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RHOBH Season 8 Trailer Is Here!!!

9021-Oh baby!

Finally, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 8 trailer is here! And RHOBH fans should buckle up because season 8 is going to be one wild ride!

As always RHOBH bring us the fabulosity that no other franchise can – think fast cars, yachts, diamonds, helicopters, private jets, expensive fashion, and so much more!

So, let’s meet the season 8 cast in all their glory!

RHOBH Royalty and OG’s Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump

Returning Diva’s Lisa Rinna, Dorit Kemsley, and Erika Girardi

Newbie Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave

And let’s not forget returning friend of the Housewives, and fan favorite Camille Grammer

Oh, and obviously here’s the full-time cast shot.

Now, let’s finally get the season 8 trailer!

The glamour returns to Bravo on December 19 at 9 pm!

I’m going, to be honest, the trailer didn’t thrill me at all. But I love that the RHOBH are back. Hopefully, Bravo is keeping the juicy drama from us in an attempt to make the season better.

Sources tell me that RHOBH starts out very slow and that there’s no drama in the first few episodes. Check out the latest episode of the AllAboutTRH podcast for exclusive details about season 8!

Thoughts on the season 8 trailer? Sound off below!

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  • September24

    One scene of NY makes BH traveling to NY more interesting than RHONY itself! LOL!

    • Kirby

      Right on ???

  • missroxmiss

    I will apologize first . Rinna and Kyle are killing it in the group photo. LVP is getting tired of the drama then she needs to appoint a new queen.How is it she gets away with every shady thing she does to Kyle and the other women ?
    why oh why did they bring Dorit back ?
    Camille never has been nor will she ever be a favorite of mine..JMO. white is not her color not very flattering.
    where is Adrianne ?

    • Rain

      You are right , where is Adrienne? All those rumors amounted to nothing? ?

      • missroxmiss

        That would bum me out I always liked Adrienne . Lisa VP is very jealous of her for some reason. cause I have a honest ? what did she actually do to LisaVP ? I have re-watched seasons and am clueless. so I assume it is Lisa is Jealous.
        Lisa did use Brandi to to get Adrienne to quit .

        • Pierre

          You’re right.. The reason is because Adrienne said that Lisa sold stories to the tabloids. From then on, Adrienne incurred the wrath of LVP and eventually quit the show :-/

        • Rain

          I haven’t watched the earlier seasons with Adrienne and Camille ? but I know the viewers are quite polarized about them .
          I hope you have a lovley Sunday xoxo

    • Kissme

      I really enjoyed Dorit, sophomore year is always the true test though ?

      • missroxmiss

        that is the truth and in trailer it sure looks like Dorit made LVP mad so we will see .We all know that Lisa will not tolerate ANYONE making her look bad and then the claws come out.she seems to me more of a cat person by her behavior at times
        Dorit seems fake to me. from her accent to her lifestyle.

      • Rain

        Exactly! I didn’t particularly like her but I’m open to her more if her bitch of a husband isn’t around as much. I think she may well this season and I quite like her collection

    • Pierre

      Agree re Kyle and Rinna – glad somebody else is willing to admit it! Lol. I do actually like Dorit though.

      Based on cast photographs, I don’t think Adrienne filmed a vast amount this season so she will just be a friend or guest (as usual!).

      • missroxmiss

        I like Lisa Rinna . Kyle as long as she leaves her sister Kim off the show my bad she has not done that yet. I can not stand Kim at all.

        • Pierre

          Wow, finally someone else who likes Rinna! Lol. I actually wish Kyle spent more time with LR (and other castmates for that matter) than LVP, but she seems to be under her ‘spell’ a lot of the time.

          Of course, I feel the same way about Kim who is actually abusive to Kyle (no wonder she thinks LVP is a ‘great friend’ when she has said sister to compare to) and never takes responsibility for anything/constantly acts like a child. However, I do not think it is up to Kyle whether or not Kim returns. That is down to Kim (who needs the pay check no doubt) and Bravo (who want the drama). Luckily, there has been no peep of her making an appearance this season!! 🙂

  • michers

    The new blonde looks like angry spice ; oh gee how original … I’m anxious to see if ALL the ladies can actually be grown ups and make an enjoyable season for once . Keep PepTits off and I think Dullrito may be tolerable ?! Hope Jesus took the wheel along with her faux accent !!

    • Khipp

      LOLOL “angry spice”.

