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Erika Jayne Releases Book Cover For Her Upcoming Memoir

Season 8 isn’t the only thing Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans have to look forward to they also can get excited about Erika Jayne’s upcoming memoir: Pretty Mess.

Erika announced her memoir back in July telling fans, “Without Erika Jayne, Erika Girardi would just be another rich bitch with a plane. I hope my intimate story can inspire readers to become their own strong, confident and vibrant, pretty messes.”

Now Erika is giving fans a sneak peek at her book’s cover.

On the cover, Erika can be seen flaunting her assets and is rocking a clear skirt with a low-cut bodysuit; proving that she doesn’t give any f—s.

#PrettyMess ? coming March 20, 2018! @SimonBooks

A post shared by Erika Jayne (@theprettymess) on

Fans aren’t the only ones looking forward to Erika’s book, even Erika’s RHOBH c0-stars can’t wait to get their hands on her upcoming memoir.

Erika’s RHOBH co-star Lisa Rinna gushed over her book cover and showed Erika some major love.

Pretty Mess is slated to be released in March 2018.

I’m not big into Housewife’s books, but I think Erika’s might be quite interesting. I feel like she’s lived a unique life.

Thoughts on Erika’s book cover? Are you excited about Erika’s book? Will you be picking up Erika’s memoir?

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  • Sugar Mama

    I’m just curious why this gal who is all about women empowerment & expressing your inner ‘Erika Jayne’ tags herself as a pretty mess. ? Two different billboards here….she seems gutsy enough one minute but you get the sense if you poke her a little too much she could wind up in the nervous hospital…..nope… I don’t buy her cliches,,,I don’t believe she’s keepin it real, just sayin…

  • samael


    Erikant just finished the #AmericanMusicAwards #RedCarpet

    she didn’t suck
    all the hosts seemed awkward with the artists
    lots of awkward silence
    not sure if they get paid extra if they say “amazing”
    Erikant would have made at least $5000.00

    Erika is covered completely

  • CG

    I’m cautiously optimistic on this one.

    Some of the other Housewives books are really bad. Luann’s etiquette book was really stupid. Ramona’s Life on the Ramonacoaster book was not as good as it could have been (I think she held back a bunch).

    But some of the other Housewives books are pretty good. Say what you will about Brandi Glanville … her books are really entertaining. And say what you will about Teresa Giudice … her cookbook is pretty good. Her sauce recipes are good (and pretty easy to make).

  • Pokemon

    Slut Erica and excon TreTrunk deserve to be on the same show

  • Kirby


  • Ronnie

    Erika, your game changer was marrying an old rich man. Not everyone is motivated to do that.

  • Jean

    Hi, I am not a fan of hers. DWS I thought she really showed that she can not dance. Also, she always seemed seperate from the rest of the cast.
    She also appears to have body issues and covered up when the lights were up.
    It really bothered me the way she, LR and ED attacked Dorit on the boat. I am not particularly a fan of Dorit, although, she handled that trip much better than I would have being a captive on the boat.
    I find Erika good at dishing it out. Not so good at being called out for her actions.

  • Niki

    It’s beautiful, artistic and on-brand. Some don’t get it because they can’t, others because they don’t like her. Sorry for them either way.


    • Rain

      That’s a bit unfair Niki ??? I actually like Erika but this is disappointing. I wanted something chic and elegant and fierce , not a Vegas poster. I just don’t think that liking a HW means blindly defending everything she does . I try to avoid that ‘worship’ , idol mentality because it’s just strange and these women are human after all and they make mistakes … Some posters you don’t have to bother read what they write because you can predict it beforehand ?. I try to be fair even with the HWs I like


    • Pierre

      I also like Erika, but this is premature imo. She has only been on the show for 2 years. I know she had a career prior to RH but apart from people in gay clubs, I’m not sure who would know of her… I think when you have got OGs that have been on for a lot longer or even housewives that have had more success/fame outside the show that haven’t written memoirs yet it begs the question, who is going to buy Erika’s exactly??

      • Rain

        All excellent points ????

