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Kenya Moore Spotted At IVF Clinic In Barbados

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage?

It turns out Kenya Moore is working on that last step as we speak and was photographed at the Barbados Fertility Centre in Barbados, according to TMZ.

Insiders confirm that Kenya is undergoing IFV treatment but can’t say where she is in the process.

Not surprisingly, Kenya’s mysterious husband Marc Daly wasn’t spotted with her at the appointment.

Although it’s not surprising that Kenya is trying to get pregnant. Kenya has she’s been very vocal about her want for children since her first season on the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

More recently, Kenya revealed that both she and her new husband Marc are eager to start a family.

“We both want to start a family and soon – like, right away,” she told People after her wedding. “We both want a child.”

Good for Kenya and I hope she gets the baby she’s always wanted, but I’m still not sure her marriage is 100% real. Marc and Kenya are still not living together – which is so odd. I also wonder why Kenya is going to Barbados for IVF treatment – that seems very out of the way.

Do you think Kenya will have a baby? Is it odd that Kenya and Marc still aren’t living together? Why do you think Kenya is going to Barbados for IVF treatment?

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    • yup, she is only 46, she also said she knows any pregnancy she has at this point, is high risk.

      I am all for anyone’s wishes coming true about having children – I think it is awesome that Kenya will have this experience…my deal is…I wish she never used “is she pregnant”..for least two times that I am now aware of.

  • Everyone deserves happiness and she’s expressed her desire to be a mom / have a family, many times.

    Good luck, Kenya! ?

  • I’ve stated before I have a source in the ATL who works directly with Kenya real estate wise. And sorry, you are incorrect. Kenya and her husband do live together. They actually split their time between ATL and NYC.

      • Yw. Most of my sources are in the real estate industry. I wish I could be more specific. But, I don’t want to out my sources and jepordize their business ventures in any way.

        • Oh I can completely understand sweetie ???. I have been getting some serious tea from a friend of a friend of a friend ? but can’t reveal it because it will jeopardize that person also since this is info only few people would know

          If you see Madison from MDLLA, tell him some old hag in SF says hello ???

            • Thanks Vita ?? and if you’re close with him tell him to not shave every hair on his body ! Geez ??? but you probably can’t do that , unless you’re a bit tipsy maybe ?

              • I’m so glad he FINALLY apologized to her. He was a complete ass to her and she didn’t deserve what he dished out. You are probably a Madison fan. I can’t stand his whining ways and the man needs to eat!!!

                • I am a Madison fan but michers and I were talking after last episode about how messy he has become ! Not a good look! He was such a sweet boy ?. And that uber young boyfriend is just tragic ? so predictable and so L.A

                  I wish Josh and Josh would stop this silly nonsense and move on. I’m sad Josh Flagg broke up with Colton because he couldn’t commit after 10 years and now a year later he’s married to this guy ??. Flagg has such amazing knowledge of neighborhoods and hikes , he’s and encyclopedia, I could listen to him all day . But he needs to dial down the bitch and the snark a tad bit .

                  Not sure about this new lady yet but I haven’t seen last night . But her hubs is deeeelish!

                  • A little dirt about the 2 Josh’s from a friend who has connections in LA…….Josh Altman is actually very very nice in real life and has a very good reputation in the real estate market in LA. The other Josh, just the opposite. He’s a complete asshole, other agents don’t like him and hate having to deal with him. I think their feud is an act, kind of and it makes me laugh at times. Josh Flagg annoys the hell out of me, although I do like him on the show. The only thing I really enjoyed about him was his grandmother may she RIP. I knew he was going to do Colton wrong, it was written on the walls. I won’t be surprised if his new guy doesn’t stick around for long but I wish him all the luck in the world. I imagine Josh is very high maintenance.

