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Shannon Beador Calls Vicki’s Apology In Iceland “Not Very Sincere” Plus Admits Tamra Judge Hurt Her A Few Times This Season

Season 12 of the Real Housewives of Orange County was a shitshow especially for Shannon Beador, who dealt with gaining 40-pounds, a crumbling marriage, and a whole lot of friendship issues.

Despite it, all Shannon made it through and is now owning her shit and making amends for the errors of her ways.

During a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, reflected on season 12 and talked about her fresh start in life.

Shannon, who announced her and David’s separation at the season 12 reunion, opened up more about their split telling Andy, “When we filmed the reunion, we had been separated for five weeks. There was a part of me that thought finally getting out there would be a sense of relief, but in actuality, it made it official and it made it real. I’ve been having good days and bad days.”

Adding, “Last week I saw he took his wedding ring off and that’s inevitable, but it’s just making the adjustment.”

However, Shannon refused to end the conversation on a bad note telling Andy, “No more downer tonight. It’s all good. This had to happen. Good times are ahead.”

Unfortunately, Shannon can’t move forward just yet because of the upcoming reunion where all the drama of season 12 will be rehashed.

Speaking of rehashing drama, Shannon admits that some of the comments made by her bestie Tamra this season really affected her.

“Yes, my feelings were hurt a few times. I did have talks with her about it. You guys see little clips of things here and there. She tells me what really happened,” Shannon explains.

Yet Shannon takes part of the blame; owning her bad behavior this season, and admitting, “I know that I was so volatile this season that she was kind of afraid and walked on eggshells a little bit around me.”

While Shannon is able to forgive Tamra, one person she can’t forgive is Vicki. Shannon made it clear that she never believed Vicki’s apology in Iceland was the real deal, saying “I think if you really wanted to make an apology, you would do it off camera. You wouldn’t do it after two cocktails. You wouldn’t do it when Tamra is whispering in your ear ‘apologize now.’ It wasn’t very sincere.” 

To wrap up the evening, a fan asked Shannon to “name three people that you’re not ‘done’ with from this season.”

“I’ll say Tamra Judge,” Shannon responded. Also adding, “I’ll say, Kelly Dodd. At this point, there’s not many others. I can’t do that.”

Shannon clearly forgot Meghan King Edmonds and realized it after the fact. Shannon dedicated a special post on Instagram to Meghan and apologized for forgetting to mention her.

Thoughts on Shannon’s interview? Do you think Shannon is new and improved? Was Shannon volatile during season 12? Will we see a new Shannon during season 13? Do you think Vicki’s apology in Iceland was sincere?

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  • LOVE SHANNON!! She is the only real housewife out there, along with Dorinda. She knows how to have fun, calls people on their shit and wears her heart on her sleeve. The only thing I don’t like about Shannon is her football fave football team!

  • Sorry but I see Shannon as a mean girl she says she can’t forgive Vicki but she used it as an excuse to belittle and pick on Vicki and exclude her from the group (not very mature). So maybe Shannon needs to ask Vicki for forgiveness

  • Side note to RHOC but did anyone see the throw down between Kelly and Gretchen on instagram? It got nasty!

  • Hell, I can’t forgive the POS cancer scammer and I don’t even know her. LOL Shannon has every right to not forgive her, but……I think she should, even if it is only within herself, it will allow her to move on. She doesn’t have to forget, just get the monkey off her shoulders But I get it, she doesn’t want anything to do with the morally corrupt terminal grifter. Who can blame her? As for Tamra, I have to say, she should have known better, but Shannon was looking for an ally and Tamra was the one to extend her hand. I hope she realizes going forward, she needs to keep better council and not be so vulnerable, although I’m sure it will be difficult for her. She’s the kind of person who lets it all hang out, consequences be damned. Life is a learning lesson, pay attention Shannon!

    • Hello gorgeous ??????
      the POS scammer is atrocious but you are right that Shannon needs to do this for her own good so she can move forward . We all know Vile doesn’t get and will never get it so staying mad at her is a futile endeavor.
      I think she’s learnt a few things from being on this show and caution is of them ???????


      • Right, I’m not saying Shannon should have a face to face with the grifter. I just think it would behoove her to forgive her within herself and frees up the space it’s taking in her life. Time to let it go.????

      • Not so good rain . My husband was mugged by some homeless guys and injured really bad and we are now worried about him catching something from all the scratches he got like hiv waiting for test results

        • OMG! That’s so aweful sweetheart, I am so sorry that happened to your husband , how horrible ???? I hope everything comes out ok sweetie . Scratches are not a risk for HIV , I can tell you that for sure . Stay strong honey ??

