for >20 years which speaks for itself imo.

      • luvs2ride

        Pierre, the number of years she’s been “friends” with Teresa fluctuates on a daily basis, so that defense holds no water, IMO.

        • Pierre

          Really? I always hear ~20 years. Even if they had only been friends for a day they still would not have the tumultuous history between Teresa and Danielle.

          • luvs2ride

            Good point.
            With the exception of Dina, Teresa’s relationships with her castmates all have a tumultuous history.
            I’m not Danielle’s cheerleader by any means, but I think she won this round. ?

            • Pierre

              That’s true, she has.

              Of course, I still side with Delores over Danielle but we will see what happens… 😉

      • samael

        Good morning Pierre

        I agree a real friend says the truth to your face. Dull has been changing how long she has known Teresa – but – Dull has been criticizing Teresa in interviews and demeans Teresa in interviews as well..”I think Teresa is losing it”..Dull would never have these interviews if not for Teresa.

        Even on National TV Dull shades Teresa with a “rumor” that Dull believes, the one about Joe cheating on Teresa – and Teresa shuts that down.

        It would be a different story if Dull said

        “look at what you are dealing with..bitch rumors about your marriage, Joe rumors, how do you deal with that crap”

        but dull infers that the rumors are true..until Teresa pulls it outta the 20 year friend..and Dull backs off.

        So this friendship got Dull in front of the camera..and this is how Dull thanks her 20 year friend.

        • Pierre

          I guess we see it from different perspectives, because I like Delores (or ‘Dull’ as you refer to her!).

          However, I am a fan of Teresa too so I can see both sides. I just think if you’re friends with somebody for 20 years then it’s probably a friendship worth keeping and I hate to see Teresa or Delores lose that over a TV show or Danielle for that matter.

          Anyway, I will wait to see what happens the rest of the season and, of course, at the reunion. Hopefully they will work things out but Teresa does seem to have a track record of broken friendships/relationships on RHONJ :-/

          • samael

            I doubt that Teresa would let go of this friendship – she cleared the air with Dull and moved on.

            She forgives as usual and moves on. I don’t like that Dull says in interviews that “Teresa has lost it”..I wouldn’t expect her to be a bot..but I truly believe that dull and soggy bottom are clawing for their jobs.

            • Pierre

              Well I hope they keep their jobs because I really enjoy them lol. However, I also hope they keep their friendships because, again, I happen to like all 3 of them!

              • samael

                Teresa will never be fired – the only way she leaves is if she decides to. For me,Dull and Soggy blew it, out of fear of loss of camera, they went the easy route, attack long time friend.

                For me Dull doesn’t have a storyline, not sure why she doesn’t do more shots of her gym…her choice. Too bad she is shredding Danielle for even mentioning Dull’s family, her family could easily be her storyline.

                Living with her ex that paid her way forever, then finally working for herself..that is an awesome story..yet Dull decides to shred Teresa.

                as far as Danielle goes, don’t trust her, but she sure brings the drama, and has major use of snark..and shade – all good tools for RH.

                Could care less if she returns next season, based on how she “behave’s” this season, I am sure it will decide if she returns.

                For me it is good bye:

                Soggy bottom

                • Pierre

                  Oh I know Teresa won’t be fired, I meant Delores and Siggy but that I like all 3… I also like Margaret (not sure which M yours stands for) so would like them all to stay. I don’t feel like Danielle has bought all that much drama this season. In fact, Siggy and Margaret have done a better job of that so far. But again, will have to wait and see as there’s still plenty of time yet!!

                  • samael

                    sorry Pierre

                    my M stands for Melissa – she flips on a dime and has dark history with Teresa.

                    The extreme reaction to Mags (I am totally bonkers about her honesty) immediate acceptance from this crew, shocked Dull and Soggy, therefore their extreme reaction makes them (to me) not authentic and not believable.

                    they are their own worst enemy..for me ..mags and dull both tweeted that at some point everyone does get along,but it doesn’t last long..that sucks.

                    we just watched ep. 7 and this season only filmed 12 episodes.

                    btw, I just want to point out, I am not in any way trying to change your mind, we all have different RH favs.

                    • Pierre

                      Of course we do and you won’t change my mind lol. Delores and Siggy are still my favourites. However, I like Teresa and Margaret too. The thing is, that I can like HWs that don’t even like each other or that aren’t getting along as there are two sides (or more!) to most stories and everyone has their good and bad traits. It’s actually rare for me to really dislike a cast member for this reason. However, I do not trust Danielle and I find Melissa spoilt and boring.

                    • Pierre

                      P.S. It’s a shame they’ve only filmed 12 episodes as I am really enjoying the season so far (much better than OC or Atlanta). At least we get the reunion sooner.

          • Marcy Davis

            For the first time ever Teresa is friends with all of them,they all want to be her friend, seeing pictures all over IG some of Teresa real friends socializing with Siggy and Dolores one! her name is Lisa G her birthday was Sunday I was surprised Siggy and Dolores were there Why? Because these are Teresas real friends never seen Sig or Dol in the past with Tre real friends until now. Siggy been up Lisa G ass for a year now same with Dolores.
            So Yes Dolores and Teresa are friendly but friend’s more like acquaintances IMO..Teresa is stuck with them..

            • Pierre

              I guess only Teresa, Delores and Siggy know the real answer to that

            • Khipp

              Marcy. Bingo!!

              • luvs2ride

                The key word is “acquaintance”, which in my opinion is all Teresa was to Dolores all these years.

                • Khipp

                  The run into each other “friends” at Weddings, and Funerals.

          • Mar

            They seem more like “acquaintances” then friends. Dolores seems to not really like Tre…….

            • luvs2ride

              I said the same thing upthread!?

              • BAPS C

                Yup! I feel the same way too. Dolores may even dis like her all together.

                • luvs2ride

                  I wouldn’t be surprised

            • Khipp

              I absolutely get that vibe too Mar

        • Khipp

          Sammy, DullorAss was and is as ass for talking about T’s marriage. But, no one can talk or ask about the hinky set up she has with the Muscle Meathead ex. Hypocrite.