      • michers


  • Pokemon

    Leave Dorit and fire all the rest they’re old

  • samael

    off topic

    holy crap! Kathy Griffin’s twitter has letter from (supposed fan) talking about having sex with Andy Cohen

    • Laurie

      Meh…. Kathy is a washed up
      Hag. Who cares about a brief sexual encounter between two gay men? Isn’t that their schtick anyway? Gyms, bars, colleges… Their the “queens” of one night – anonymous sexual encounters. Is dude Andy tapped going to come out of the woodwork? Yawn… He’s gay! We get it. It’s A-ok… live and let live.

      • samael


        and it was 28 years ago and what was the big reveal..he has sex..Kathy is an vindictive human
        that feels the need to slam back…but she is firing blanks.

        My anger is – her process – actual Sexual Abuse Victims are coming forward, this is a slap in their face!

  • ?????????Ð?????

    Thoughts on the looks in the opener….
    Kyle and her fountain of hair, she looks positively ridiculous and it looks like she borrowed her dress from a very older sister.
    Teddi Don’t care for the pouty pout look but whatever, I’ll give her a chance, just steer clear of the Queen! LOL
    LVP Don’t love it, don’t hate it.
    Cunty Looks like something she’s worn before. Nothing new going on…..zzzzzzzzzz
    Love Dorit’s hair, not too sure about the gown, doesn’t fit very well and the colour isn’t my favorite and does her no favours.
    Hate to say it but Rinner looks good, the helmut hair has to go!!
    Camille Seriously? She looks like a fake barbie doll with the sheer bottom. Don’t like it at all.

    Thoughts on the trailer…..
    Sounds like Dorit is dropping the accent, somewhat. What is up with the bright pink wig on Cunty? Didn’t we have enough of her pink hair last season? I know the Teddi chick is going to get on my nerves, by the way she talks. Mouth clenched, jaw closed, very weird

  • Niki

    Looks fun!
    LVC doesn’t seem into it as much, she’s totally phoning this season in. Bitch, just retire already.

    • Lea

      I agree Niki, but I have noticed that about LVP for quite a while, that is why she has Ken film so many discussions with her in her closet while packing – she doesn’t want to sit one-on-one anyone for a chat over lunch etc. No surprise she made that crack as she peels away in her limo from Kyle & Dorit.

  • Kirby

    Kyle ?????? looking forward to this . No Kim please this season ??. Is Lisa V going to play victim again and blame Kyle ? Don’t like this latest addition

    • Rain

      Kirby you are so predictable ???Happy Friday cutie ???

    • Nicole Elaine

      Obviously. LVP is the victim every year, every season. And it’s always Kyle’s fault. Because she is soooo jealous of LVP. ?

      • Kirby

        Kyle is my girl so I am cool with Lisa when she is cool with Kyle but when she starts whining and playing victim and blaming Kyle then we have a problem ???

        • Pierre

          LVP has not been a friend to Kyle in the same way that Kyle has to her [in previous seasons]. We all know that Lisa is self-serving and will drop you in an instant if/when it suits her. Kyle is a sweet-heart and wants to believe the best in her friend despite being faced with evidence on the contrary multiple times. It is a bit like an abusive relationship at times but I do believe that Kyle is becoming a lot stronger and LVP’s crown more crooked as both the viewers and fellow castmates call her out on her shit. Kyle is the underdog and may well be the one to (unwittingly!) steal Lisa’s crown… I do wish she would invest more in other friendships than just Lisa’s but she is so invested and obviously sees Lisa as a sister which says it all really (considering her relationships with Kathy and Kim!!).

          • Kirby

            Hiya Pierre ?? The crown is on Kyle’s head as far as I’m concerned ?. If she had a British accent she would do better with viewers I guess ? Kyle is always a good friend and sweet and gets taken advantage of . She is the whole package , perfect marriage, life kids business ??????

            • Pierre

              She really is the whole package + she is gorgeous & family are beautiful. I do believe she is growing in confidence and assertiveness which is great so hopefully she won’t need a British accent before viewers start to appreciate this more too! 😉

              • Kirby

                ??? spot on brother ???? She’s the reason I started watching in the first place

    • Lea

      Kyle, hands down, had the funniest/best talking heads segments last season. She slayed LVP over and over, love it and hope she keeps it up.

      • Kirby

        Lea ?????????? Spot on !

        • Lea

          Thanks Kirby!

          • Kirby


  • Oleander

    very excited to see Pumpy back

    • Khipp

      I like her too.

    • Khipp

      Oleander, I just read about what happened, on the other thread. Peace and prayers.

    • Pierre

      I like Lisa as a cast member but she sure is manipulative and Machiavellian. Also, she has not been bringing a lot of her own drama/entertainment to the series of late – she prefers to highlight and augment that of other peoples’.