        • Pierre

          Thanks doll :-***

          • Rain


    • luvs2ride

      Niki, remember – beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • ?????????Ð?????
    • Rain

      ?????I actually like her and I think this is silly !! The open mouth is NOT necessary ! It’s TOO MUCH going on at the same time . You have to think of these covers as something that should stand the trst of time . This is a fail for me ??

    • Kirby

      ??????Sunday bae

      • ?????????Ð?????

        Hey, it’s my handsome hunky bae!!! ?

        • Kirby

          Hey hey hey pretty gurl ???????

  • Rain

    Ok so on an upcoming episode of Heather McDonald’s podcast , Kelly was the guest and was drunk (duh) and spilled some hot tea. She apparently gave Vile an adderall in Iceland that was the cause of Vick’s ‘heart attack ‘ ! That’s why Kelly didn’t seem too concerned about Vicki because she knew what was going on
    This will apparently be discussed at the reunion

    HILARIOUS!! Vile on adderall ?????

    • ?????????Ð?????

      Big kisses babe! ??

      • Rain


    • Kirby

      What did I miss ??

  • Betty

    Ugh. Please no

  • Steve

    Another 50 year old housewife pretending (and failing) to be 20.

  • SA

    definitely not going to read this will only be all about her and she will totally avoid owning up to the fact that she totally abandoned her son for fame…we know you married a rich old man and bought your fame..moving on..

  • OCNJHwife

    Memoir of what….less than stellar childhood, had a kid she abandoned & worked as a hostess at a restaurant and snagged a sugar daddy?? Puhlease……she has accomplished nothing on her own – if she had a career on her own without her cash cow and made millions it would be worth looking at. She’s ridiculous.

    • Cori

      My thoughts exactly! Spot on.

    • HelenWheels68

      Please see the above. I should have placed it here. (Note to self: read all the comments before making first comment).

  • samael

    Even though I am not a fan and will be giving her a second chance…

    – Erikant is doing what all RH do – giver all she’s got to make as much $$ while in the “D list” spotlight
    – I like that Erikant covered her butt (pun intended) by making this a memoir..therefore she can
    use innuendo and lie about facts because, this is not her bio
    – cool that she will not be using this as her storyline (as filming has ended)
    – she is not the first blonde to do the “marilyn monroe” pose..all that try to duplicate are
    mere sloppy seconds

    • luvs2ride

      Hey, sammy.
      I don’t watch this show or know much about this woman, but she looks like an asshole in that picture.

      • samael

        Good evening luvs!

        you got it in ONE!

        – gave custody of son to husband – to “find herself”
        – worked at somthing like “hooterts”..served Mi$$ionaire..married he is 78 right now
        – hired to be FOH of Yolanda on RHBH (one pic of them together on Yolanda’ s instagram
        – her son now lives with her and her hubby he is a police officer
        – for one complete season she dragged another cast member’s husband cuz
        he looked when she had her legs spread and she was not wearing underwear
        – her format of independence …after punking her fans…

        • luvs2ride

          Thanks for the info, sam.
          She looks like an asshole in that picture too.
          Don’t tell me – She’s a feminist and these pics are about empowering women?
          She must treat Grandpappy reaaal good in the sack for him to put up with the worst case of narcissism (After any Kardashian, of course) I’ve ever seen.

          • samael

            you’re welcome luvs

            she punked all her fans
            insincerity at it’s best
            hubby was the lawyer for the real erin brokovich
            he treats her like a concubine and she accepts it

            • luvs2ride

              What a pig.

              • samael

                yup – he is an ass hole as well..and she defends his behavior , when asked about it in interviews.

                • luvs2ride

                  Of course!

                  • samael

                    100% right luvs..oh and his company has their own plane, she uses it.

  • Rain

    Atrocious cover ! Just smh ! And did we need the open mouth ?
    I mean come on!!! ???

    • HelenWheels68

      She’s amusing as far as it goes within the genre but do we really need a “memoir” at this point.

      Other than it pays to marry a rich old coot who loves spoiling you what else is there to know? She was a struggling single mom working a service industry job when as luck would have it in walked…

      I suppose there’s an audience for their ‘love story’ but I don’t find it even remotely compelling.

      • Rain

        Very good points Helen ??. I think her team is simply ‘striking while the iron is hot ‘ as far as I’m concerned .

      • samael