          • Thanx rain luckily there were no weapons and no stitches needed at the Er. it was a scuffle and there were scratches with blood how sure are you about hiv?Why would the doctor order it ?isn’t it alive for few mins in blood ? I have been googling

            • Oleander ???? No need to thank me sweetheart, this is our little community and you’re part of it so caring for you and your loved one comes naturally ?
              First things first , I feel more comfortable sharing this opinion because I know the test has already been ordered and it’s not only resting on what I have to say . But based on what you are sharing here , an HIV test wasn’t even warranted in the first place . PLEASE don’t google , it will suck you into an ugly labyrinth of paranoia . HIV is not ‘dead’ or ‘alive’ but rather active or inactive and it’s immediately inactivated once exposed to air and temperature changes of the environment . In the 40 year history of this virus , not ONE single case has been documented with the scenario that your poor husband experienced and that’s a good thing . A lot of things are in the realm of ‘theoretical risk’ but that’s all they are . Trust me when I tell you , your husband will not be the first to be infected this way. I am 100.1% certain ?? I hope this gives you some reassurance .
              Stay strong both of you ?????? And come back to celebrate his negative results with us ???

        • Oleander

          so cool to see you again, I completely understand the stress by the minute – hopefully you will get the results quick..I got mine via email..helped tons.

          Prayers sent

        • Oh no, I’m so sorry Oleander. I’m sending prayers and healing vibes your way. {{{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}

  • Shannon remains the undisputed Queen of Realness , IMO of course ?
    Regardless of how whiny and annoying viewers may find her , she is honest and genuine and has never gone out of her way to maliciously hurt anyone .

    What other HW would admit that they were volatile and own it ?

    I am not defending Tamra BUT I do believe Shannon when she says she has talked to Tamra and maybe some editing was involved . I think they have a genuine friendship becuase their families do hang out together even when they are not filming . But then again that’s JMO

    Vicki is like a scorpion, she can’t help but sting ! She has devolved into a lower life form right before our eyes ?

    • For Shannon’s sake, I hope Tamra proves to be a good and loyal friend, because this season she didn’t seem it. I am sure Shannon was a handful and needy and yes anyone can tire of that, but we all know what kind of friend Tamra has been over the years.
      Shannon deserves someone loyal and protective because she has proven that she is that way many times.
      And love the Scorpion remark – NAILED IT!

      • Absolutely! Shannon has shown repeatedly what an amazing friend she is and she deserves that in return . I haven’t ben watching OC for many years so I don’t know how aweful Tamra has been but I do believe people can change . So maybe , just maybe , Tamra will stand up for Shannon and be the good friend that she deserves .
        But I do feel that Kelly is slowly moving into Shannon’s comer so maybe shannon won’t be alone after all ??

        • Aw u try to see the good in everyone! Love shannon but i think tamras nothing but a user. Tam doesnt appear to know the real meaning of friendship and loyalty. I wldnt hold ur breathe on that one rain!

          • I haven’t watched the season but eager to see the reunion and how all these ladies interact. I want to pay special attention to Tamra and Kelly when it comes to Shannon ! I want Shannon to come into her own and be strong and independent xoxo

  • Vile doesn’t know how to apologize because she never thinks she does anything wrong – she always blames someone else or just lies.
    Tamra has never been a good friend to anyone and Shannon had every right to be hurt over the comments she made about her. Tamra uses people and then tosses them aside until they are needed again.
    I really hope that next season Shannon comes back strong, happy and doesn’t take shit from anyone (including Tamra)

  • Go Shannon!

    You have to teach people how to treat you

    This season Tam’s spent time bitching about each reaction Shannon had to everything Shannon had slammed on her

    – Lydiot setting Shannon up to look like Shannon is over reacting (“my ears”)
    – Peggy “are you ok” crap
    – Vile’s over the top drunk apology to Tams
    – Tams bitching about Shannon to Meghan
    – Dickless dragging Shannon
    – her own trainer shaming Shannon on National TV
    – then there’s David

    Shannon owned this season, the only REAL housewife dealing openly with life issues!

    • There were times I wished Shannon took some time for herself, away from this group. But overall, she is my favorite. She has handled Vicki better, smarter than anyone. Smart = not falling for a quick apology.

      • Good afternoon Lea

        I agree with you, I wonder if they will do tape of Shannon just enjoying her own company, but, since she is running the restaurant project, that is time consuming – as well as being a single mom of pre teen and teen daughter. I agree that she handled Vile better than others…after 2 drunk apologies..vile and tams are still not buds.

        excellent points Lea