                    • Omg!!!! Love this dirt!!! I’m NOT surprised that Altman is a nice guy in real life because he never seems to have a comeback whenever Flagg attacks him , he just stands there . Assholes usually have a comeback ??
                      His grandmother was everything , she was so so lovely , may she RIP !
                      Did you notice a season or 2 ago , Flagg seemed totally drugged out in his confessionals ?
                      His knowledge is vast of that area but if nobody wants to work with him , what’s the use . I feel sorry for Bobby actually, it won’t take long for snarky bitchy Flagg to start biting Bobby

                    • I didn’t notice Flagg looking drugged up. I haven’t always watched MDLLA faithfully, so I might have been multi tasking or didn’t watch it. Now I’m curious, will have to see if I can find those episodes. I don’t know why but I find it absolutely fascinating when people knowingly go on TV high and then try and deny it ala Mumbles Richards.

                    • He was high AF ??and he looked so skinny . Might’ve been the season before last . I’ve seen Andy high too on WWHL numerous times, it was so obvious

                    • I watched the last episode and it was nice to see Heather and Madison reconcile ???. Heather is the ‘soul’ of that show and it wouldn’t be the same without her

                      Why can’t the Brits ever get anything done? ?
                      Enjoy your weekend my lovely kitten ?????

                    • I’m up in the air with the Brits. Sometimes I like them, sometimes i don’t. I think they bring spark to the show.

                      Thank you fluffykins, enjoy your weekend too!???

                    • Hey cuteness !! So on Heaher McDonald’s podcast , it was revealed that Kelly gave Vile an adderall that’s what cause Vicki to have that panic attack ???? That’s why Kelly apparently didn’t seem too concerned about Vicki because she knew what was going on .. this information came from Kelly herslf who was drunk at the podcast and spilled a lot of tea

                      Isn’t this hilarious ? Vicki on adderall ????????

                    • Why the hell would she give the grifter an adderall? I mean, I know why, they are stupid but come on…….and better yet, why did the POS cancer scammer take it!?!? I hate her even more… was all her fault!! On the other site I comment on people were going on for days on end about how the grifter wasn’t at fault, she’s ill, has a heart condition (I know she does and if she had 2 brain cells to rub together, she would never have taken an Adderall), I knew there was more to the story. THANK YOU for the awesome tea fluffykins!!

                    • My pleasure darling ! I read it on my other home allthings RH , I thought I would share it here ????
                      Aren’t you shocked that Vile still has defenders? Omg smh

                  • La erik wouldn’t mind getting married for money. Yeah that “twink” blonde? What happened? La erik didn’t pay attention.

                • Don’t see anything interesting about Madison. La erik thinks he needs a therapist or guide him how to own up his wrongs. He seems immature.

          • Only the first part of this post is response to you Rain, sorry for the LONG story lol.

            So YUP! I hear ya, I’m actually related to an actual Housewife. Can’t say which Franchise or who but I do know things. Here’s the thing, if I ever uttered a word the Family would be torn apart and I have to completely respect that 100%. Good thing I have strong ethics and I’m not desperate for cash because I bet I would get a pretty nice payday but Family before anything! It’s funny because I don’t even tell any of our other relatives anything and vice versa because you never know who’s going to tell this one and that one and then a story gets out. You know the old saying “I’m going to tell you (something) but you have to swear you won’t tell a soul O.K.” and then that person say’s the same thing to someone else and so on and so on. Anyway it is hard to keep things tight lipped but it’s what we have to do to respect and keep good relationships.

            So, about Kenya, this Women is extremely hard for me to watch. Her voice is extremely unpleasant she’s so loud when talking and always seems like she’s constantly yelling. And who knows about the baby situation, I know she expresses how badly she wants to be a Mom but I agree that that ship “Naturally” has sailed. If she was smart she should have gone to a sperm bank years ago and done it that way. I do find it REALLY odd that she went to Barbados to look into IVF. Perhaps it’s allot cheaper there just like getting a boob job or face-lift in another Country, it’s like a quarter of the price compared to the U.S. but you do hear horror stories about woman going to get these procedures. But then again you hear about it in the U.S. too, but IVF treatments, I don’t know it just sounds shady to me. Anyway I am NO Kenya fan but if this is what she wants go for it and I do think if she becomes a Mom she just might calm the hell down and stop being so jealous and nasty to everyone.