      Let’s face it, without Rinna these past 2 seasons there would have been no “storyline” whatsoever… LVP would prefer to just ‘coast’ and look good while making her other castmates do all the hard work and, at times, look bad.

      • missroxmiss

        ITA !! Lisa will go after anyone who threatens her crown she just manipulates others to do it for her.

  • Khipp

    The trailer looks interesting.

    The photo’s…all these women are beautiful, except this one…

    • samael

      100% ????

    • samael


      Mags just said she will be on live instagram today at 5:30 eastern – with her mom!

    • Pierre

      Lisa looks beautiful and you are either blind or a hater if you say otherwise!!

      • Khipp

        Pierre, I’m neither blind or a hater. So you might want to keep that comment to yourself.

        And yes, Lisa Vanderpump does look beautiful.

        • samael

          Good Morning Khipp

          at least LVP isn’t getting plastic surgery/botox/implants/pellets ..LVP is a natural beauty …whereas Ass Lips has to “rejuvenate” herself constantly.

          if anything we are looking at plastic…or poison..isn’t that what botox is?

        • Pierre

          Actually I don’t, but thanks! 🙂

          LVP looks okay but nothing on LR 😉

          • samael

            Remember Pierre

            you didn’t like anyone making ASSumptions about you..

            “Wow, you seem to know a lot about what I think of the whole cast based on one sentence I wrote about Danielle lol. To me, it sounds like you love anyone who is either kissing Teresa’s ass or not being honest to/about her.’

            Resist personal attacks let people enjoy posting here

            • Pierre

              Wow, thanks for copying and pasting something I wrote over a week ago from an entirely seperate post!!

              I was not being personal actually and certainly nowhere near as person as you are being about LR.

  • Rain

    I discussed this with Fiddles last night but I’ll repeat some here ??

    I am glad that there doesn’t seem to be over the top volatile drama ! Hopefully we can have a nice mellow season without illnesses, fake marriages or other ugly topics

    Kudos to Erika and Dorit for moving forward like mature women and not dragging a feud for 5 seasons. Life is short , drive a Ferrari

    Not at all impressed with how they look in these pics , I gag as I say this but Rinna looks the best ?. I’m not going to defend someone just becuase I like them so the rest look tragic. Like Fiddles said, Dorit’s hair is lovley but hate the dress, do love me a pokey nipple though ?..Erika looks silly and this look is just tired and hate that hair . Kyle is ???, LVP is sad and is wearing a curtain she borrowed from an Austin’s Powers set . The new girl looks like she is in a revival of Gossip Girl and is giving us early Blake Lively . Not even worth commenting on Camille

    Still these women are the classiest ever ???. I confess that I repeatedly contacted Andy about moving Shannon to BH ?? her brand of realness and 9 lemons is exactly what that show needs ??

    • Kirby

      Mother ??? Kyle is the best and always looks hot ????? wish I could crop all the other women out

      TGIF ?????? you look smokin ??

      • Rain

        How many times do you intend to repeat that ??? yes yes yes Kyle is the best thing ever in the whole planet ??

        Thank you darling , I feel good today ?

    • Pierre

      Rinna always looks good Rain 😉 lol.

      I’m also pleased that Erika and Dorit are moving on this season. They are probably the most ‘fashionable’ or high-fashion (or whatever you want to call it!) out of the girls. And you’re right, why fight and bicker when you can drive a Ferrari together instead!?? 😛

      I think it will be nice to have a more positive season – all about fashion, glamour, lifestyle, etc. But I do hope there will be plenty of RInna and I already miss Eileen in the trailer 🙁

      • Rain

        Oh Pierre ?? I don’t know about Rinna ALWAYs looking good but I won’t burst your bubble ???

        Agree ! Erika and Dorit are very high fashion and it’s not for eveybody, because it’s about concepts and not necessarily about looking ‘pretty’. I enjoyed Dorit’s swim wear collection and was quite impressed by it actually. She did well !
        I miss Eileen too but it’s for the best . She raked the highest salary of all of them and left, not a bad deal ha? ?

        Enjoy your Sunday ?

  • Betty

    Dorit is gorgeous! LVP looks old per usual. The new girl needs to get her eyebrows done STAT

  • samael

    Woo!!!! Hoo!!!

    This is the kind of drama I enjoy…no life altering threats…Beverly Hills drama is the best!

    – I had forgotten what Erikant’s voice sounded like …didn’t miss it at all
    – so cool to see LVP/Kyle/Dorit together!!!

    So far I am liking Erikant’s honesty about her qualities she herself admits:

    – I’m a whore
    – I’m a kunt
    – and now add ass hole to the list

    self awareness is healthy!!