            • Thank you for reaching out Sadie ????? how mysterious ??? I say you keep your family secrets , you’re doing the right thing sweetheart!! Family always first and that kind off ‘blood money ‘ won’t bring you happiness. Must be surreal watching your relative on tv

              I intend to keep my secret too ? but I still wonder when or if that secret will be revealed . I imagine it would but I’m keeping my mouth shut ? it’s bad karma to air peoples dirty laundry

              I hope you’re having a lovley weekend Sadie ??????

  • I am not a fan of Kenya at all….but if this all real and truly what she wants …more power to her. One of the things that annoys me on Kenya and some of these ladies is that when ever some one makes a comment on a blog that is written and read….They are labeled haters, which may or may not be adequate….but I get annoyed because it seems that they don’t have issues when there are the positive comments but fly off the handle when the comments do not conform to their way of thinking….I have a suggestion, you don’t want “haters” to comment on your life or situations don’t put them on display (on tv) to be discussed in open forums.

  • I don’t like this woman but I try to be a fair poster . Regardless of how true or fake he marriage is , my heart breaks for any woman who desperately wants a child and can’t ??????

    As for why Barbados, probably because it’s cheaper

    • I am confused because how are they getting his “contribution”? Is she taking a special frozen tank with them in it? It just doesn’t add up..

    • Hi Lovey! First, I think Kenya’s would definitely be high-risk due to her age. It would be a pregnancy of high complications on hr, not to mention the baby. She needs to assess her risk of delivering a healthy baby and, since she’s without child, it seems quite the challenge. I can understand her wanting something so badly. However, she can and should adopt….biological doesn’t always make you a good parent, love does. Besides, she knows what it’s like to be abandoned, but I digress. Don’t sell your soul for the role/roll Kenya. If you want to truly be a mother, adopt. If your husband can’t accept that, he’s not for you. Infertility is not a curse. Use it as an opportunity to bless a child truly wanting to be loved. It can be done.

      Be great, as always, my Summer Rain. Love you!


      • Good morning sunshine ?? ???
        You make an excellent points . My only guess is that she feels the pain of her mother’s abandonment so acutely , that she NEEDS to have her own biological child in order for me to feel complete. That is a deep wound and a painful void. I hope she finds peace ???

        I am pro adoption and there was a time when my husband and I almost adopted , even though we had our kids already . Sadly it didn’t work out because we are causcasian and the child wasn’t, how ridiculous is that ? In my mind I call him Moses and I think about him often ??

        I hope you are having a lovley weekend and getting ready for TG! Gobble gobble !
        Big hugs, love, and hippy kisses ? xoxo

        • Yes, love. I’m sorry that the system is so absolute in their opinion of what makes a good parent, it sickens me. Just today, I was at the supermarket and I saw a young African American boy call his father, daddy in such a loving and fun manner….he was proud and playfully happy with his Caucasian dad. That’s the thing. Kids don’t see color, they understand the actions, not words of love. Shame on the system that punishes you and your husband. Early on, we were going to adopt (married 8 years before getting pregnant) and we’re wait-listed for 6 years! We ended up getting pregnant and now have 3 beautiful sons; now grandparents. I say she should adopt, regardless. Her desire to feel complete is not justification for her risking another life. Give life and love to a deserving child. That way, you don’t need to be bound by a bad marriage (she notoriously have men leaving her) and maybe she will leave the show! GET PREGNANT KENYA…..MAKE US ALL HAPPY.

          Love you darling

          • Happy Sunday QT ????????
            Kenya is so damaged and I wish her the best . Well this apparently is her last season. Tamara is the best site for Atlanta news and she said her Kenya is definitely out becuase she is not on good terms with producers . So this may be her last twirl ???
            Have a great Sunday my southern gent ! Lots of love and kisses to you xoxox ????

  • Good morning Lara

    apparently, they are not living together and Kenya has not submitted marriage license yet either.
    Finally Mooremouth can stop lying about being pregnant.
    Are we supposed to forget that MooreMouth was dating Matt and this dude at the same time..she stated it
    in interviews…why is Mooremouth trying to rewrite her history with this one?

  • Hmm, He doesn’t live with her? And she goes far away to get pregnant sans the new husband.
    Who does she think she is fooling with this sham marriage?